Monday 25 May 2015

Why Neomasculinity Will Fail

Yes, this is Roosh's attempt to do something that is much needed - to return real masculinity to the world:

Unfortunately I think that it will ultimately fail, for three reasons:

1/ It's already been picked up by the mainstream media: Neomasculinity Receives Mainstream Recognition. Why has this happened? Because the mainstream believes that they can co-opt it - just like everything else they have co-opted. (Don't believe me? Listen to the songs by Offspring. Compare "Smash" with "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)". Look at the difference between other bands, before-and-after. You'll get the picture.)

2/ It's just another bloody map. Sure, some people will follow it. Some people will become rabid fanboi's. Much like what's going on in the PUAsphere. There will grow cults of personality. There will grow jargon. There will grow "leaders" whose followers will snipe and backbite each other. Doxing will occur.

3/ Men really don't like being told what to do in their private lives - which seems to be what happens as someone goes MGTOW. Finally the question is asked: "Where the fuck do you get off, trying to tell me how to live my life?"

When you reach that ultimate question, when you've achieved the capacity to ask that ultimate question on a meta-level, is when you start down your own road. It's when you take control of your life. It's when you become responsible for your self.

I say a "meta-level" because the entire business of going "red-pill" and wandering into the manosphere is just the first part. The part when a man first gets busted up and/or confused enough to seek answers, gets them, and starts looking at women: "Where the fuck do you get off, trying to tell me how to live my life?"

Then after a bit more experience and looking around, he starts saying to the rest of the world: "Where the fuck do you get off, trying to tell me how to live my life?"

Do I think Neomasculinity is wrong? Shit no! I think that it's a damn good next stepping-stone for those who have:

* gone through PUA and want something more
* don't give a damn about PUA and want something different

Unfortunately Neomasculinity is likely to be chewed up and spat out by the mainstream: redefined, labelled, made nice and sanitary, a buck made off it, and eventually made irrelevant. The current crop of hipsters, sheep, and cows can feel good as they embrace it - only to eventually "grow beyond that" and embrace the next feelgood pap meme pushed by the mainstream.

Until the "next big thing" comes out.

(I would not be surprised if the "next big thing" involved some publically-acceptable form of BDSM. Prepare for a "you're not a man unless you partake in this" mentality from teh wimminz. All nicely sanitary and controlled, of course, for "her safety". Which is why that would ultimately fail also.)

I sincerely hope that I'm wrong about Neomasculinity. I got a hundred bucks that says I'm right, though.

I will leave you with Smash and Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) to compare the original-genuine with the mainstream-pap.
Fairly grungy and rough.
Sound's kinda smooth and pop-music-like, don't it? And the story/imagery!


  1. They were a cool band on their first two albums, and then when they put out their Americana album, they were all faggot ass wiggers/trendy assholes like in the first song. Fuck Offspring.

  2. As for neomasculinity, I listened to both Sandman's and Barbarossa's response to the Prison Planet video and agree that it's just a gimmick for Roosh to distance himself from MGTOW because he thinks we are all losers, and also to distance himself from PUA which has come under a bad light since the Julien Blanc incident in Japan, even though PUA is his bread and butter. As for Paul Watson and Alex Jones, my problem with them is a majority of their content is true, but they are largely shameless hustlers at the end of the message saying "buy our shit and we will fight the New World Order against those evil white supremacist Nazis who want to kill 6 million jews all over again, for you."

  3. Fuck Offspring indeed - aggravating when someone so blatantly sells out. Even if they have to eat. Oh well!

    I will find and listen to Sandman's and Barbarossa's responses. I wasn't aware of them - this was simply my take on things.

  4. Never a fan of Offspring (and grunge in general) myself in the first place. Not because of lyrics (which is often uncompromising and 'authentic' and because of that easy to identify with), but because of music. Listening to grunge bores me quickly, as I prefer more polyphony and convoluted rhythm. The dirty (opposite of clear) 'wall-of-sound' feel of heavily distorted guitars drew me to metal, for example.

    A good choice of songs, though. I like the sentiment expressed in the first one.


      Amazing, but each to his own.