Sunday 31 May 2015

Freedom Your Own Way

I think that for Men, as we become more disgusted by the women that are available out there -

- vivacious
- flighty
- fickle
- shallow
- silly
- dramatic
- pathetic
- sad
- slutty
- insane
- disease-ridden
- cum-buckets

- I think that we finally reach the ultimate point of no return.

We look at these things. These creatures called women. We look at what they bring into our lives. We think: "Why bother?"

Then we decide.

It's done.

Hang up the hat.

Put away the suit.

Stop going out.

Stop interacting with them.

Go do your own thing.

Other things become of far more importance in your life. Even finding out about women becomes of lesser - perhaps no - importance. Documenting their silliness, their drama, their stupidity, their ultimate self-destructiveness and worthlessness.

Even documenting the myriad ways that they are heedlessly shattering their own hard-built (it took a lot of whining on their part /snark) safety-net that is called civilization and society.

Not important. Not to you.

Some Men do their thing - if a woman makes it very plain that she's interested he might fuck her, not really that important though. Some Men go heavy-duty celibate. Some Men go full-on Galt/Ghost.

Some Men wibble on about "levels of MGTOW". Who cares about the label. Really. It doesn't need to be categorized to death by some armchair academic who is watching from miles away and pulling theories out of their ass. Too much mental effort for something that you are simply experiencing and enjoying.

It's not important.

You've finally gone. Left even the most far-flung fringes of the plantation.

Your feet are on the trail, looking out over the plains of freedom. Not much thought for what you've left behind, beyond a vague thankfulness that it is behind you. All eyes, all thoughts, on what's ahead of you.

Step. Step. Step.

A profound and peaceful joy fills your being. Freedom speaks to you.

Step. Step. Step.

At the end of the day you camp, cooking over the fire.

You reflect on the past.

You laugh a little. Mostly at yourself. "Why did I bother with that? Why did I waste my time with that? Why did I take so long to wake up?"

When you turn in, you look up at the stars. You look at something that is as close to eternal beauty as is possible.

You drift to sleep with a smile on your face.

It's done.

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