Monday 30 May 2016

Crass Women

Okay, it's being blurted around everywhere - Amber the Twat filed for divorce (with domestic violence accusations as well) from Johnny the Depp.

Terrence Popp and Blake, you guys have a new Pimptard / Wifestitute to put together. It'll take a few months for it all to become final, but hey. Given that he's rumored to be worth something like $300 million and she's worth something like $10 million. Nice payout for her.

Now of course, the *really* crass bit: she filed for divorce 3 days after Johnny's mother died. Absolutely perfect example of a massive money-grubbing ho.

No, I'm not mad about this - actually I'm amused, with rather bleak and black humor. Men see this shit and they're not warned?

So to be crass in my turn, in the male way:
Look on the bright side, Johnny. You might lose half your shit - probably more - but your ex-ho has revealed to the world what an absolutely massive cunt she is.
Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™ and a boatload of "holy fuck people are so blind and stoooopid".

Saturday 28 May 2016

Good Women / Bad Women

Commentor RmaxGenactivePUA Mgtow put up a comment on my last post, with a link to /r/MGTOW about the Red Pill Rage. It's worth reading, though much of a rehash of what I've written about already (I do my best not to repeat myself too much). At any rate, a refresher is always welcome.

In there is this statement:
This situation is one where notions of "good woman" or "bad woman" have become completely irrelevant because the system itself enslaves men. It is only a question of if a woman is going to use this system of enslavement to abuse and harm men as well but enslavement is the entry price to play with women today.
Thinking about it, this is where we fall down. The concept of "good" and "bad" women. Ranting about their actions has only one utility: bringing those actions to the attention of whoever might be on the verge of paying attention. Otherwise you're just drowned out in the noise of: "Can I fuck Cindy tonight?" "Is there a party on? Cool, let's get shitfaced!" "Oh my fuckin' head...wasted..." "Oh fuck, she's pregnant? Oshitoshitoshitoshit..."

So something like this comes out:
"Hilarious! It even says so! You go girl!"

And things like this:
"How to stay single! Who needs a man!"

And then there's tinder whores like this one:
"Only 25 and already got 3 kids! Woooot! Your only interests will be fuckboys who want to give you #4, #5, and #6. Don't expect any child-support either. HoooRAH!"

Yes, the snark is easy.

Then you stop. You realize something, about all this shit. Good women? Bad women? Nah.

They're just women.

Being pissed off at them is like being pissed off at water for being wet.

Simple fucking facts of life. You don't want to get soaked, stay away from the water. Keep it outta the home. Stop it from leaking in.

You don't like this shitty behavior, stay away from it. Keep it outta your life. Stop it from walking in. Simple fucking facts of life.

Like I said on Hypergamy is a Label: It's just learned bad behavior. An untrained dog. It's gonna shit and piss on the carpet whenever it feels like it. We men have our own learned bad behavior, in putting up with this garbage which is destroying the place we grew up and live in.

Being pissed off that our "civilization" is allowing this shitty behavior? Shitty behavior that's having a very bad effect on living conditions around you? Fucking aye! That's definitely an okay thing.

We try to kick the shitty system into cardiac-arrest. A shitty system that we've allowed to happen through sheer neglect. It's like graffiti, prevalent worldwide. First world, second world, third world? Women're all the same - just the surface veneer changes.

After all, not all women are shit - probably 20% are quite alright. Very well-trained and understanding of what keeps the kind of civilization and society they like going. Willing to put the effort into it. The other 80% - well fuck, they're engaged in their race to the bottom. Pity that they drag everyone and everything else down into the shithole of the third world with them.

Now which is which? 'Cause they're not "good" or "bad", they're just women, with varying degrees of proper toilet-training.

Brought to you by (mildly) Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Thursday 26 May 2016


Yeah, trigger warning. Terrence Popp really slaps us men upside the head in this one:
All that I can say is: yep. Seen it, been the victim of it, and still get blindsided by it occasionally. Happens all the time, women pushing the limits of what you'll accept.

Listening to it made me cringe. Such a fuckin' dumbass in the past.

You'll note the background image of the grouchy bitch with the smiling mask - here's a variation of it:
Shows the real demon inside, with those cold and empty black eyes. I particularly like the anarcho-feminazi womyn-power venus-and-fist symbol.

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Hatred, Fear, and Disgust

So keep in mind, this is simply my thoughts - your mileage might vary.

What drives PUA? Hatred.

[Ed. Thinking about this, "hatred" is the wrong word to use. "Envy" is more correct. They envy men who get beautiful women and do their best to emulate them. This is the mentality behind the pussy-worship which they exhibit. It's also the mentality behind the dog-in-the-manger attitude which many of them have exhibited: cutting down their "friends", being a cockblock, attempting to steal other mens girlfriends, the boyfriend-destroyer tactic, the "Alpha male out-game" tactic, fucking another man's wife, etc.

These things are not pro-civilization. In the words of BoneCrkr, they're the signs of an omega scum male (criminal classes). To plagiarize Uncle Bob, envy is the roots of revenge - which involves some hatred, which is why I originally put "hatred" as what drives PUA. Hatred is there, getting revenge upon women for bypassing them is there, however the root of it all is envy. - BPS]

What drives MRA's? Fear.

What drives MGTOW? Disgust.

More detail? Take your pick and think it through.

So how did I come across these thoughts? When I watched this video by RazorBladeKandy2, about why the MRA's will fail:
Yeah, that's a facepalm. Watch it - it's only 24 minutes long - and you will probably end up facepalming too. Like I did. In realization.

He really boils it down at the end, at about 23 minutes - a minute or so before the video ends:
The Mens Rights Movement will fail for the following reasons:
  1. You are too weak to abandon.
  2. You are too afraid of change.
  3. You will not fix anything if it involves upsetting women.
You won't fix the machine, you won't change the function of the machine, you won't abandon the machine; you'll just keep fueling it, and crying about it, and scolding everyone that either tries to fix, change, or abandon it.
This is why you have been, are now, and always will be, pointless, futile, and fail.

This fear is a prime recipe for failure: they're doing nothing more than yak and bitch and moan and whinge about things. Earlier he states that women's natural state is yakking, bitching, moaning, and whinging. So by doing exactly what women do and thrive on (they've got way more practice at it than we men do) what are they actually doing?

They're causing the fucking drama and horseshit that women love-love-love to be involved with.

Think about that for a minute. Teh wimminz love to yak, bitch, moan, whinge, whine, and get involved in a shitload of drama and horseshit. If they could, they'd roll it up and chow down on it like so much candy/fudge. (Plus get FAT!)

Now, think about this: Why do the so-called "Red Pill Women" hang around us Men in the Manosphere?

Because we are a ready-made source of fucking drama and horseshit that they can thrive on, especially when they can provoke us into spinning for their entertainment. Plus they just might find themselves an unwary and sympathetic man slave in the process!

There's a lot of other good stuff in the video also. Part of it has a mention regarding physical discipline. I remember, 30-40 years ago, if a woman suddenly sprouted a black eye: "What'd you do to get that?" None of this bullshit of: "You poor dear (victim), that filthy bastard (pig)..." et-fucking-cetera. Drama, drama, horseshit, horseshit.

Talk is cheap. Walking is hard.

MGTOW. Can't fix it. Can't change it. Fuck it, abandon it and let it burn. Raise a glass of Grand Marnier, or your drink of choice, to the flames.

Get  away from the plantation - enjoy yourself - fish while you can, there's nothing illegal about it. You don't have to say anything to teh wimminz when they ask probing personal questions of you: in fact, that is a very good habit to cultivate. In regard to other Men as well, you never know when one of them is a shill for some curious wimminz. None of them have any right to know, and it's also fucking rude for them to be asking.

There are three more videos in that series, which I will get around to viewing when I have a few spare minutes. In the meantime: abandon that which does not work for you or for the society you are in.

Time for a small glass of Grand Marnier. Have a good week!

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Stand On Your Man

Remember the old song: Stand By Your Man.

Now it's been changed - or rather, it has been for a long time. I have seen very, very few women doing the "stand by" and almost invariably the "stand on".

As in very publicly: *stomp* *stomp* *stomp*


Just like the Marilyn Monroe quote that all the femicunts love-love-love to throw out there:
The stinking-attitude glorification of a spoiled cunt who:
Yes, stamp on your man you pieces of feminist-inspired shit. Every time I see it, I withdraw further from this stinking society.

If you only give those you "love" your worst, you aren't worth shit and you deserve only the lowest of drug-addicted and alcoholic loser males in this world.

Maybe that's why these worthless pieces of shit obsessively hang around those types of losers. They know they deserve nothing better, despite their airs and pretensions.

Thursday 5 May 2016

Social Deconstruction: Graffiti Is The New Normal

A while back a friend of mine (reasonably recently divorced) pointed out a good looking girl to me. I looked at her. Arm tats to the max - instant drop in value IMO. I told him straight out that seeing that, my instant thought was: "Another heavy smoking, heavy drinking, tattooed slut-whore."

They're everywhere.

So some of the men over at /r/MGTOW recently had a little comment about tattooed girls and guys. Things to the effect of (in Japan) someone with tattoos can't get into a public bath or pool (or hot springs?) because their tattoos immediately identify them as being criminal/thug class (Yakuza). Access is denied.

About the only good thing the Japanese have going for them at the moment, given their decline. It won't last much longer. Inertia is (slowly) kicking in - for some Japanese women, a small (tasteful) tattoo is permitted on the ankle (prime slut-tell).

One of the other comments was beautiful, along the lines of thinking that tattoos are body-graffiti. You tag alley walls, fences, the sides of train wagons. You don't tag anything of value. When you tag your body, you show it (and you) is of little value.

In your own opinion, which the world will happily agree with.


There's a campervan hire bunch, Wicked Campers, been pissing off "the straights" for the last couple of years. The reason: most of the vans are graffiti'd with various messages.

Most of the messages are just inane. "Smoking is cool." Huh. Basically non-PC, rebellious stuff like that. Sometimes it's way more off-the-wall: Snow White giving one of the Dwarf's a blow-job.

The NZ Government censor (whatever his name is) was up on the morning news recently, dribbling about it while I was eating breakfast. Apparently they're going to start censoring these vans. Amusingly, as I left the hotel, I ran across one of the vans. Basically it didn't look like a car, it looked like a mobile chunk of shit-awful graffiti.

Twenty years ago, the car would probably have been covered up with something - paint, though tar and feathers would be a good choice. Fifty years ago it would have gotten the owner straight into jail.

Inertia. This is becoming the new normal.

Graffiti the world. Graffiti your body. Graffiti your possessions.

Show, aggressively, to the world that the stuff you buy is shit - you know it - and that you glorify in it. You delight in your excess consumption, your wastefulness, of buying utter crap that you don't need. You delight in your hedonistic exhibition of personal trashiness, your personal revulsion of your own body, your personal destruction of your own psyche, your personal rubbing of your literal shit onto all the walls and bodies of the world and the people around you.

Violate everything in a deeply personal way.

Give it a few years. Yeah. This is normal.

For me, it is time to be selfish again. It seems to be involuntary at the moment - a mixture of not much to say, generally being completely fed up with the world and everything, and just wanting to be alone for a while.

I need to read something a little different from work-related shit. In private. No distractions at all.

Amusing, all the fucktards - especially women - who give you stupid looks. "You want to be alone? Butbutbut ... why?"

Because I'm a wolf, not a fucking sheep. Because I'm a loner, not a fucking herd-animal. Because I find - or make - a warm place to sleep, not huddle in a shifting mass where those at the outside periphery get cold while everyone constantly struggles to stay in the middle where it's nice and warm and comfy.

The price of being a sheep is boredom - which is why the herd-brained, r-selected, bottom-feeders of Planet Zero follow an endless, desperate, hedonistic search for someone else to masturbate their body against for a bit. Before splitting apart again, bouncing around aimlessly in their own version of brownian motion, before adhering once more to another body to masturbate against for a little bit more.

Rinse and repeat. Endlessly, endlessly.

On the surface: lust. Underneath: pain. Society resounds with a mindless, flatulent, dreary drone of hopeless despair. (Thank you Michael Shea, for your book: Nifft the Lean. For anyone interested, the image is from a short-story entitled: The Fishing of the Demon-Sea.)


Because I cannot stand the thought of catering to someone else all the time.

Because I want to die alone without being bothered by anyone, in the interim and in the end.

I will probably be back reasonably soon. It's weird: resolve to take some time off, because you're running out of ideas and what you're writing feels flat and stale and empty - and bang, the juice starts flowing again.

For the moment: it is time for some freedom, my own way.

I hope you make the time to find the same.