Tuesday 24 May 2016

Hatred, Fear, and Disgust

So keep in mind, this is simply my thoughts - your mileage might vary.

What drives PUA? Hatred.

[Ed. Thinking about this, "hatred" is the wrong word to use. "Envy" is more correct. They envy men who get beautiful women and do their best to emulate them. This is the mentality behind the pussy-worship which they exhibit. It's also the mentality behind the dog-in-the-manger attitude which many of them have exhibited: cutting down their "friends", being a cockblock, attempting to steal other mens girlfriends, the boyfriend-destroyer tactic, the "Alpha male out-game" tactic, fucking another man's wife, etc.

These things are not pro-civilization. In the words of BoneCrkr, they're the signs of an omega scum male (criminal classes). To plagiarize Uncle Bob, envy is the roots of revenge - which involves some hatred, which is why I originally put "hatred" as what drives PUA. Hatred is there, getting revenge upon women for bypassing them is there, however the root of it all is envy. - BPS]

What drives MRA's? Fear.

What drives MGTOW? Disgust.

More detail? Take your pick and think it through.

So how did I come across these thoughts? When I watched this video by RazorBladeKandy2, about why the MRA's will fail:
Yeah, that's a facepalm. Watch it - it's only 24 minutes long - and you will probably end up facepalming too. Like I did. In realization.

He really boils it down at the end, at about 23 minutes - a minute or so before the video ends:
The Mens Rights Movement will fail for the following reasons:
  1. You are too weak to abandon.
  2. You are too afraid of change.
  3. You will not fix anything if it involves upsetting women.
You won't fix the machine, you won't change the function of the machine, you won't abandon the machine; you'll just keep fueling it, and crying about it, and scolding everyone that either tries to fix, change, or abandon it.
This is why you have been, are now, and always will be, pointless, futile, and fail.

This fear is a prime recipe for failure: they're doing nothing more than yak and bitch and moan and whinge about things. Earlier he states that women's natural state is yakking, bitching, moaning, and whinging. So by doing exactly what women do and thrive on (they've got way more practice at it than we men do) what are they actually doing?

They're causing the fucking drama and horseshit that women love-love-love to be involved with.

Think about that for a minute. Teh wimminz love to yak, bitch, moan, whinge, whine, and get involved in a shitload of drama and horseshit. If they could, they'd roll it up and chow down on it like so much candy/fudge. (Plus get FAT!)

Now, think about this: Why do the so-called "Red Pill Women" hang around us Men in the Manosphere?

Because we are a ready-made source of fucking drama and horseshit that they can thrive on, especially when they can provoke us into spinning for their entertainment. Plus they just might find themselves an unwary and sympathetic man slave in the process!

There's a lot of other good stuff in the video also. Part of it has a mention regarding physical discipline. I remember, 30-40 years ago, if a woman suddenly sprouted a black eye: "What'd you do to get that?" None of this bullshit of: "You poor dear (victim), that filthy bastard (pig)..." et-fucking-cetera. Drama, drama, horseshit, horseshit.

Talk is cheap. Walking is hard.

MGTOW. Can't fix it. Can't change it. Fuck it, abandon it and let it burn. Raise a glass of Grand Marnier, or your drink of choice, to the flames.

Get  away from the plantation - enjoy yourself - fish while you can, there's nothing illegal about it. You don't have to say anything to teh wimminz when they ask probing personal questions of you: in fact, that is a very good habit to cultivate. In regard to other Men as well, you never know when one of them is a shill for some curious wimminz. None of them have any right to know, and it's also fucking rude for them to be asking.

There are three more videos in that series, which I will get around to viewing when I have a few spare minutes. In the meantime: abandon that which does not work for you or for the society you are in.

Time for a small glass of Grand Marnier. Have a good week!

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