Thursday 26 May 2016


Yeah, trigger warning. Terrence Popp really slaps us men upside the head in this one:
All that I can say is: yep. Seen it, been the victim of it, and still get blindsided by it occasionally. Happens all the time, women pushing the limits of what you'll accept.

Listening to it made me cringe. Such a fuckin' dumbass in the past.

You'll note the background image of the grouchy bitch with the smiling mask - here's a variation of it:
Shows the real demon inside, with those cold and empty black eyes. I particularly like the anarcho-feminazi womyn-power venus-and-fist symbol.


  1. Not sure if you saw this over at mgtow reddit,epic comment ...

    Greetings. There was a YouTube user by the name of aristein88 who left a comment on Turd Flinging Monkey's video regarding Red Pill rage that I think is worth sharing.
    Men are righteously angry about what women have done with the power men have GIVEN them.
    -The taking away of all men's reproductive rights, and choices (other than to not play the game at all or vasectomy or abstinence). Women have absolutely all reproductive choices and rights if men choose to have sex.

  2. -The taking away of all men's rights and ownership in marriage and family. The only thing that is enforceable in marriage today is a man's "responsibility" to work and pay a woman the money he earns.
    -The taking away of men's basic rights such as the presumption of innocence and burden of proof. Today men are presumed guilty of anything a woman decides to accuse him off (guilty of being a potential rapist, child molester, oppressor, and abuser even without a woman accusing him) and he must be able to prove his innocence.

  3. read the rest here, googles bullshit commenting doesnt allow long comments ...

  4. I imagine most if not all women look quite demonic like that when they take off their makeup masks.