Tuesday 10 May 2016

Stand On Your Man

Remember the old song: Stand By Your Man.

Now it's been changed - or rather, it has been for a long time. I have seen very, very few women doing the "stand by" and almost invariably the "stand on".

As in very publicly: *stomp* *stomp* *stomp*


Just like the Marilyn Monroe quote that all the femicunts love-love-love to throw out there:
The stinking-attitude glorification of a spoiled cunt who:
Yes, stamp on your man you pieces of feminist-inspired shit. Every time I see it, I withdraw further from this stinking society.

If you only give those you "love" your worst, you aren't worth shit and you deserve only the lowest of drug-addicted and alcoholic loser males in this world.

Maybe that's why these worthless pieces of shit obsessively hang around those types of losers. They know they deserve nothing better, despite their airs and pretensions.


  1. Oh, Marilyn was telling the truth - the lie is what men are told constitutes "handling" a woman being a bitch to them.

  2. Marilyn was a firm believer in women having equal rights... and lefts. lolzozozozlzzo

  3. You fail to mention the numerous abortions she had as well. I'm kinda not into baby-killing. Better not to conceive them in the first place.