Tuesday 30 September 2014

Cut Along Dotted Line

This is from the list of worthwhile books to read (Come and Take Them by Tom Kratzman, pp437-438):
     This is so going to suck, thought the centurion, and not in a good way.
     "Gather 'round, girls," Franco orders. The women, all of them still in something like shock, clustered in a circle. "Sit down."
     He began to pass out red felt-tip markers. When everyone had received one, Franco began to speak.
     "Okay, I want you to take your markers and I want you to draw a dotted line just like the one I am drawing on my wrist." Franco drew a six inch long series of dots lengthwise down his left wrist. "Everyone done with that? Good. Now draw another one on the other wrist...Done? Good. Let me see. Very good. Now there's no excuse."
     "You see, women threaten suicide and even act it out rather frequently, but you fail so often to carry through that I am forced to question your sincerity and competence as a sex. Therefore..."
     Franco turned toward the door. He tossed a package of razor blades to the floor on his way out. "Trujillo!" he called over one shoulder. "Collect up the markers in that box and put them by my office door. Anybody who wants a razor blade, just help yourself. 'Cut along dotted line.'"
We coddle and tolerate these cunts way too much.

Monday 29 September 2014

Some humorous music

If you don't know this one - you've missed out on some good humor.

I'm thinking of doing a little list of books that are worth reading. I'll admit that most SF and Fantasy these days leaves me utterly cold. It's bland pap.

Symptomatic of our degenerate times.

Thursday 25 September 2014

Friends for Men and Women

Very often you get a dipshit woman who comes out with the old "lets just be friends". If you're the spineless male type you'll also be drafted in to listen to her vent about her latest boyfriend who treated her badly - before she tries to part her legs again with said boyfriend. Leaving you with a huge case of blue-balls.

You'll even get women who will try to pull the pity-party of "I never knew he looked at me that way!" and "he just wanted to be my friend so he could get into my pants!" Which I've seen women pull a lot. So now it's poison-time, for both men and women.

Here's the skinny on men with female friends - we categorize them as follows:
  • am fucking
  • would fuck
  • completely unfuckable
And a woman can go really, really fast from "am fucking" or "would fuck" to "completely unfuckable". Which is what happens when we dump the pieces of shit who try crap with us.

Now here's the skinny on women with male friends - they categorize us as follows:
  • am fucking (can be multiple)
  • would fuck (on hold for a bad day)
  • does shit for me (orbiter type)
I have given women an earful when they've attempted the "I never knew he looked at me that way/he just wanted in my pants!" pity-party sympathy/gathering on me. Stupid you, girl. I am not interested in your bullshit.

Public Hysteria and Hypocrisy

Public Hysteria™ (defn.): The process by which calm and reasoned voices are drowned out or shouted down by a barrage of crazy talk and hysteria - often seen in the media.

Hypocrisy (defn.): The practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.

A saying in the media/reporting industry: "If it bleeds, it leads." Note the lack of the words "accurate reporting" in there. Bad news sells, that's all they care about these days.

Here is an interview with Penn & Teller, the guys who made the show "Bullshit!" (amongst others). In here they talk about various things.
One of the interesting takes from in here is their reasoning behind the way they presented the show "Bullshit!" - here it is summarised and paraphrased (by me, you don't have to watch the whole damn 1-hour interview to find the relevant bit somewhere in the middle):
You can call someone a liar or quack, boom, instant lawsuit. Call them a dipshit, you're pretty safe. We put together Bullshit! the way we did for two reasons: we didn't want to be sued and we wanted to show that we could use the same bouncing hysteria to expose their bullshit for what it is. The hysteria overwhelms the more calm and reasoned voices, when it's the calm and reasoned voices that you should be listening to.
Make what you want of that. Here's my take on things:

We are exposed to a hell of a lot of Public Hysteria™ in this world.

Television, politics, newspapers, radio, advertising, the people you talk with who swallow that bullshit whole and parrot it. We can't avoid the crap, it's everywhere. (Here I am, peddling Public Hysteria™ of my own flavor - how hypocritical of me.)

Here are some things which have a lot of Public Hysteria™ going on in them:

  • anti-vaccination - the former-doctor who published that study had it completely retracted by Lancet Magazine and was struck off the medical register for life
  • rape culture - the FBI stats show that this is actually less than 0.1%
  • global warming - just one instance of hysteria misrepresenting the data gathered and released by the calm and reasoned voices
  • male violence towards women and children - no mention of the female violence towards men
  • Greenpeace - Patrick Moore (the founder) left after it was taken over by politico's with an anti-corporation agenda
You get the general idea. There's a lot of Public Hysteria™ going around out there - in many cases it's very hypocritical as well. As men, we get walloped by the female double-standard lots and lots, all the time being told that we are hypocrites for being men. We are misogynists by default because patriarchy.

Yeah. Right. Way to go, your Public Hysteria™ claiming that we are misogynists actually turns us men into misogynists through angry backlash against the slander and hatred. Which of course leaves us men in the cleft-stick of Catch-22 because hey, hate is responded to with hate. Rub anyone's face in hate and it will be returned. Often with interest compounded - hey, revenge is a dish best eaten cold.

An example of hypocrisy. It has been medically proven that if a man has prostate cancer, it makes no difference if it's cut out (with attendant problems) or left alone and kept on watch. Big whoop in the media: nope. Yet if it were medically proven that mammograms do not detect for breast-cancer and in fact could contribute to the problem: the three-ring media circus goes WHEEEE!!!!

Here is my Public Hysteria™ announcement:

Feminism = Public Hysteria™

Leftism = Public Hysteria™

I'd say "suck my dick you overblown feminist pieces of shit" - only you're unfuckable and I'd rather you didn't get anywhere near my dick.

This PSA brought to you by 2am insomnia. Time for me to have some Grand Marnier to wash down the black poison that I've just exposed.

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Talkative Pissheads

Another round of Extrovert-bashing...

Welcome to the quiet room with the relaxed people. Grab a book and sit down, get a drink and some snacks when ya feel like it. Yeah that's us, the Introverts who enjoy thinking about something that we're absorbing at our own pace.


Welcome to the club/pub with the loudmouths. Grab a beer and gulp it down, then a couple shots, dance and shake that ass like the yahoo/exhibitionist you are. Yeah that's them, the Extroverts who have to bounce off the walls like an ADD weirdo/fucktard while shouting at the top of their voices.

Excuse me while I close the door on the club'n'pub. Too energy-draining. Too much alcohol flowing. Too much cigarettes. Too much drugs.

No wonder they look like shit after 10-15 years of this crap.

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Science and Belief

This is gonna be a long one and won't seem like my usual "women's disgusting bullshit" thing. Stick with it, you might be surprised how it kicks into the general theme of things going to crap.

Some personal history. A long while back (maybe 4 years) I got into MBTI, Jungian Cognitive Functions, etc. After a while I started asking myself some (of what I thought were interesting) questions. Questions like:

  • What if Freud was projecting his own strangely-warped sexual desires upon everyone else's motives, when he formulated the Oedipus Complex as the central tenant of psychoanalytical theory (do all children really want to have sex with their opposite-sex parent?)

  • What if MBTI and Jungian Cognitive Functions are actually bullshit, and they're simply a measure of the different ways that people cope with reality (and can this be changed with training?)

It also led to a personal theory of why women tend to be more emotional thinkers rather than rational thinkers (80/20 principle, 80% feeling and 20% thinking). Why men tend to be more rational thinkers rather than emotional thinkers (80/20 principle, 80% thinking and 20% feeling). And a few simple rule-of-thumb historical observations like that.

Along with this came a realization that many people do not seem to understand the concept of actions having consequences. And that it seemed to be mostly emotional thinkers who had problems with this concept. (Bash the 80% of women if you want, there's still 20% of men who just don't get it - probably more, giving the huge wave of feminized and emasculated men who have been deliberately taught to be emotional thinkers rather than rational thinkers by our feminized society.)

Recently I've come to the realization that most people do not know what science is.

To most people, Science is the search for Truth. People in laboratory coats, doing fancy math that nobody can understand, to find out the subtleties of reality, to hunt down God and pin Him to a laboratory slide and dissect Him. To shout "AHAH! This explains it all!" and show off their intellect to the world. Scientists are an alternative to God for Atheists. Science has given us cars, electricity, skyscrapers and vaccines because Scientists are Really Smart People™. The fruits of Science come out of thin air and are effectively: magic.


Science is a very simple thing: the process of finding reliable and predictable rules through controlled experimentation (ie you can repeat that mofo anywhere under the same conditions and it always works). A car wasn't made because a Really Smart Person™ invented it out of thin air. It was made because millions of people tried this, and that, and found what worked, and why, and tested it more, and changed it here, and tweaked it there - until one day Henry Ford put together the production-line for his Model-T.

People think: "Wow, Henry Ford made a car and got rich, what a really smart dude!" Yet reality is more like: "Wow, he made a production line which made every car part practically the same and used those identical parts to put together a car which he could sell for a profit. What a really smart idea that was, using the processes underlying science to make something reliable and affordable and useful like that."

Which is why most things these days are made on a production-line.

So this is where you get science. Step...by step...by step...by step. Electricity. Vacuum tubes. Transistors. Integrated circuit chips. Computers. Step...step...step...until finally you end up with that bloody iCrap that the stupid and vapid bitch across the table is rudely pecking away at instead of paying attention to the guy who she's met up with for a coffee-date.

What, you thought that it was magic that made that, and not a million precise steps that are repeated endlessly? No problem, I have a virgin that I plan to sacrifice to Baal tonight. You can bring the black goat. Get your mate to bring some rum and raisins too.

Back to history (and reality): Aristotle was the guy who said that heavier objects should fall faster than lighter objects. He then came out with airy-fairy theoretical speculation to say what makes it so. This process was known as: philosophy. Overall basis in reality: zero. Overall contribution to human progress: negative (I can make a case for that kind of thinking being a major setback for human civilization and progress).

Galileo was the guy who cried bullshit and proved it with a very subtle experiment (no, not the legendary dropping two balls off the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa). He used two different-weight balls rolling down a ramp. You can also test this experiment by dropping a stone and a feather: first both in air (the feather wafts gently down) and then both in vacuum (they both fall at the same rate).

After THAT, a guy named Francis Bacon - probably the greatest thinking man who ever lived, never mind Leonardo da Vinci - formalized Galileo's method of doing science. This distinguishes modern science from other forms of knowledge (like philosophy) because it ignores abstract reasoning about the ultimate causes of things and instead tests empirical theories through controlled investigation.

Step...step...step...step...step...can't repeat it? Throw it out! Step. It's not the investigation of Truth, it's a form of engineering - a kind of trial by error. It's not "true" knowledge because its only knowledge of specific things - and each can (at least theoretically) be disproved by further experiment. To be proved they have to be reproducible anywhere, anytime, by anyone with the right equipment under the same conditions.

So you're probably thinking around about now: Alright BlackPoisonSoul, what's with the fucking history lesson?

What's with it is because it's important. If we don't know what science is then we're going to make some dumbass mistakes. And as I've just shown up there, a lotta people (including some pretty-well-educated ones) don't know what science is. They think that science is something that cannot possibly be understood by mere mortals. They think it delivers wonders. They think that it has high priests. They think that it has an ideology that Must Be Obeyed™.

This is what buggers things up. Since most people think that mathematics and lab coats equals science, they then call economics a science. Even though almost nothing in economics actually comes from controlled and reproducible experiments. Then people get pissed at economists for not predicting impending financial crises. (Actually your best science in this case is to look at history - for example, many civilizations tried variations on paper money and inflation. Zimbabwe, Germany, France, Rome, China, etc - look them up. There's your reproducible experiments of "do X and Y happens", multiple civilizations over 3-4,000 years.)

So. When someone doesn't understand that science is built on experimentation, over and over, with the same exact results - they don't understand why it is that studies in fields like psychology don't really prove much. Only reproducible experiments prove something and - people being all bloody different, plus being a bunch of narcissistic bastards and slippery self-liars to boot - it's hard to reproduce something.

This is where you get headlines of "Study proves X" and "Study proves Y" and "Study proves Z" and they all have a stock picture of a scientist and they're all different and you get frustrated as hell because you're expecting something to make bloody sense. Which is weird because people don't make sense on the whole, so why are you expecting science to make sense of a bunch of weirdo's? Especially when over half of us are fucked up messes anywho?

At any rate, this is where the rubber hits the road, where we find out what science really is. It's the steps required to figure out and make your iPhone. It's the steps required to figure out and make the Saturn V that took Neil Armstrong to the moon. It's the steps to figure out and put together the production-lines which make the refrigerator and stove in your kitchen.

It's all that bloody knowledge, compounded over time, that started with a wet and smelly and hairy ape-like-thing from 1 million years ago. He picked up a rock to hit that bastard in the next tribe over the head with, and it's built up right through a million years to putting us on the moon and making our lives immeasurably easier and better.

That's fucking science.

Then we get non-science (nonsense?) also known as belief. (No I'm not talking about God. This is something completely separate that I know nothing about personally. Science has neither proved nor disproved God and I'm undecided as to if it ever will - though there's some interesting experimentation re the God Helmet.)

If you cannot reproduce it, anywhere, anytime, exactly, then it is not science. It is belief. Therefore by this definition:

Global Warming is belief. There is no reproducible science involved (though in fact, looking at the last billion-year history of global warming/cooling periods, we can see that the planet seems to have a fairly robust temperature-range no matter what). We can't turn around and do multiple experiments over a 100-year-range, adding and subtracting X amounts of man-made CO2 and other chemicals and re-running the experiment again, over and over.

All we have are airy-fairy theories and mathematical models and thought-experiments of which we have no clue if they are correct.

Feminism (Marxism/Communism/Socialism) is belief. There is no reproducible science involved (though in fact, looking at the history of the rise and fall of civilizations, we can see patterns of women's freedoms = sexual licentiousness = decline in civilization). We can't turn around and do multiple experiments over a 100-year-range, adding and subtracting X amounts of Feminism (Marxism/Communism/Socialism) and re-running the experiment again, over and over.

All we have is airy-fairy theories and philosophical thought-experiments of which we have no clue if they are correct.

Economics is belief. There is no reproducible science involved (though in fact, looking at the history of various civilizations, we can see what happens with paper money and debasement of currency and inflation and the like). We can't turn around and do multiple experiments over a 100-year-range, adding and subtracting X amounts of debasement/inflation and re-running the experiment again, over and over.

All we have is airy-fairy theories and philosophical thought-experiments of which we have no clue if they are correct.

Damn. I'm starting to see a pattern here.

Most people do not understand what science really is. They treat it as a belief, looking at it like it's some kind of cargo-cult, voodoo-magic-thing. Yet if we really understood it for what it is, we would understand the difference between science and belief (aka philosophy, aka "how I think that things should be" - even though they really might be the exact opposite).

Then we might take a long, hard look at our social selves. We might actually start to ask hard questions of ourselves. We might start to say things like:
Hmmm. We used to have rules of thumb like X, and our civilization as a whole got along pretty good. We tended to improve our lives lots and lots as time passed. The children's lives got a helluva lot better than their parents had, too. The parents were proud of that, helping to give their children a leg-up in life and make things better for them and us.
Then Karl Marx came up with Marxism - throwing out all those rules and substituting what he thought reality should be like. We saw those fellas Lenin and co who instigated this, violently, over a 4-year-period. We saw when it spectacularly failed in the economic collapse of Russia and the fall of the Berlin Wall. In fact Russia is still massively in the poo from all of this.
Yet, here we are, we're slowly doing the same things that they did, step by step. We're seeing the same or similar stuff that Russia had happen along the way. We can even see some parallels that occurred in history, hundreds to thousands of years ago. Yet we're somehow magically expecting it to be different in the end...
We need to understand very clearly the differences between Science and Belief - why it is that they are so different - why it is that we should keep a wary eye upon them - why we should think about them differently.

Keep That Shit Private

Brain-switchoff in times of high emotional stress. You know what it is.

Imagine this scenario:

Girl breaks up with a guy. He gets down on his knees, blubbering. She looks at him, his face all screwed up and red, tears pouring down his cheeks, totally incoherent, snot running out of his nose. She thinks: "I want THAT!"

Imagine this scenario:

Girls get together for a pity-party because one of 'em got dumped. The usual calls of "all men are pigs", "he's pathetic", etc etc ensue. Eventually the drunkenness really gets going and the cattiness turns into wails of "why can't I find a maaan!" with tears pouring down her cheeks, totally incoherent sobbing, snot running out of her nose. A Man looks at her and thinks: "I want THAT!"

I've seen both scenarios (minus the "I want THAT" part).

You know what I'm sayin'.

Monday 22 September 2014

The Tipping Point of Communication

From over on The Rational Male, commenter deti states:
Feminists, a la Sheryl Sandberg and “Lean In”, have gone public with AFBB because they can. They know what they’re doing and are conscious of it. They feel free to be open about it because the FI is now enshrined in law, customs, practices, culture, and judiciary. AFBB is now “normative”. 
Women speak openly about it is because they honestly believe it’s not hurting or injuring anyone – or at least it doesn’t hurt anyone who doesn’t deserve it. And to her way of thinking, nobody’s getting hurt because everyone else is doing it. And if someone does get hurt, well, then he fucked up and he deserved it.
While I am very late to the party on this topic - deti, I must correct you here:

Women are speaking openly about it because the "visible men" (20%) are not visibly being hurt by it, nor do they visibly seem to be angry about it, nor do they visibly seem to care about it. Of course, those visible men are the ones that women flock to - so of course they're not getting hurt by it, they are getting some.

Women care not about the "invisible men" (80%) who are hurt by it. Similarly the visible men don't care about the invisible men. For both sexes: they cannot relate because they are getting some, they've always gotten some, they cannot understand what it is like to be someone who is not getting some or who has never gotten some.

We should always remember the 80/20 rule (for women getting sex vs feminists) and the 20/80 rule (for men getting sex vs invisible men).

Which brings up an interesting thought: The Tipping Point.

According to scientists once an idea hits 10% it has achieved the spreading-point to where it becomes mainstream. Therefore, if you assume via the 80/20 rule that 20% of women are effectively invisible to men - and they get <b>real pissed about it</b> - then they are comfortably over the tipping point and have always been.

As communication became widespread, the spread of these beliefs happened faster and easier. So with better communication it became possible for angry and bitter women to spread their ideas more widely via the female communication channel. Being herdlike, there was fertile ground for this meme to spread and take root.

So inevitably, with the rise of technology and leisure has come the rise of feminism as hate directed towards men. Having a base of 20% of the population in this plight made its spread equally inevitable. In a sense, we men created this situation by simply trying to improve our (and our wives) lives. It was inevitable. (God I sound like a bad rendition of Agent Smith from The Matrix.)

Now that 80% of invisible men are starting to talk across the internet - the best communication channel that we have managed to build to date - the male Tipping Point might be starting to gain traction. No longer are we filtered (censored) through the female communication channel (aka ignored as being whiny male bitches).

It will be interesting to see how this battle of memes will turn out over time. Swings and roundabouts, checks and balances, social change and degradation...
Further thought: It might be inevitable that the Feminism meme will lose out. Given that it seems like 80% of women actually want a man despite the brainwashing of Feminism (20%), and that 80% of men are effectively becoming angry never mind the complacency of apex men (20%) - something is gonna have to give.

And no, I'm not talking about winning in the sense of not-breeding. I'm talking about winning in the sense of being ignored as stupid and irrelevant.

So perhaps there is a slight chance of saving this festering mess that we've created of our civilization. Makes you think a little.

I'm still gonna watch things closely. Even though it's kinda hard to enjoy watching a time-lapse of bullshit collapsing. Time for another Grand Marnier - that'll improve my mood.

Reaping Feminism

As ye sow, so shall it grow, and thus shall ye reap.

When you sow hatred, you grow hatred.

When you sow disgust, you grow disgust.

I look at every single woman around me. They absolutely stink of feminism.

An older woman (55) says she loves me and wants to be with me. She's looking for an equal partner. (No.)

A middle-aged woman (37) says that I make her wet and that she wants me to fuck her. She's still living with her "separated" husband. (Hell no.)

A younger woman (21) says that I turn her on and she wants to be fucked by me. She's looking to do her own career-thing in the near future and wants my help. (Fuggeddit.)

A teenager (17 - it's legal in New Zealand) runs her fingers through my hair. Ironically, she has no overt agenda or stench of feminist bullshit, she just wants my cock. (Too young for me to feel any kind of good about actually fucking her though. Yeah I have a smidgen of conscience.)

Do I sound just a tad tired and jaded?

I look at this crap. I listen to this garbage. I think and judge this bullshit. I find myself yawning uncontrollably.

It's all the same. I can't be bothered.

I look around wondering whether there is anything truly unique about any of these women. I'm not seeing it. What I'm seeing is nothing beyond herd...herd...herd ad-nauseum.

If it's not me they're doing, it's someone else.

When I refuse them, they're suddenly hanging around someone else.

They are a: Boring. Empty. Pointless. Sucking. Nothingness.

Occasionally, one seems to have a little more going for her than the general herd. I fuck it. It usually turns out to have been an illusion.

Sheeit. Tap it and gap it. It's involuntary - I never went in intending to do that. Yet I'm forced to. They make me pump-and-dump them.

A prostitute would serve the same function, with a lot less cost and a lot less hassle and heartache.

It's not that I want to. It's that I'm not interested in the feminist bullshit that they've been infected with. The mold-infested feminist seed has made the grain of life a rancid crop of stinking fungus. Rye infested with ergot.

A variation of ergot that gifts the takers with delusions of self-worth, which infects the others who get involved with them. A variation of ergot that causes permanent brain-damage in both sexes.

Where am I going here? Nowhere that I can articulate. Just like civilization is going nowhere worthwhile. A fungus has infested us, feeding off us, draining us, leaving only a husk.

For the moment, our civilization is feeling the pangs of St Anthony's Fire.

Triage the Self-Helpless

When you give someone something, they become self-helpless.

Western culture has already given to the point that the recipients have achieved perfect self-helplessness. Western culture has given to every other culture on the planet, to the point where it is destroying itself - and has achieved nothing of worth. All it has created is a lot of self-helpless leeches that feed upon itself.

You see it. Build a massive system for desalinating water for the masses in parts of Africa (massive bribes required plus loss of equipment during construction). Turn it over to the locals. Six months later: there is no water. All the copper and anything of worth has been stripped and sold for cash. All that's left is a waste of broken equipment and empty concrete buildings, with maybe a few squatters having a shit in the corner of a room and living in the next room.

Yet the West still attempts to give, to the point of sickening our own culture, despite these worthless excuses for human beings having proven that they are of no worth. That they will never be of worth. That they are nothing more and will never be anything more than an endless sucking vortex of "me, me, me" (sounds familiar).

Triage. It is time to let the incurable patient die. It is time to try and heal the curable patient - assuming that we are still curable.

Excuse me. The schadenfreude tastes rather bitter today. More Grand Marnier required - or perhaps a shot of triple-penicillin.

An Endless Cycle Of Narcissistic Sucking Themselves Off

I am bored with these fucking dumb cunts. Utterly, utterly bored.

You dumb cunts who take your naked selfies and put 'em up in an insecure place on the web.

You are so boring. Bland. Stupid. Moronic. Passe.

I actually can't think of more adjectives to describe how utterly worthless you are as human beings.

The only reason that you exist, in even the slightest, is because you have a pleasing shape to your faces and bodies. You having nothing else going for you. You are nothing more than fap-fodder. That's it.

And the world should be completely tired of trying to mansplain reality to you dumb cunts.

In the end, you are nothing more than a large yawn. In the cycle of history, you are merely another same-same footnote in miniscule writing: "Dumb Cunt Puts Naked Selfies Up On Internet". You ain't Helen of Troy. You ain't Cleopatra. You ain't Florence Nightingale. You ain't Marie Curie.

What you are is boring. Boring. Boring. Boring.

Anyone who gets outraged "in sympathy" is exactly the same. Boring. Boring. Boring.

No life. No worth. There is no meaning to these types of people sucking black holes of nothingness.

Famous for being...famous. This is a glorification of nothing of any actual substance. An endless cycle of narcissistic sucking themselves off. A walking sex-toy by proxy for women to be "jealous" of and for loser men to fap to.

Just another hole to drop a fuck into, or for someone to fantasize about dropping a fuck into.

Fuck. I'm even bored with writing this post about these...things.

Saturday 20 September 2014

500 Miles of Cock

For all those "nice guys", I present: Redonkulas - 500 Miles of Cock, 6 to 8 inches at a time.
You will watch.

You will understand.

You will learn.

Once you get to 31, what's one more? Mooore cooock!

Friday 19 September 2014

The Only Winning Move

Is to not play their game.
This is the essence of MGTOW: go your own way, do your own thing, punish any idiots that you happen to run across for trying to play their little games. Starve them of what they desire (narcissistic supply) as much as possible.

There are plenty who are too old to learn. There is no hope for them - they will die, as it should be. Think of it as evolution in action.

There are still a few who are young and flexible enough that they might learn. There is a smidgen of hope for them - they may learn. The best you can do is to (possibly) teach them the basics of reality.

(I know, this sounds much like an "essence of Zen" posting. Deal with it.)

Women Lack Dignity

Vox Day has his ideas of why men prefer clean breakups, in response to this entitled princess retard who doesn't like being deprived of her drama so must whine about it online.

Here's a few ideas to add to the list:

  • women don't like being mansplained to (fight!)
  • women who aren't worth being around don't take that knowledge well (fight!)
  • women who are broken up with have their narcissistic ego hurt (fight!)

All of these end up with the woman showing her utter lack of dignity and completely (and deliberately) hurting the man and pissing him off. No. Just walk away, end it, be done with it. Its easier on you as a man, and if the woman was worth that sort of consideration you probably wouldn't be breaking up with her in the first place.

If the woman involved had the womanly virtues (including and most especially dignity) they:

  • wouldn't be whining about why men ditch her without remorse (poor little me card)
  • wouldn't be deluded about why men ditch her without remorse (because she's worthless)
  • wouldn't be whining about the whole situation to the world (getting her drama and attention vicariously)
  • wouldn't be putting in the usual feminist superiority crapola digs against men (stab, stab, stab for extra passive-aggressive drama, read the end of the article for some examples)

Petty sacks of shit like this deserve all the respect that they get in a breakup: absolutely none.

Woman up, you pathetic whining losers.

Thursday 18 September 2014

Gradual Alienation

What we have here is a situation of gradual alienation. It is comprised of many things - which surprisingly, boil down to:

Every time you come out with your snotty attitude. Every time you come out with your snippy remarks. Every time you come out with a nuclear rejection. Every time you tell someone "you're wrong". Every time you are condescending. Every time you shout down any dissenting thought. Every time you treat someone badly. Every time you use someone. Every time you backstab someone. Every time you accuse someone of something that they didn't do or actually aren't. Every time you accuse someone of oppressing you. Every time you use childness to get your way. Every time you expect preferential treatment. Every time you lie. Every time you break your word. Every time you cheat. Every time you steal. Every time you gossip.

Every time you prove that you're not worth being around.
This isn't an instant alienation. It's a slow and gradual process. Like the sinking of the Yamoto during Operation Ten-Go in WWII: it took 2 hours to sink the battleship (it started capsizing - after about 2h20min it finally blew up).

Eventually you alienate men, the ones you supposedly "don't need" yet "can't find" when you suddenly want them around for something.
You wonder where all the men have gone. What you don't ask is: why have all the men gone.

(I deliberately chose Sting - for the creepy, judgmental, stalker vibe. I know girls who have had this as their wedding song. Shows their mind.)

(I deliberately chose Sinead O'Connor - for the creepy, desperate, obsessive vibe. Many girls have had this reaction when I've walked away from them.)

Feminism is Disrespect and Immaturity

And we men are too stupid to realize it and too weak to slap the stupid out of them when they start screaming at us and pulling this garbage.

Trigger warning:
And I'll admit, I couldn't manage to watch all of that. I've never been able to.

The amount of immaturity and disrespect for others displayed is astounding. "If you would just shut the fuck up and..." and my brain switches off. That's right at the beginning of the clip too, in less than 20 seconds.

Yes, shout down the ones disagree with you or who you want to silence. Vigorous verbal abuse (hey whaddaya think the words "shut the fuck up" actually are? hint: it isn't an invitation to a pleasant chat over lunch) coupled with screaming shit-fits. It's a sick world (and a sick media) when the relaxed and measured (and correct) people get jumped all over by frothing crazies (who are wrong).

These people are sick in the head. I have been exposed to them to the point where I have become hypersensitive to it. To the point where I no longer want to be around anyone who exhibits even the slightest whiff of feminism and feminist thought. Too bad if there are "normal" and women out there. I do not believe. Many, many men do not believe.

So because of your radical nutjobs screaming about infantile things, all you women - across the board - are out in the cold.

As an interesting side-note, there was a story up on CNN about ISIS banning the teaching of mathematics and Social Studies in the parts of Syria that they control. They were also supposedly educating children (because "indoctrinating" and "brainwashing" are too un-PC) about radical Islam (there is no radical Islam, there is just Islam, period). CNN has now censored this story:
Editor's note: An earlier version of this story contained reporting about ISIS and education. CNN has concerns about the interpretation of the information provided and we will update the story when we can verify what is happening.
When you crazies stop being disrespectful and infantile towards your Men and instead look at something more pressing - for example: children as sex slaves (Rotherham, England, by immigrants for 20 years) - then we might be able to open an interesting dialog. Hey, I might actually start to treat you as an equal and a person whose thoughts have a slight veneer of worth.

Until then: fuck off you crazy and worthless cunts.

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Work To Death

It seems that I may have to find this book and read it: "The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline of Leisure" by Juliet B. Schor
The labouring man will take his rest long in the morning; a good piece of the day is spent afore he come at his work; then he must have his breakfast, though he have not earned it at his accustomed hour, or else there is grudging and murmuring; when the clock smiteth, he will cast down his burden in the midway, and whatsoever he is in hand with, he will leave it as it is, though many times it is marred afore he come again; he may not lose his meat, what danger soever the work is in. At noon he must have his sleeping time, then his bever in the afternoon, which spendeth a great part of the day; and when his hour cometh at night, at the first stroke of the clock he casteth down his tools, leaveth his work, in what need or case soever the work standeth. 
-James Pilkington, Bishop of Durham, ca. 1570
The contrast between capitalist and precapitalist work patterns is most striking in respect to the working year. The medieval calendar was filled with holidays. Official -- that is, church -- holidays included not only long "vacations" at Christmas, Easter, and midsummer but also numerous saints' and rest days. These were spent both in sober churchgoing and in feasting, drinking and merrymaking. In addition to official celebrations, there were often weeks' worth of ales -- to mark important life events (bride ales or wake ales) as well as less momentous occasions (scot ale, lamb ale, and hock ale). All told, holiday leisure time in medieval England took up probably about one-third of the year.
Some food for thought there. Industrialism, it appears, had as a greedy side-effect (getting the most out of their machines by working everyone long hours for a pittance) - thus we now have the idea of workers in modern times having it better than in the old days (40 hours a week vs 80 hours a week).
During one period of unusually high wages (the late fourteenth century), many laborers refused to work "by the year or the half year or by any of the usual terms but only by the day." And they worked only as many days as were necessary to earn their customary income -- which in this case amounted to about 120 days a year, for a probable total of only 1,440 hours annually (this estimate assumes a 12-hour day because the days worked were probably during spring, summer and fall).
Spain is also a good one, supposedly they had holidays for 5 months of the year.

Tell me - again - why I should work myself to the bone for someone else's profit.

Vicious Cycle

Step 1: Tell two generations of men they are sexist, brutish, scum of the earth who will forever be inferior to women.

Step 2: Give women massive privilege in obtaining scholarships and jobs.

Step 3: Indoctrinate generations of women into perceiving every man as a vile monster, and that being "strong and independent" requires being hateful to men.

Step 4: Rig divorce and child custody laws to make marriage a hideous trap for men.

Step 5: Dehumanize men to the point that we believe their only role is to be a servant to women.

Step 6: Act surprised when men give women the middle finger.

Step 7: Go back to step 1

Symbiosis to Parasitism

Symbiotic Man and Woman relationship (in the past - when you're poor and starving then hating your partner is counter-survival):

Symbiosis - close and often long-term interaction between two or more biological species. Prior to 1877 this word had been used to describe people living together in community, in 1877 it was first used to describe the mutualistic relationship in lichens (Albert Frank). In 1879 it was defined as "the living together of unlike organisms" (Heinrich de Bary).

The Man worked (often dawn 'til dusk) to bring in food and a little extra cash to feed his wife and children. In return he had a guarantee that the children were his (and he kept them if there was a divorce, too). The Woman worked around the home, keeping it clean and raising their children, feeding her man.

Parasitic Man and Woman relationship (in the present - when you win no matter what then hating your partner is a rationalization for whatever you want):

Parasitism - a non-mutial symbiotic relationship between species, where one species (the parasite) benefits at the expense of the other (the host). Traditionally parasite referred primarily to organisms visible to the naked eye, or macroparasites. Parasite now includes microparasites, which are typically smaller (such as viruses and bacteria). Some examples of parasites include the plants mistletoe and cuscuta, and animals such as hookworms.

The Man works (often dawn 'til dusk) to bring in as much money as possible to provide a home for his wife and children (plus he usually has to cook and clean and rear children as well). In return he has no guarantee the children are his, he gets treated badly (often emotionally and verbally and sometimes physically abused), and his wife will often leave with the children in tow for no real reason (and he still has to pay her when she's gone). The Woman does nothing (if she works, any money she earns is hers alone).

In the old days a Woman provided the following in return for being pampered and looked after:

  • cleaning
  • child-rearing
  • companionship
  • cooking
  • sex

These days a Man can do the following by himself: cleaning, child-rearing (via kindergarten and public schools), companionship (male friends), and cooking.

Which leaves a Woman only able to provide: sex. Which a man can provide for himself more cheaply by paying for. (Either way he pays for it. If he pays directly then it's cheaper and he has an easier and more relaxed life from not having the emotional, verbal, and physical abuse of a modern woman being around him all of his spare time.)

Yes, yes, children, blah blah. Just get a surrogate mother if you absolutely must have a child of your genetic line - or adopt.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

The State As Sugar Daddy

It seems to me that civilization has changed in a fundamentally deep manner. Here's some thought-pointers:

  • men stayed away from women with bastard children
  • men stayed away from divorced women
  • men preferred their wives to be virgin
  • men had plenty of loose women for fun
  • women effectively sought out a sugar daddy to help raise their children

Notice that it's mostly from the viewpoint of men. (Misogynist pig!) The men were inspired to explore the world and create civilization.


  • women use the state to help raise their children
  • half of all women are divorced (sometimes multiple times)
  • half of children are bastards (sometimes to different fathers)
  • women will have sex with whoever turns them on
  • women use the state as sugar daddy

Notice that it's all from the viewpoint of women. Men are simply an afterthought, now that the Sugar Daddy State has taken the place of men.

What do the men do? There isn't much to inspire them to the heights of enterprise and creating civilization.

Sugar Daddy has changed.

Global Warming Skepticism

Wait, I keep forgetting: "Climate Change"

Yes, I know, I keep harping on about this stuff. Mostly because I "believe" it is a crock of shit - alarmist crap designed to put you into a state of F.U.D. and make you worry about nonessentials instead of essentials. Like the bloody wars going on and the steadily-rise in our costs of living despite the government-manipulated statistics (go look at Shadow Stats if you want the real CPI rise).

So there's more ice happening down here in the Southern Hemisphere (about 3x the size of Australia). This is supposed to be happening because warming due to depleted ozone layers is changing weather patterns. (Yeah we're still supposedly melting the icecap, even though it's creating more ice though. Sometimes you just can't fucking win. This trend should reverse in the future.)

By the way, the UN says the Ozone layer is showing signs of thickening. So it looks like we have done something towards the restoration of our planet. This actually makes me feel good about humanity for once.

Now I just want to know why the projected 70m (230 ft) rise in sea levels (according to the alarmists - and some say 260 ft) is nowhere evident down my local beach. I mean, I've only been going to the beach for the last 48 years.

For more F.U.D. and scientific doubletalk - well don't ask me, I'm not a scientist. I'm merely a computer professional. And a skeptical bastard at that.

Monday 15 September 2014

A Culture Of Twisted Sexuality

Women truly have the culture that they desire. When all day online, men are bombarded with this:
Is there any wonder at all that we end up with thirsty, thirsty men making the problem worse. (We all know exactly what this image is about.)

Women, glorify in the beauty of thy youth. Enjoy thy teasing of the opposite sex. Denigrate him for the desires that thou do thy best to stir up. Revel in thy licentiousness.

Eventually you will get your just dessert deserts.
I'm going to have a large glass of Grand Marnier soon. Some things need to be washed out of the mind and alcohol is the best way to do it.

Ten Signs You May Be In An Abusive Relationship

Stolen shamelessly from (Geisha)Kate over on Chateau Heartiste:
After conversing with some feminists yesterday, they have helped me to realize I am in an abusive relationship. In order to help other women determine if they are too, I have constructed this helpful “10 Reasons You May Be in an Abusive Relationship” list. Please feel free to send it to all your female acquaintances so we can stop the following terrible abuses: 
1. Has your partner taken you out and paid for dinner at least once in the past week? If not, you may be in an abusive relationship. 
2. Has your partner compromised his integrity in order to satisfy your feminist family matriarch? If not, you may be in an abusive relationship. 
3. When your partner proposed, did he get down on one knee to show his deference to your higher sexual market value? If not, you may be in an abusive relationship. 
4. Does your partner work over one hundred hours a week to keep you in the latest fashions, newest cars, and biggest houses? If not, you may be in an abusive relationship. 
5. Does your partner encourage you to stay in shape and eat healthily? If so, you may be in an abusive relationship. 
6. Does your partner require you to be responsible for your own actions and expect you to act like an adult? If so, you may be in an abusive relationship. 
7. Do you find yourself singing as you go about your chores…wait a minute. You’re not doing chores, are you?!?! If so, you are DEFINITELY in an abusive relationship. 
8. If you have trouble holding back how happy you are because it annoys other people, you may be in an abusive relationship. 
9. Is your partner a millionaire? If not, you may be in an abusive relationship. 
10. And, finally, does your partner have reasonable expectations for himself, you, and your relationship? If so, you may be in an abusive relationship. 
I find myself unsure of how to proceed at this point. I love my husband. But, he didn’t put the potholder back in the drawer today. I just don’t know how much more of this I can take.
I do enjoy a good satire!

Female Entitlement - Celebrity Style

I have been vaguely watching with great amusement the following hoo-rah.
For those of us who have been too busy to notice: celeb Jennifer Lawrence (of Hunger Games fandom, the tweenage snuff-movie-series that has been causing so many female hearts to burst with their prideful throbbing) had her iCloud  account hacked and naked selfies slapped up on the interwebs. I have no idea how naked she was in said selfies, however they supposedly did the rounds pretty quick. Going by the furor they were probably reasonably racy.

Oh wait - nude! I forgot. Naked is rude, nude is just r.

At any rate, being in the tech-world I've seen umpteen articles and things about iPhone and iCloud security, hacking, how to prevent this, blah blah blah blah blah. None of which strikes at the real issue:

What the fuck was this stupid slut doing taking naked selfies for?

Who the fuck was this stupid slut sending these naked selfies to?

Why the fuck is this stupid slut being used to blame Apple for bad security?

Let's be brutally honest here. In the old days of film cameras, did you take naked selfies? Fuck no. If you did, you sent them to a very discreet service which charged you big bucks - and you were the type who didn't mind if some random unknown employee perved over those pictures of your naked bod. (AKA you were a fucking slut and it gave you a sexual charge to think that some unknown guy was jerking off to your pictures. Just like the girls who were in all the pages in Penthouse, Playboy, etc.)

So, to all the stupid pieces of shit who are trying to pull the Female Entitlement bullshit over our eyes and say "it's all Apple's fault!" and "where is her privacy!" and all that crap. Two words: Fuck off.

This is a stupid slut who was taking naked selfies and sending them to various guys who turn her on. The moment it goes out of her phone it's over the airwaves - into the open air for anyone to pick up. (I wonder if that'll become the new geek entertainment someday: instead of wardriving, picking up cellphone transmissions and reconstructing them into naked selfies for personal enjoyment.) The guys can then pass them on to whoever they want.

You want your privacy? Then don't be a stupid slut who takes naked selfies to send on to hawt guys!

This is a prime example of the female entitled mindset coupled with the male kiss-ass mindset. So sad that so many men are so pathetic that they have to try and protect sluts from themselves, or excuse sluts for their bad behavior. Especially bad when these dumb sluts are supposed to be our "role models" for youth.

Never mind, I'll just have another sip of Grand Marnier and watch these dumb cunts of both sexes run around in ever-decreasing circles. You gotta laugh.

Friday 12 September 2014

Reality Check - Transvestites

I have come to a realization about Trannies.

In fact you can probably apply it to the LGBT crowd across the board. (Deal with it you nutjobs.)

It's not about "inner confusion". It's not about "blurred lines". It's not about "sexual fluidity".

It's not about any of those things.

It's about these people looking at the Feminine Imperative and the Pussy Pass.

It's about these people realizing (consciously or subconsciously) the power that these things give women.

It's about these people saying: I want that.

So every man who goes the transsexual route - who turns themselves into a woman - is grasping for the Pussy Pass that women are granted by default. Every public cross-dressing fruitcake is doing the same. Gay pride rallies, raising awareness, etc - all an attempt to climb on board the women's parade-float and get that Pussy Pass for themselves. All an attempt to join the herd of women.

All demanding the right to exercise their own form of hypocrisy - just like women do - and not be called out on it.

Lift a glass of Grand Marnier to the sad mentality of the human race. We don't need a disease or the like to wipe ourselves out, we can screw ourselves up pretty damn good without half trying.

PS: I'm coming more to the point of view that civilization was brought about through controlling women's sexuality and using that to yoke men's sexuality and energy into building. As per my previous Reality Check - once you've achieved that, you start to realize that there's not much point to things.

Reality Check - It's All About Women

Everything is all about women. All advertising is aimed at pleasing women, either making her discontented with herself (looks, stuff, etc) or by enticing men with women (X vehicle will help you to get hot bitches). Sex sells, one way or the other.
Here are a few things that will help you to realize this fundamental truth (or re-realize it, and help to make it stick in your head).

Return of Kings - Everything Is All About Her

Yes. Always remember that. The drama, the bullshit, the entitlement, the narcissism - it's all about her, how she feels, what she wants, the works. Feminism is all about her. Fucking is all about her. Getting back at someone else is all about her. Reproduction is all about her. Civilization in the end is all about her. Everything is all about her, forever, always has been, always will be.

Reality-check time guys:
Ever wondered why you in the manosphere seem to lack energy? Or as you get older, you lack energy? Here's why - you've been ground down by the real world, you've achieved your reality check. Either in one big fell swoop (frivorce with a big "fuck you and you'd better keep supporting me plus I'm going to fuck with our children") or through the experience taught you by time.

Heartiste - The Number One Killer Of Your Game

These things have taught you that on the whole, it's just not worth it. As human beings, we don't generally piss around with things that just aren't worth it. It's a complete waste, and we are into conserving energy (it's in our genes, conserve energy as much as possible or die - that's why we are lazy fucks who watch TV at night, it's low-energy entertainment).

As an older guy, do I mess around chasing young girls? No. Experience has taught me that they just aren't worth it (if desired I can fuck younger girls for dollars, without bothering with the drama and horseshit of their "personal lives" - let alone taking a dump on my personal dignity).

Do I go dancing any more? No. Experience has taught me that it isn't worth it.

Do I chase women with shorter hair? No. Experience has taught me they aren't worth it.

Do I chase women with tats and piercings? No. Experience has taught me they aren't worth it.

Do I do a whole bunch of stuff? No. Experience has taught me that it isn't worth it.

So what do I do? I work a bit, I work out a bit, I do maintenance on my home, I learn things, I do some travel, I watch the world through Crap Colored Glasses™. I raise a little glass of Grand Marnier, point out the bullshit and hypocrisy, taste the schadenfreude, and Enjoy the Decline.

I cannot be arsed putting the energy into much else. Time and the Reality Check™ have taught me that basically everything else involves doing stuff for women - on the whole it's not really worth it. You just have to check out our current crop of female losers to see why.

Voting and New Zealand

Voting, voting, voting, voting, voting.

Yes it's that time in New Zealand again. We get to see the big hoo-rah, the talking heads come out of their little boxes and adjust their ties and spread their cheeks in a rictus death smile and mouth the latest crop of meaningless platitudes so that they can be voted into the pig-trough once more for another three years.

So here's one of the more annoying messages out there, very appropriately with the voice fucked-up by the person who posted it (thanks, that actually makes it more bearable in my opinion):
It finishes with: "Do you care about this country? Then you should vote." I like the way that the final person speaking is a woman. It brings the shaming power of women into play, trying to shame everyone into voting "for New Zealand". Men are shamed, women are coaxed via the herd, blah blah blah fucking ad fucking nauseum.


My position on voting: we don't get to vote on the individual issues. We're just voting for which smooth-talking face goes back into the pig-trough for the next three years and gets us into a worse mess than we already are. Therefore as regards voting: I can't be arsed with you motherfuckers - you can get lost. I do not care about your opinions.

Our social security was gutted decades ago. The more "modern" face of social security has forced every person in NZ into the anemic local stock-market. Like in the USA, the only thing holding up the stock values is an involuntary and forced cash-injection of $10-20 million every week. When everyone starts withdrawing their contributions to fund their retirement: splat goes the values.

Everything of real value in New Zealand has been sold off to overseas interests. Our banks have been sold off to Australia, who use us as a cash rort (they only put up the local mortgage rates because the dipshit government upped the OCR and they had to match). A good chunk of our stock market - and therefore big local business - is owned by overseas investors, making a chunk of yearly dividends head offshore.

They've even been selling buildings and land to China, now that we've had a while for us to get used to the "free trade deal". Our local manufacturing has gone overseas. All we produce in bulk these days are raw products: wood, fruit, meat, fish, dairy (Fonterra caught a few in the face - some greedy Chinese fuckers playing with the formula for baby-milk and we - the image of New Zealand - got the bad name).

This sort of free-trade shit is touted by politicians though. "It'll be great for the New Zealand economy!" Yes, sending our manufacturing over there and leaving us to produce raw materials. Thank you Mz Helen Clark, ex-Prime Lesbian, now with her nose in the pig-trough at the United Nations. Thank you for your famous fronting of the Communist Labour Party.

Labour. "We must punish big business!" Which is why you pushed all manufacturing overseas, then wonder why the fucking tax-income from your locals dries up. No business = no jobs = no income = no taxes paid and lots of dole paid out - which dole comes from the government as a free handout. Aka someone picking my pocket so they can pay off people who can't find work because you fuckers sent it overseas.

National. "We are pure as driven snow!" By the looks of it there won't be one National person by the time of the election who isn't exposed as a thief, sex maniac, pervert, moron, or something else. Ah, wonderful the schadenfreude that life brings you to laugh at.

Voting? No thank you, you greedy pieces of shit. You rich wankers who use your millions to buy your three-year allotment at the public feed-trough. Instead I will sip some Grand Marnier and have a little chuckle while things go farther down the rabbit-hole.

Thursday 11 September 2014

Wednesday Women's Whining

A while back I went to Thailand, a woman I know asked me for some pointers of various things over there. Some highlights:

* never pass up a public toilet in the mall
* get used to the bum gun
* never pass up an ice-block or iced drink
* while there's jalapeno's in the food, don't eat them - they're only there to impart flavor
* don't take much over to Thailand, buy the light clothing that you need in the markets
* buy yourself another bag there and bring it back with your tourist crap in it

And good stuff like that, all very simple and matter-of-fact. Which she basically followed to a T - amazing.

When she got back though, talking with her yesterday: "Bangkok, all those older men with Thai girls on their arms! Disgusting!"

I laughed and told her we all know what that's about. People wanting a rich Westerner to get them out of their hell-hole, older guys wanting their fun.

A little bit more ranting about it on her part, petite girls, so many beautiful girls, more ranting - then I hit her with the show-stopper: "You were checking out your competition!"

Within two minutes she was giggling her head off as I teased her mercilessly about not being able to compete.

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Female Entitlement - TGI Friday Edition

Actually happened last Friday, I've been too busy to put it up. At any rate.

The group of us included three guys and two girls this time. The conversation came around to food (natch) and dating (whatta surprise, given that girl #2 is "unencumbered" by a man). In that we got around to talking about:

Me: Restaurant dates are for special times and only in established relationships.

Her #1: No. How else is a guy supposed to treat his girl when starting out a relationship ... (blather blather blather)

Me: What, at $150+ for a decent dinner for two?

Her #1: (blather blather blather) ... it's nice for the guy to pay it shows he cares ... (blather blather blather)

Her #2 (unencumbered): I'd be happy to pay for my half.

Her #1: It should be him! After all, I was once with a guy - I decided that I didn't like him after all and it ended after a few dates - who paid for everything. He was a very sweet guy, he got us to a restaurant and got everything set up, opened the car door and pulled the chair and all - it was kind of strange-feeling but was very nice - anyway ... (blather blather blather)

Me: How much were those dinners?

Her #1: Oh he wasn't cheap. I mean about $70-80 each for the food and desserts, and a really good bottle of wine was something like $80, and a few drinks afterwards, then we went out to places like ... (blather blather blather)

Picture me smirking at the cognitive dissonance of what she's saying. I didn't say anything further - there was no need, just left her to blather on.

Prime example of a girl openly admitting to using a man for her own fun yet not consciously realizing it. A few (apparently 5) candlelit dinner dates - expensive ones like the above - and after a while "he just wasn't for me". After he spent (very conservatively) $200 per date, over $1,000 to wine-and-dine a girl - and of course got nothing for it - she simply went on her merry way to the next fool.

I made a mental note downchecking the value of this girl below her already-low value. Skittles might be too good for her type. Especially when she's so obviously trying to justify this entitlement mentality to all-and-sundry. Such a greedy and grasping leech so eloquently on display for all at the table to see.

Note: Convo not exactly word-for-word, of course. I don't have an eidetic memory. It captures the overall tone and content though, and I made certain to mentally note the dollars and number of dates and the like.

Sunday 7 September 2014

The Universal Hot Crazy Matrix

From James Yeager of Tactical Response, here is an explanation of the dating market - both men and women.

Got that, guys? Good. Especially avoid the Danger Zone (strippers, redheads, anyone named Tiffany) and Tranny areas.

Especially check out the bit at the end, how women think of men. Most men want to be in the Fun Zone (PUAs train for this). Be careful about getting yourself in the Marriage zone for the wrong kind of women.

By the way, do a youtube search for "universal hot crazy matrix" and you'll see a few parodies by women: the universal hot jerk matrix, the universal money pig matrix, the husband matrix, etc. Amusing that some of them felt the need to stress that they were joking.

Friday 5 September 2014

Damaged Men and Women

Uncle Bob comes up with something that makes one hell of a lot more sense than the PUA's concept of "shit-testing for genetic fitness".

Shit Tests Don't Exist And Are About Women Hating Men Because They Have No Men In Their Lives

Women Trying To Bully Men

Bob, I hand it to you: this makes a goddamned sight better sense than some of that PUA crapola.

A while back I figured out that PUA is Broken, analysed far better than I could by TheRawness (link to his analysis is in that above link). It was a helluva lot of narcissism, jumping through hoops just so you could get involved with the more-warped types of damaged women.

From the women's side it boils down to: these damaged women don't know how to treat a man well enough to keep them in their lives.

From the men's side it boils down to: these damaged men don't know what it's like to be treated well, so we tolerate this bad behavior in our women.

I hesitate to entirely blame feminism for this situation, though I could probably make a good case. When children who are effectively abandoned by their parents (divorce/frivorce/never-there) and don't know what being treated well is like, they don't know how to treat the opposite sex well or how the opposite sex should treat them well. Or how to treat their children well.

Men and women both have been afflicted by this stunted personal growth. Men and women both have been damaged in a fundamental manner that will likely require many generations to repair. If that ever happens.

It looks as if Men are the ones waking up to the fact that both sides have been smacked around and damaged. It doesn't look as if many Women are waking up to the same fact. I guess it's because Men are the ones who are getting the short end of the stick more than Women are.

A general observation of humanity is that if someone is getting preferential treatment then all is peachy-keen in their world. Tough titties if you're getting the short end of the stick, I'm getting mine.

Note that I'm not letting Men (or myself) off the hook here. We are bloody damaged by this as well. Taking a good, cold, hard look at things: we are doing a shitload of projection when we turn around and say "it's all women's fault" and "bloody feminism" and et-fucking-cetera.

I know, the pendulum has swung to an extreme, it's time it swung back, etc etc. Yet we need to have a damn close look at ourselves to be absolutely certain that we're not attempting to pull the same bullshit on women that they've been pulling on us men. Or that we've allowed to pull on us.

Not much point if we damage things a shitload more, ay. No healing gonna happen then!

Thursday 4 September 2014

Inconsiderate and Selfish

Some background for this post:

Even though I've not been actively searching for women the last couple months, some will still pop up and make it known that they want you. In my opinion this is a good thing in that you know they are *very* interested in you - enough so to step out of the woman's meek little comfort zone and seek you out.

Well, over the last couple weeks I've had a woman doing this with me. (My apologies, I mean female child. A woman is mature and considerate, this piece of worthless just proved to me that she was immature and selfish and inconsiderate.)

So, beginning of this week she was feeling feverish and a little sick (she mentioned it in passing). I told her to go to the doctor and get it sorted out. Which I shouldn't have bloody had to.

The plan for this weekend was a Friday PM to Monday AM fun-fest: locked away together for the whole weekend, enjoying each other in every possible way. You get the general drift.

Today she starts pulling the passive on me: "poor little me, I'm feeling feverish and sick, it will be good to come over and be taken care of this weekend". I ordered her to get her fucking ass to the doctor and get it sorted out - today! - so that the medicine would have a chance to work.

Then while I was doing stuff, it dawned on me. You know exactly what this means. Instead of mutual fun, I was gonna end up babysitting a sick child - and she fully expected me to do it.

Fuck that noise.

In fact, fuck any piece of shit female child who thinks that she is gonna impose on anyone in that way in a new-ish relationship. A long-term relationship, when there has been time for things to develop, etc - sure. Right now, no fucking way, the bonds are most definitely not there.

That's just immature, inconsiderate, and goddamned fucking selfish.

Plus, after ordering her to go to the doctor, while I'm busy with work - she sends texts: "Are you okay?" She knew she'd made a balls-up.

So I sent her a message: "I'm pissed off that you didn't sort this out earlier, I'm pissed off that I had to tell you to sort it out, and I'm not gonna babysit someone as inconsiderate and selfish as you. Don't come over and don't ever contact me again."

Enough. Of. This. Shit.

Her "statistics" for the cheap seats. She's Asian (from Singapore), I have some tit-pics (quite nipply), I have some full-length nudes (quite pleasant), she stands 4'8". She's slightly butterface (probably a 6.5, maybe a 7 at best - pretty good for a 49yo though). She's orally obsessed with sucking cock and swallowing cum, loves getting scratched and bitten, and very much enjoys "love you long time" and is multi-orgasmic.

Tough, I'll find another who is more considerate as a person. Never mind that she's been sending me text messages for the past hour: I can't be bothered reading them.

Just Fucking Do Something

Listen up you lazy screwheads. Here's the basics of life:

There, you didn't even have to get on the so-called Manosphere for that stuff, now didja.

Now shut up, get out there, and just fucking do something.


To clarify this: Make something damn you.

Beta Suckups Online

Normally I talk about teh feministing wimminz, how festering orful they are, how messed up dur finking is, et-fucking-cetera.

Basically I'm willing to be reasonably pleasant to an online woman - because I'm generally a pleasant person anyways - until I smell one hint of the bullshit feminine privilege/mystique and similar fucking crap. Then the knife goes in, like I did to this privileged cunt prior:
(If you can't see how this privileged cunt thinks she can walk into a male space and attempt to dictate how they should think like she wants: you need a pair of my patented Crap-Colored Glasses™. Only $2,500.00 the pair and cheap at the price - it'll save you from: heartache, mindfuck games, emotional blackmail, and accidentally putting a ring on a whore and losing half+ of your accumulated life's work. I know that you'll thank me for it.)

Now though, it's time to take that knife to my fellow-men.

I have seen far, far too much online pussy-kissing from Beta men who suckup to anyone who proclaims that they're a girl. Worse, this is happening in the manosphere - I'm seeing a lot of it over at the Chateau, to the point that I suspect Heartiste shakes his head and has a little chuckle whenever he sees it. These guys put the online pussy back up on the pedestal and lap up its runny shit, giving the whore her online pussy-card back.

These pathetic maggots haven't gotten the memo yet: Tits or GTFO.

Speak pleasantly? Sure. We're not all neanderthals - or maybe we fucking should be eh? Call every woman a cunt to her face no matter what the company eh?


As I said up there: one hint of bullshit and the knife goes straight in. Fuck that shit. No way am I gonna let some cunt think she can for a moment pull any bullshit over on me, online OR in person.

Especially not gonna take a steaming dump on my own dignity, online or in person. For the sake of "being nice" in my own fucking male space or shared fucking male space. So little fucking Princess can feel all safe and loved and fucking superior because I'm'a kowtowing to her just 'cause she says she has a cunt. Give her that little online ego-stroking that she craves like the narcissistic whore she has trained to be all her life.

That is frankly weird, especially given there ain't no way you're gonna have a chance of sticking your dick in it anyways: it's the internet and she's on the other side of the world. Plus "she" actually could be some guy or a massively ugly and fat chick for all you fucking know. Online, who the fuck can tell.

So you Beta maggot men, putting that online pussy-you'll-never-get-an-actual-sniff-of-up-on-a-pedestal and licking its runny shit up. Fucking stop it. You're fucking pathetic!

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Feminism as Unthinking Hatred

Judgy Bitch throws up a guest-post from The Observing Libertarian, about how feminism is hate-speech. Examples are provided in the post (it's a long one and well-worth reading).

My comment added to the discussion:
Such vocal twisted hatred from a minority, with many of their attitudes spreading like a disease amongst the ordinary, makes me less and less inclined to be around people. I think that as I've become more aware I've noticed these things far more. It has gotten to the point where I cannot tolerate it, their reflexive distrust and despising of men makes me physically nauseated at times. 
With attitudes like this on display, going your own way and enjoying the decline becomes the more sensible option. To heck with civilization - the next generation is going to get lumped on worse than we are now. I don't want to bring children into a world like this, it would be an act of unparalleled cruelty. 
This must truly suck for those women who actually do want a decent life. As I've stated to others: "If you do not explicitly speak out against it, then you are implicitly endorsing it." Yet when we (men or women) speak out against it the hatred flows back redoubled, reflexively, from almost anyone with the slightest infection of the feminist memes and privilege. 
It appears that Idiocracy is the bleak outlook for the future, as the socialists vote themselves more perks. Those tired of being hated for speaking out fall silent and stage their own quiet individual revolt of non-participation.
These drive the bleaker moments in my life, possibly the same for many other MGTOW. An unending litany of hatred if you don't toe the line at every turn.

Even though I can charmingly bust their chops about it, even though I can make them giggle uncontrollably as I tease them for being feminist, it becomes wearing. I don't like having to be "invincibly charming" all the time. My natural introvert state finds it unbelievably tiring - and distrusting in that it feels both overbearing and fake.

Acting like an extrovert so I don't get hated, or remaining silent so I don't get hated. The latter is easier, in a world where everyone puts on a disgustingly fake surface of political correctness just so they can get along in life without being bothered by unthinking idiots and people with an agenda.
Feminists - the West at war with ourselves, sex vs sex, when there are more important things in the world to worry about. Like these statements from the Hadith:
Hadith Malik 362:1221 Ibn Fahd said: "I have some slave girls who are better than my wives, but I do not desire that they should all become pregnant. Shall I do azl (withdrawal) with them?" Hajjaj said: "They are your fields of cultivation. If you wish to irrigate them then do so, if not keep them dry."
Hadith Malik 511:1588 The last statement that Muhammad made was: "O Lord, perish the Jews and Christians. They made churches of the graves of their prophets. There shall be no two faiths in Arabia." (During the caliphates of the first four Caliphs this edict was fully carried out and all non-believers were removed from Arabia.)
Sexual slavery and intolerance built right into the religion - I wait for Eurabia to become real, as the foolish in Europe import Islam into their countries to displace their own.

Enjoy being Dhimmi in the land that your fathers built.


I forgot to attribute the second part to a recent post by Uncle Bob - April 2006 Message from Dan. Apologies for that'n Bob.

Monday 1 September 2014

Emotional Manipulation

Looking back on my past, I've never been much of one for bothering with people who tried to emotionally manipulate (aka blackmail) me.

Lets take the film R.E.D. 2 as a simple illustration. It contains the usual festering festivity of female drama that the maggoty film-industry loves-loves-loves to portray: passive-aggressive, snippy, moody, bitchy, cunty, slutty, backbiting, super-empowered women children.

So one scene in the beginning of the film, right after Marvin rescues Frank from interrogation/death by Jack, Sarah is in the car. And gets snitty/bitchy with Frank (this is just before the point where Marvin comes out with the A.R.D.A.). Frank says "And now you're mad with me?" and she goes all passive-aggressive silent on him, as women so love to do - because they've been trained by the media that men will accept this, and men have been trained by the media to accept it.

This shit is wrong on so many levels. This is why you should never accept this behavior from anyone.

As I said to a girl a while back: I'm not interested in people - men or women - who stress me out. If they're constantly stressing me out then they're a drama-addict and inconsiderate. If they really liked me they would never do that.

She had to agree with that one. (That's one thing about women. If you put it sensibly, she has to agree - else she looks like a complete cunt. Very few woman want to look like a complete cunt. At least, in public.)

So this is why I've never had a problem with walking away from idiots and shitheads and people who just want to fuck with my emotions. They've simply and clearly shown to all and sundry that they aren't that interested in me or don't like me that much or just want to fuck me around. No problem, no muss, no fuss (on my part), get you gone.

It's kinda amusing, someone not liking that you've suddenly gone radio-silence on them. They can't figure that it's over - when they should just get it. The most amusing part is when they are incapable of getting that it's a natural consequence of their own actions and inconsiderate behavior.

When this happens, I enjoy the schadenfreude and wash it down with a sip of Grand Marnier. They got their just deserts.

(What, you're saying that I'm being passive-aggressive? You bet! Someone who treats me with that kind of inconsideration deserves zero consideration in return.)