Monday 31 August 2015

PostSecret Poison #3

Let the snark begin.
But you will miss him, those nights when you wake up from your lonely dreams.
Easier - nobler - to pine than act.
Selfishly worried she'll be forgotten, and then be nothing.
Animals are a convenience, tolerated only until they become intolerable. Same for kids?
I'm thrilled! Now where's mine? (Sob sob sob.)
Is a bitch when life don't go to plan, eh?
Socially-awkward person is socially-awkward.
At least you're showing us your tits.
Do I detect resentment?
STEM just don't pay, does it, Belle Starr?
Like, on a rape charge? Never mind, it's only a man.
Looks like you shaved 'em off.
Woke up too late mate.
Pre-training for empowered sluttitude.
Look at meeeeee! I'm speshul! Fuckin' attention-whore.

Sunday 30 August 2015

Man Up And Marry That Foreign Whore

On my post about becoming an Expat And Staying There, commentor Quatermain makes a very simple and common-sense observation:
They say that certain foreign women are traditional but the ones quick to marry a Western Man don't sound traditional to me
Which started me down the logic-chain. I posted the comment, then realized that it deserves its own post. Foreign girls - despair! Western girls and mangina's and white-knight motherfuckers - you'll probably be screwed up with a mixture of being overjoyed and pissed off no fucking end. Because Western men are starting to wake up to the fucking bullshit.

My answer:
Exellently put, and I've often wondered myself. These women must know that Western Men have completely different viewpoints and values to them, yet they still chase them. Why?
As (I think) I've mentioned before: How do I know that a foreign woman is really high-class? How do I get to walk amongst the social strata where high-class foreign women exist? (Hell, I worked my way out of poverty and have been unimpressed by the "quality" of our local high-class women, including some who are drug-using millionaire heiresses from England.) Why should such high-class foreign women want to marry a man who has such divergent world-views and values than she does?
This chain of logic simply illustrates that the "high-class women" are overwhelmingly likely to be the local low-class trash and good-time girls looking to settle down with someone who has money. Western Men really aren't going to know the difference between local class and trash, short of staying there for 5+ years and getting to know the language, customs, locals, etc.
Especially when (for example, in Bangkok, Thailand) Western Men are nearly overwhelmingly viewed as sex tourists and easy marks with lots of money. We don't know if they're a ladyboy (though most will admit it), a whore (most will admit it), a good-time girl (aka butterfly girl - most won't admit it because of the social stigma), a pleasantly ordinary woman, or a high-class woman. We are simply ignorant.
Sadly, this chain of logic then shows that foreign trash is likely better than our home-grown trash. They happily chase Western Men because their local Men don't want trash.
Which brings up interesting thoughts regarding social status. A woman who marries any Man immediately takes on his social status and standing, simply through becoming married. It doesn't matter if she was a whore, slut, waitress, whatever. So if a whore marries a millionaire her status goes through the roof (see the movie Pretty Woman).
When a foreign whore marries an equivalent millionaire Western Man and stays in her home, her status goes through the roof (locally). She moves to the West with him and her status plummets to "normal" - better than "whore" yet a far cry less than the "millionaire" status she had momentarily achieved. Is there a wonder that she turns toxic upon getting into the Western environment?
These girls look exotic to Western Men's eyes, therefore they are generally pretty in Western Men's eyes. Their demeanor is generally going to be more pleasant than Teh Western Wimminz, because they never lost sight of the fact that it's far easier to lure your prey with honey than vinegar.

Yes, Pretty Whore. Marry that Millionaire. You deserve it!
"God promised Men that there would be good wives to be found at all corners of the Earth. Then He made the world round, and He laughed and laughed and laughed..."

De-Facto Slavery

Every word spoken by modern women is an insanity of contraditions.

"I'm a strong, independent woman! Where's my government job?"


"I'm a strong, independent woman! Where's my child-support?"


"I'm a strong, independent woman! Where's my alimony?"


So brainwashed, so full of fucking horseshit, that they can't admit how insane and stupid they are.

Perhaps it's deliberate. This could be another prime example of female doublethink.

"Keep those bennies coming my way, you stupid little boys!"

As commentor Anonymous put it on my post to Expat And Stay There:
Yeah, the laws insane. If you're not married then you're married. If you're not the father then you're the father. Thats what de-facto relationships are. De-facto marriage and fatherhood.
So turn the snake back upon itself, eat your own tail Ouroboros, look at it again. We men can't admit how stupid we are, for allowing this fucking bullshit to continue.

I have to ask, how much of this litany of insanity is coming from us as well? Because at least 50% of men vote to give women more and More and MORE - either because they've been brainwashed or in the hope of gettin' some pussy.

She can opt out of having a kid. Put it up for adoption. Have an abortion. Hell, in New Zealand, even if a child has been put up for adoption - the momma can go find her kid 20 years down the track and say: "Hi, I'm your mommy. Please love me for throwing you away!" Prime whack-job there.

He is stuck with the bill. She says it's his kid, he pays. He catches her in adultery and divorces her, he pays. Not actually his kid (even proven via paternity test), he pays. Some men are so brainwashed that they'll pay out of the goodness of their heart.

Anonymous missed one thing: our society - the world - encourages de-facto slavery.

Never mind, it's only the slavery of men.
How will the family unit be destroyed?...[T]he demand alone will throw the whole ideology of the family into question, so that women can begin establishing a community of work with each other and we can fight collectively. Women will feel freer to leave their husbands and become economically independent, either through a job or welfare.
Roxanne Dunbar (1969) Female Liberation As The Basis For Social Revolution
Welfare...check. A about the oldest profession in the world? There's plenty of thirsty men ready to wife up a road-whore once she's worn out. Just look around you, at this social desert of totally unsuitable "women", coupled with the "man up and marry those sluts" mantra. A mantra that far too many men are willing to follow, blindly and unthinkingly.

You don't have to put on the red light
Those days are over
You don't have to sell your body to the night
You don't have to wear that dress tonight
Walk the streets for money
You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right 
You don't have to put on the red light
You don't have to put on the red light 
Roxanne put on the red light
Roxanne put on the red light
Roxanne put on the red light
Roxanne put on the red light
Roxanne put on the red light 
I loved you since I knew you
I wouldn't talk down to you
I have to tell you just how I feel
I won't share you with another boy
I know my mind is made up
So put away your makeup
Told you once I won't tell you again
It's a bad way
Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.


Feminist Apocalypse has a new post about the BS that is going down re MGTOW from the snake-oil-salesmen in the Manosphere. I particularly like this part:
The most salient point a reader must understand about the barbs thrown at us men is thus: they are rife with hypocrisy from the accuser. It's demonstrative on more than one level, which I will explain further.
Utterly right - rife with both hypocrisy and female-style doublethink. I wonder how these "guru's" can sleep at night?

Possibly because they're so infected with The Dark Triad, so sociopathic, that everyone is fodder for their greed. (A true Sociopathic Revelation - a beautifully appropriate name.)

Saturday 29 August 2015

She Doesn't Need A Man

From the cesspit of FaceCrap, not an Irish sense of humor - a feminazi sense of humor:
Crisis averted, thank goodness!

I hope you don't have problems opening your bottle of antidepressants.

Expat And Stay There

Every now and then I run across someone who extols the virtues of overseas women. Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, etc), South-East Asia (Thailand, Philippines, etc). Etc etc etc ad-fucking-nauseum.

I had the misfortune to run across one of these people again. (Catching up on my manosphere reading, saw this in the comments.) This one wasn't the entirely typical song-and-dance number though. He said two things that were slightly different:

* Philippine women only
* Stay in the Philippines with her

Now I've had a few posts up here about overseas women. Somewhere among them is a documentary about American guys looking for wives in Odessa. And there's my post about The Freedom Trap.

There's also my experiences of Thai women (who I didn't get involved with - thank goodness! - you can still smell the crap a mile away). Even so, you can have a lot of fun overseas. Whether you get involved or not, it's something interesting to do while you're breathing, neh?

Even so, you have the laughter of the damned - when you realize first-hand that the women overseas are just like the women here. Maybe a little politer, maybe a little nicer.

This? This is normal?

We are becoming expected to go and find our women overseas? Because our own women are such shit-awful pieces of crap?

At least the poster said to stay in the Philippines with her. She'll be fine, so long as she remains in her hell-hole. Some of the men over at /r/MGTOW have some interesting observations, though...

Even I said, in answer to the commentor RmaxGenActivePUA on The Freedom Trap:
I should have made it clearer in the post. My fault, I live under laws which you're probably not used to - they're like breathing air to me.
You are basically correct. However, what happens is that the spread of Feminism and Westernization is changing the cultural mores/social norms everywhere it spreads to. Part of that changing involves the changing of the marriage contract - retroactively. Which is what we're dealing with in the West and is spreading elsewhere also. 
You are correct re not having a marriage contract. Getting married completely changes the dynamic between a couple. 
There is de-facto relationships (aka common-law marriage, effectively "marriage by stealth") in New Zealand, and I believe in several states in the USA. After three years or so you are deemed to be married, period. That basically counting from the first fuck. Depending on how well she manages to cry for the judge, and how many children are involved. 
Why were these laws enacted? "To be fairer to women and children." If you've got nothing then there's no real problem, if you've got something: you're fucked. 
Expect this poison to spread to the rest of the recently-Feminised world within the next 10 years. Thus, expat is not a real solution. Some guys state that surrogacy is the answer. I'm leery of betting on that too.
Expat if you must, and stay there. Do not expect it to be the final answer to your desire for a family and children.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Entitled Bitch Is Cray-Cray Entitled

Not particularly bright, either. It's fuckin' amazing how stupid some people are, coupled with spilling all their dirty laundry all over their FaceCrap profile. Where to begin?

I ran across this particular cray-cray about a year ago, the friend of a friend. "She's got a very forceful personality." No, she's a stuck-up golden uterus entitled bitch, that's what she is. She shat out a half-dozen womb-turds and thinks that because of this the sun shines out her cunt and the world revolves around her.

Couldn't be arsed saying that though, and definitely couldn't be arsed getting "friendly" with cray-cray. Most women are as full of scintillating conversation as a piece of wood.

I recently heard that over the last month, cray-cray has been getting herself into some deep poo and is/was in the process of flinging it all over FaceCrap. Decided to check it out - and fuckin' near killed myself laughing.

I'll just give the highlights:

* started ranting, threatening to kill some doctors (eh what?)

* got arrested(!) (that must have been a good rant for the cops to get involved)

* banned from setting foot in the Starship children's hospital in Auckland (what the fuck?)

* CYF came and took all her womb-turds away (like, wow, man)

Then of course, starts smearing all this dirty laundry all over FaceCrap. [Edit: From memory she wrote "injunction", not banned. Just looking at it now to double-check, she's been busy removing her admissions from FaceCrap. I doubt that she learned anything though HAH! - BPS]


It's wonderful when the establishment system screws over the more extreme of these entitled cray-cray types. It's even more wonderful when they screw themselves over by exposing every driblet of insanity for all and sundry to take heed of.

Beautifully done - ya fuckin' whack-job.

Now we know who to avoid. (Like the crazy cunt I ran across years ago, who cut the word "love" into her forearm and posted a picture up on FaceCrap. So damn glad of that warning. Yes, this is the exact picture she had posted.)
Gents, keep your eyes open - give out no pussy-pass - and avoid these insane scum like the mental plague-bearers and mental lepers that they are.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

A Definition of Zeta

Many, many moons ago I read a piece by Vox Day about how much of modern SF was basically wishy-washy wish-fulfilment crap. (Not his words, my conclusion after thinking about it.) He basically gave an overview of a piece of work and pointed out the "gamma tells" in it.

My personal preferences gravitate more to BoneCrkr's terminology. Gammas as being weak men, the Zetas.

Now, supposedly this book had a lot of "social verbiage success" (that's my personal way of saying someone talks a lotta shit, winning by verbally cutting someone down to size and tying them up in verbal knots). Which is funny in that that's how women act: the winner is the one who can bury her opponent under the biggest pile of verbal shit. Truth irrelevant.

Man tries that, he might end up with a brick to the head. As I said back on Personal Time and Space is Golden for Men:
How long do you think it would be before you made a fist, looked at him, and said something along the lines of: "Shut your fucking mouth. Open it again and I'll break your jaw." 
Or simply clocked him with a handy chunk of steel.
So verbal dexterity like this SJW wish-fulfilment crap is not exactly tolerated in the real world. I mean, the world of people who fight wars and dig oil outta the ground and move shit around in the world. You know the world I mean. The long chains of things that must be done to keep a civilisation going.

Not the world where this vital shit appears via magical-unicorns-and-rainbows-and-unicorns-that-shit-rainbows wimminz feelz.

Not the fantasyland where a subtle sneer and a slightly-condescending few phrases reduce an opponent to a cowed puddle. Where overblown posturing is sufficient to win the day. (And get the girl?)

Hold that thought.

Turn your cynical eye on some parts of the manosphere. Think about the feminist-style attacks, hatchet jobs, and similar upon others.

I'm not thinking simple disagreements. I'm thinking full-on tear downs and smear-campaigns.

Think what Uncle Bob might say: "The gaudier the patter, the cheaper the punk."

Have you ever been in a bar-brawl? Have you ever smashed a beer-bottle to give yourself a handy weapon?

Reflect. Who is the real Zeta? Who is the real weak-willed man?

Might it be ourselves? Hiding away here on the interwebz and spouting a ton of verbal crap, trying to delude ourselves as being socially relevant.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

PostSecret Poison #2

Another compilation from PostSecret.

Like the Ashley Madison affairs thing, and the Whisper app. I wonder how "anonymous" that really is?

Never mind - let's dive into the cesspool of human desires.
Obsessed with cock - while feminists deny that desire. I sometimes wonder if Anna Freud was turned lesbian because of her repeated psychoanalysis at the hands of her father.
Fatty cheating.
Typical pap-psychology of forgiving yourself.

Fucking OWN yourself!
Raging piece of shit feminist.

Should go fire up a copy of the ole "Redneck Rampage" game.
Crazy cuckolds have no shame.
I sometimes wonder how many of the whacked-out girls on antidepressants feed this shit to their man by stealth.

Be a good conspiracy theory: "Those guys who turn soft as they get married? Yeah it's the wife's antidepressants."
Because you keep flashing him? Looking for some priestly strange?
Says it all.
Cue Pink Floyd, "The Happiest Days Of Our Lives":

But in the town, it was well known
When they got home at night
Their fat and psychopathic wives would thrash them
Within inches of their lives

Another Worthless™ Degree. I wonder what Aaron Clarey would think.

Saturday 15 August 2015

Pathetic Self-Destruction

I wish to tell a story about a guy named Ray, and how he is destroying himself through his own pathetic lack of wisdom, will, and common-sense.

Ray is a farmer. His family is from down King Country way. Instead of marrying a farmer girl, like any sensible country man should, he made the mistake of marrying a townie girl. Not the best-looking cunt on the block by far - that type wouldn't give him the time of day - yet still, a pretty-enough townie girl.

Cue Terrence Popp of Redonkulas saying: "She looooves me!"

Ray and his bint moved away from King Country, up north a bit. He has himself a farm - paid for by his parents - and he does various typical farming stuff to bring in money and pay off the mortgage. Said mortgage probably being some token 1% or 0.5% family-stuff, which is the sort of thing that old-school parents who've worked hard and saved for decades will do for their children.

Now this bint is about as useless as they fuckin' come. Pretty-much your modern worthless parasite whore. You might think that I'm being over-the-top stereotypical - yet these stereotypes come into being because they're so fuckin' common and true to life. Townie to boot. Not used to living in the country. Whinge. Whine. Earbash. I'm lonely. I'm boooooored.

Every now and then Rays parents come up from King Country to help with a few things around the farm. A bit of building, some fencing, crap that a single person can't really do easily. Plus socializing, keeping in touch with their only child, etc.

Being old-style farmers, they definitely expect the woman to put some effort into being pleasant, social, have tea and food ready, that sort of stuff. This is common courtesy amongst these types of people. Hell, it's common courtesy for me too - and I grew up as a fuckin' townie.

Not this useless cunt though. You want it, you can fucking get it yourself. In as many words. To their face.

You can imagine how well they get along aye.

Bit too fucking useless even to make her man some sort of lunch, too. Breakfast and dinner are sometimes too hard also. Cleaning. Washing. Gardening.

Then Ray made the worst mistake of his life. He knocked that useless cunt up. Preggers.

Ever since she popped that womb-turd, she's done absolutely nothing around the place. Whinge. Whine. Earbash. I'm lonely. I'm boooooored. I can't do anything, "I have to look after my little womb-turd!"

So what do you think happens? Ray, being a responsible man, does it all. Washing. Cooking, Cleaning. All to female (slave-owner) standards. Plus he tries to go out and do farming. Only he can't do much farming, because he's doing absolutely everything around the house for his useless cunt of a wife. He can't go out on a shearing-gang during the season for a few weeks. He can't go out and do relief milking for a couple of weeks. He can't contract out to do stuff, help other local farmers.

Apparently he's borrowing money from his parents to put food on the fuckin' table. That's how bad things have gotten.

Even he says that he's fucked because of her. Even he says that he has about three more months until it all goes down the toilet. Bankruptcy.

You can see it in his eyes. Hunted. Trapped. Dying inside.

There are solutions.

One solution is divorce. Nuh-uh. Kid. Heard some rumors that his parents have offered to pay for lawyers and everything, to get that parasite out of his life. Nope. He won't do it.

The other solution is to smack that cunt over, knock a couple of her teeth out and give her a black eye. When she wakes up, tell her in no uncertain terms that he doesn't want any lip from her and he goddamn-well-expects good food on the table when he gets back home. And the home cleaned. And clothing washed. And the garden done. And etc. If any of that stuff isn't done, out the door she goes with the womb-turd in tow.

Women have managed to keep a home and 5+ children without it being "too hard" for tens of thousands of years. A single child? She's just being a lazy cunt because Ray is letting her get away with it. Luckily for Ray, the government will happily provide for useless lazy cunts who get kicked out with a womb-turd in tow.

He won't do that either.

So he's fucked. No wisdom. No will. No common-sense.

Now my brother, by contrast. Much the same situation. Two differences though.

1/ He had the will to absolutely refuse to cook and clean for his parasite - he only did it for himself. Fuck ya.

2/ He had the common-sense to wait until the kids were practically grown up - then boot the parasite out the door. Fuck ya.

Apologies Ray. I hate watching you destroy yourself. You're doing it to yourself though. Don't expect me to give the slightest sympathy. I've given you the only help I can, in the form of wisdom. Up to you to implement.

Plus, your parasite is making noises that she'd love to jump ship in my direction. No. Fucking. Way.

I fully expect a breakdown. Possibly even suicide. I think your only hope to live is if your parasite jumps ship in the next couple months - not in my direction, though. She can go somewhere else, womb-turd in tow.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

PostSecret Poison

It's been a while. After MindStorm posted about the Whisper app - time to show it again.
Obsession with sex.
Some like it rough and deep.
Expecting God to provide is pointless - try big daddy government instead.
Wifed up the road-whore.
You can touch me kiddo.
It's something to do.
Happy incest.
Never happy.
Ask Monty Python instead.

Sunday 9 August 2015

Make Room! Make Room!

Ironically, a novel about overpopulation by Harry Harrison - one of his bleaker books. Later used as inspiration for the movie Soylent Green, though cannibalism was never in the original book.

We have no room in our lives to grow.

Likewise, we have no physical room to grow any more. Which I think causes a large amount of problems in society.

Two hundred years ago, the social misfits and outcasts and rebels could go to the New World. An entire continent open to expansion, exploration, adventure. Room for growth.

Hell, the British Empire was growing. India, Thailand, Jamaica, China, Africa, wherever. There was room for growth.

They deported undesirables to Australia, the south seas prison colony. They settled Australia and New Zealand. Room for growth, outside of the mouldy old isles of the Empire.

No longer.

Society is boxed in, strangled by rules and regulations, hampered by the fear of doing anything that is not socially approved of. Political Correctness, the group-fears of the Herd, restricting the natural growth of humanity. The greed and abuse of many of the have-mores, who have the freedom to do nearly anything that they wish.

He who has the gold, makes the rules.

No way away from the stultifying cramped-ness that is life today. Yes, you can go visit open spaces and freedom - about the best that is possible for us these days. Only the truly rich can actually buy some of that freedom.

Instead, you rent it for your holidays. Which is fuckin' laughable these days. Most people seem to "rent" a fuckin' luxury trip to a beach, at an exorbitant cost, with full service. Or head over to South-East Asia in a hunt for some strange dick or pussy. To enjoy bragging about their "exotic" sexual encounter - err - I mean, destination.

The silliness of people can be breathtaking. There are excellent beaches in New Zealand in summertime, yet instead people go to destinations such as Rarotonga. Spend eleven-plus months of the year slaving your guts out, so that you can go waste as much of your saved money as possible experiencing the "luxury" of the nouveau-rich for two weeks.

Rinse and repeat for years - decades - on end.

Still you have not grown. There is no room in your life for it.

Saturday 8 August 2015

Style Over Substance

Unca Bob has had quite a few excellent articles recently that critique much of the thinking in the manosphere. Here the articles are with a quick "what my take is" commentary - read through the comments, they are also excellent!

About the five classes of men: upper, middle, working, bottom, and those who step outside the class system to do their own thing. Reading between the lines, how the manosphere advocates taking on the characteristics of the bottom-class - deliberately crippling themselves. So that they can "score" with (prey upon) promiscuous and drunk women. Yet working within the class-system and sneering at those who step outside it.

About the scholarly, warrior, merchant, criminal, and other classes. He writes of the left- and right-wing (r/K respectively) scholars, how the left-wing ones destroy and the right-wing ones build up. With the manosphere's narrow focus (obsession) on "sex, sex, sex" - how that makes us clueless to other things that exist in this world. Of course, when all you're doing is looking for the next fast-fuck it's no surprise when everything else slides - including standards, society, and the rest around us.

How much of what we attempt to portray is superficial crap. Which involves a lot of the self-help "fake it until you make it" crapola. Certainly it can be useful (NLP has it's uses in some situations) yet it's just a surface veneer. Much of it is posturing - style above substance - yet it is substance, mastering something, that brings the real rewards of self-satisfaction and personal accomplishment. Chasing after pleasure is a fleeting thing, very shallow in comparison to the self-assurance and inner well-being that is developed through mastery.

How we imitate the wrong people. Which is no surprise - many of us don't have fathers of worth (or at all) to look up to and imitate. Everyone imitates somebody that they admire, takes on a role-model: it might be a Robert Kiyosaki or Donald Trump, it might be a parent or uncle, it might be some teacher - or a posturing closeted academic selling "you too can fuck hawt chicks" book. Too many people (especially modern children) imitate the wrong people.

About philosphy and mediation - very much worth reading. Then thinking about, and reading again. In my opinion it will pay dividends. We lack much awareness, no huge surprise in this modern society which focuses entirely on sensation and things. In my view this is where much of religion has failed us: instead of passing on the wisdom of ages, helping the inner self, they started focusing on people in order make themselves seem more relevant. Newsflash: it was a very bad mistake catering to the ADD-addled modern person (both men and women).

Overall, my takes:

* posturing is rife, because it's easier to posture and make yourself an ersatz authority than make the effort required to become the real deal

* we are adolescent, because like a horny teenager we focus upon one thing: sex (once that's dealt with we can then focus upon something more worthwhile)

Regarding posturing: I remember something that (I think Vox Day) wrote about long ago. He and a girl were somewhere near a pool (at a resort?) and there was a posturing teenage "alpha" in front of an audience of girls. The girl with Vox remarked disparagingly about it, yet - tellingly - could not seem to drag her eyes away from the teenager.

Regarding adolescence: we go back to the old definition of women from the No-Ma'am website: Woman: The Most Responsible Teenager In The House. (A slightly updated version is on The Masculine Principle website.) So let's take a step back and look at the obsession with sex that is rife in the manosphere - and you have to admit it: it's like we're stuck with our testosterone in overdrive, wanting to stick our dicks in as many hawt chix as possible.

No wonder those who are attempting to actually grow up - to become more well-rounded human beings - and who say "no thanks" to the rotten meat "women" that a lot of the manosphere says we should be lunching on and glad of it - attract a lot of flak from other parts of the manosphere. They're still juvenile, still adolescent, still acting like the male version of the most responsible teenager in the house.

Which makes me wonder: when Mystery nicknamed Neill Strauss "Style", was it a conscious thing? Because the PUA espouse and exemplify the "style over substance" mindset of this modern, fashion-conscious, degenerative society. Much like many women can only grasp the style - because substance is both invisible and not sexy when it comes to the attention.