Saturday 29 August 2015

Expat And Stay There

Every now and then I run across someone who extols the virtues of overseas women. Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, etc), South-East Asia (Thailand, Philippines, etc). Etc etc etc ad-fucking-nauseum.

I had the misfortune to run across one of these people again. (Catching up on my manosphere reading, saw this in the comments.) This one wasn't the entirely typical song-and-dance number though. He said two things that were slightly different:

* Philippine women only
* Stay in the Philippines with her

Now I've had a few posts up here about overseas women. Somewhere among them is a documentary about American guys looking for wives in Odessa. And there's my post about The Freedom Trap.

There's also my experiences of Thai women (who I didn't get involved with - thank goodness! - you can still smell the crap a mile away). Even so, you can have a lot of fun overseas. Whether you get involved or not, it's something interesting to do while you're breathing, neh?

Even so, you have the laughter of the damned - when you realize first-hand that the women overseas are just like the women here. Maybe a little politer, maybe a little nicer.

This? This is normal?

We are becoming expected to go and find our women overseas? Because our own women are such shit-awful pieces of crap?

At least the poster said to stay in the Philippines with her. She'll be fine, so long as she remains in her hell-hole. Some of the men over at /r/MGTOW have some interesting observations, though...

Even I said, in answer to the commentor RmaxGenActivePUA on The Freedom Trap:
I should have made it clearer in the post. My fault, I live under laws which you're probably not used to - they're like breathing air to me.
You are basically correct. However, what happens is that the spread of Feminism and Westernization is changing the cultural mores/social norms everywhere it spreads to. Part of that changing involves the changing of the marriage contract - retroactively. Which is what we're dealing with in the West and is spreading elsewhere also. 
You are correct re not having a marriage contract. Getting married completely changes the dynamic between a couple. 
There is de-facto relationships (aka common-law marriage, effectively "marriage by stealth") in New Zealand, and I believe in several states in the USA. After three years or so you are deemed to be married, period. That basically counting from the first fuck. Depending on how well she manages to cry for the judge, and how many children are involved. 
Why were these laws enacted? "To be fairer to women and children." If you've got nothing then there's no real problem, if you've got something: you're fucked. 
Expect this poison to spread to the rest of the recently-Feminised world within the next 10 years. Thus, expat is not a real solution. Some guys state that surrogacy is the answer. I'm leery of betting on that too.
Expat if you must, and stay there. Do not expect it to be the final answer to your desire for a family and children.

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  1. Yeah, the laws insane. If you're not married then you're married. If you're not the father then you're the father. Thats what de-facto relationships are. De-facto marriage and fatherhood.

  2. It was a good advice. Philippines' law does not recognize divorce. One headache less.

    1. Wait until it's retroactively changed.

      I know a Philippine woman who described herself as divorced - she lives in the Philippines still. (Any forum is a potential man-hunting place for a woman on the prowl for a mate.)

    2. Could it be permanent separation without the right to remarriage? A somewhat different 'animal' than divorce.

    3. I do not know. She simply used the word "divorce" - her english seemed to be very good, too.

    4. - this is the first hit for Googling "Philippines divorce law"

    5. Interesting. Looks like someone may have been trying it on with a dumb foreigner, eh? So she would either have been anulled (never married) or still married.

      Luckily for me, I consider divorced women to be basically trash and not worth more'n a fuck'n'chuck. There's usually a reason for the divorce, typically of her making. Red flags all around.

      Plus, of course, how do I know what kind of class these girls are? Searching on the internet for "love" - just like a good-time-girl looking to settle down with someone who doesn't know that she's trash.

  3. They say that certain foreign women are traditional but the ones quick to marry a Western Man don't sound traditional to me

    1. Exellently put, and I've often wondered myself. These women must know that Western Men have completely different viewpoints and values to them, yet they still chase them. Why?

      As (I think) I've mentioned before: How do I know that a foreign woman is really high-class? How do I get to walk amongst the social strata where high-class foreign women exist? (Hell, I worked my way out of poverty and have been unimpressed by the "quality" of our local high-class women, including some who are drug-using millionaire heiresses from England.) Why should such high-class foreign women want to marry a man who has such divergent world-views and values than she does?

      This chain of logic simply illustrates that the "high-class women" are overwhelmingly likely to be the local low-class trash and good-time girls looking to settle down with someone who has money. Western Men really aren't going to know the difference between local class and trash, short of staying there for 5+ years and getting to know the language, customs, locals, etc.

      Especially when (for example, in Bangkok, Thailand) Western Men are nearly overwhelmingly viewed as sex tourists and easy marks with lots of money. We don't know if they're a ladyboy (though most will admit it), a whore (most will admit it), a good-time girl (aka butterfly girl - most won't admit it because of the social stigma), a pleasantly ordinary woman, or a high-class woman. We are simply ignorant.

      Sadly, this chain of logic then shows that foreign trash is likely better than our home-grown trash. They happily chase Western Men because their local Men don't want trash.

      Which brings up interesting thoughts regarding social status. A woman who marries any Man immediately takes on his social status and standing, simply through becoming married. It doesn't matter if she was a whore, slut, waitress, whatever. So if a whore marries a millionaire her status goes through the roof (see the movie Pretty Woman).

      When a foreign whore marries an equivalent millionaire Western Man and stays in her home, her status goes through the roof (locally). She moves to the West with him and her status plummets to "normal" - better than "whore" yet a far cry less than the "millionaire" status she had momentarily achieved. Is there a wonder that she turns toxic upon getting into the Western environment?

    2. When I visit home these days, women are more interested in getting married to me to get the green card than anything else. After they get that, they dump my ass and I have end up paying penance in the form of alimony and child support for however long that takes. This whole business of marriage and family has become so toxic it is not worth the effort anymore. Women, irrespective from where they are from are all the same.

    3. Marriage 2.0 is dead. Never mind winding it back to something more "traditional" - like Marriage 1.5 or even 1.0 - even if that were possible, how far back would you have to go?

      Perhaps once it is utterly destroyed as an institution, something else can be put in its place. Though what, I have no idea.


  4. Every now and then I run across someone who extols the virtues of overseas women. Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, etc), South-East Asia (Thailand, Philippines, etc). Etc etc etc ad-fucking-nauseum.

    Yeah, it seems to change with the seasons, like a shopping fad or something: one year it's South American women, the next it's South East Asian women, the year after that it's Eastern European women. All the time the people championing these 'overseas' women are ignorant of the fact that they were doing the same thing last year. It's like they're suffering from amnesia or something.

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