Saturday 15 August 2015

Pathetic Self-Destruction

I wish to tell a story about a guy named Ray, and how he is destroying himself through his own pathetic lack of wisdom, will, and common-sense.

Ray is a farmer. His family is from down King Country way. Instead of marrying a farmer girl, like any sensible country man should, he made the mistake of marrying a townie girl. Not the best-looking cunt on the block by far - that type wouldn't give him the time of day - yet still, a pretty-enough townie girl.

Cue Terrence Popp of Redonkulas saying: "She looooves me!"

Ray and his bint moved away from King Country, up north a bit. He has himself a farm - paid for by his parents - and he does various typical farming stuff to bring in money and pay off the mortgage. Said mortgage probably being some token 1% or 0.5% family-stuff, which is the sort of thing that old-school parents who've worked hard and saved for decades will do for their children.

Now this bint is about as useless as they fuckin' come. Pretty-much your modern worthless parasite whore. You might think that I'm being over-the-top stereotypical - yet these stereotypes come into being because they're so fuckin' common and true to life. Townie to boot. Not used to living in the country. Whinge. Whine. Earbash. I'm lonely. I'm boooooored.

Every now and then Rays parents come up from King Country to help with a few things around the farm. A bit of building, some fencing, crap that a single person can't really do easily. Plus socializing, keeping in touch with their only child, etc.

Being old-style farmers, they definitely expect the woman to put some effort into being pleasant, social, have tea and food ready, that sort of stuff. This is common courtesy amongst these types of people. Hell, it's common courtesy for me too - and I grew up as a fuckin' townie.

Not this useless cunt though. You want it, you can fucking get it yourself. In as many words. To their face.

You can imagine how well they get along aye.

Bit too fucking useless even to make her man some sort of lunch, too. Breakfast and dinner are sometimes too hard also. Cleaning. Washing. Gardening.

Then Ray made the worst mistake of his life. He knocked that useless cunt up. Preggers.

Ever since she popped that womb-turd, she's done absolutely nothing around the place. Whinge. Whine. Earbash. I'm lonely. I'm boooooored. I can't do anything, "I have to look after my little womb-turd!"

So what do you think happens? Ray, being a responsible man, does it all. Washing. Cooking, Cleaning. All to female (slave-owner) standards. Plus he tries to go out and do farming. Only he can't do much farming, because he's doing absolutely everything around the house for his useless cunt of a wife. He can't go out on a shearing-gang during the season for a few weeks. He can't go out and do relief milking for a couple of weeks. He can't contract out to do stuff, help other local farmers.

Apparently he's borrowing money from his parents to put food on the fuckin' table. That's how bad things have gotten.

Even he says that he's fucked because of her. Even he says that he has about three more months until it all goes down the toilet. Bankruptcy.

You can see it in his eyes. Hunted. Trapped. Dying inside.

There are solutions.

One solution is divorce. Nuh-uh. Kid. Heard some rumors that his parents have offered to pay for lawyers and everything, to get that parasite out of his life. Nope. He won't do it.

The other solution is to smack that cunt over, knock a couple of her teeth out and give her a black eye. When she wakes up, tell her in no uncertain terms that he doesn't want any lip from her and he goddamn-well-expects good food on the table when he gets back home. And the home cleaned. And clothing washed. And the garden done. And etc. If any of that stuff isn't done, out the door she goes with the womb-turd in tow.

Women have managed to keep a home and 5+ children without it being "too hard" for tens of thousands of years. A single child? She's just being a lazy cunt because Ray is letting her get away with it. Luckily for Ray, the government will happily provide for useless lazy cunts who get kicked out with a womb-turd in tow.

He won't do that either.

So he's fucked. No wisdom. No will. No common-sense.

Now my brother, by contrast. Much the same situation. Two differences though.

1/ He had the will to absolutely refuse to cook and clean for his parasite - he only did it for himself. Fuck ya.

2/ He had the common-sense to wait until the kids were practically grown up - then boot the parasite out the door. Fuck ya.

Apologies Ray. I hate watching you destroy yourself. You're doing it to yourself though. Don't expect me to give the slightest sympathy. I've given you the only help I can, in the form of wisdom. Up to you to implement.

Plus, your parasite is making noises that she'd love to jump ship in my direction. No. Fucking. Way.

I fully expect a breakdown. Possibly even suicide. I think your only hope to live is if your parasite jumps ship in the next couple months - not in my direction, though. She can go somewhere else, womb-turd in tow.


  1. Another of these situations where you have learned there is nothing you can help with, isn't it? There is no possibility of 'retraining' a feral spouse. 'Cut your losses', eh?.

    1. He has the option of attempting to retrain her: with his fists. If she leaves - well, that's already coming down the pipeline. At least he's made the attempt.

      On the whole though, yeah, try to cut your losses.Untenable situations are just that.

      Sometimes the Scorched Earth Option is the best way to go.

  2. Common Sense

  3. - cheer up, mate.

  4. It is definitely funny because it's true.

    R.I.P. Common Sense? If it ever really existed, teh wimminz drowned it in a tsunami of feelz.

    1. I meant the Ashley Madison affair (an affair in more ways than one).

    2. Yes indeed, and it is a very funny "affair". Well-deserved the number of women that I've heard got caught with that. Lawyers, bring it!

  5. this is a total dignity syphon situation DAM I have heard this story about 100 times thus far in my life

    1. Hiya Popp. I can probably bring up 40-50 examples myself, antisocial bastard that I am. Despite the examples it will keep happening: when we're young and stupid the little head overrides the big head just about every time.

      You and Blake keep up with the good work. Must catch up on the last two weeks videos.

    2. Mr Gaypower, you bash your own mum, you like it big boy.