Saturday 29 August 2015

Entitled Bitch Is Cray-Cray Entitled

Not particularly bright, either. It's fuckin' amazing how stupid some people are, coupled with spilling all their dirty laundry all over their FaceCrap profile. Where to begin?

I ran across this particular cray-cray about a year ago, the friend of a friend. "She's got a very forceful personality." No, she's a stuck-up golden uterus entitled bitch, that's what she is. She shat out a half-dozen womb-turds and thinks that because of this the sun shines out her cunt and the world revolves around her.

Couldn't be arsed saying that though, and definitely couldn't be arsed getting "friendly" with cray-cray. Most women are as full of scintillating conversation as a piece of wood.

I recently heard that over the last month, cray-cray has been getting herself into some deep poo and is/was in the process of flinging it all over FaceCrap. Decided to check it out - and fuckin' near killed myself laughing.

I'll just give the highlights:

* started ranting, threatening to kill some doctors (eh what?)

* got arrested(!) (that must have been a good rant for the cops to get involved)

* banned from setting foot in the Starship children's hospital in Auckland (what the fuck?)

* CYF came and took all her womb-turds away (like, wow, man)

Then of course, starts smearing all this dirty laundry all over FaceCrap. [Edit: From memory she wrote "injunction", not banned. Just looking at it now to double-check, she's been busy removing her admissions from FaceCrap. I doubt that she learned anything though HAH! - BPS]


It's wonderful when the establishment system screws over the more extreme of these entitled cray-cray types. It's even more wonderful when they screw themselves over by exposing every driblet of insanity for all and sundry to take heed of.

Beautifully done - ya fuckin' whack-job.

Now we know who to avoid. (Like the crazy cunt I ran across years ago, who cut the word "love" into her forearm and posted a picture up on FaceCrap. So damn glad of that warning. Yes, this is the exact picture she had posted.)
Gents, keep your eyes open - give out no pussy-pass - and avoid these insane scum like the mental plague-bearers and mental lepers that they are.


  1. Were her threats credible? Only then the consequences would be so severe.

  2. Faceyspace has been a blessing and a curse for humanity. Of course, it is only a tool, and only as useful as the carpenter employing it. On one hand, you can't ever reveal anything about your personal life, or HR will use that against you in the hiring process or as an excuse to fire you b/c you backtalked or stole a pen. So, worthless. On the other hand, narcissistic cunts cannot HELP but reveal everything about their personal lives, and if she has any rug rats you'll be sure to know it! So, incredibly helpful if you know what to look for.

    The lesson, as always, is to take their weakness and use it against them. Which nowadays is like taking candy from a baby.

  3. @Mindstorm - I think they must have been very credible. You don't get an injunction to keep you out of a hospital because of something minor. (Missed that, will add to the post.)

    @Brian - They're basically all narcissistic. You still have to be wary though. One woman I ran across didn't have a FaceCrap profile, possibly one of the types more in control of herself. Her friends gave me the heads-up about the unfortunate stuff going on with her eldest child. I thank them for that, they kept me from walking into a meat-grinder.