Monday 31 August 2015

PostSecret Poison #3

Let the snark begin.
But you will miss him, those nights when you wake up from your lonely dreams.
Easier - nobler - to pine than act.
Selfishly worried she'll be forgotten, and then be nothing.
Animals are a convenience, tolerated only until they become intolerable. Same for kids?
I'm thrilled! Now where's mine? (Sob sob sob.)
Is a bitch when life don't go to plan, eh?
Socially-awkward person is socially-awkward.
At least you're showing us your tits.
Do I detect resentment?
STEM just don't pay, does it, Belle Starr?
Like, on a rape charge? Never mind, it's only a man.
Looks like you shaved 'em off.
Woke up too late mate.
Pre-training for empowered sluttitude.
Look at meeeeee! I'm speshul! Fuckin' attention-whore.


  1. Hmmm, does the five-pronged leaf in the first collage have any meaning? 420? :)

  2. 420. This "Alpha Widow" will always secretly pine for her millionaire bad-boy drug-dealer.

    Definitely damaged goods there.