Friday 27 September 2019

Big Country Back Again, Catching Up

Big Country is back out and blogging again, it's good to see. I strongly suggest that you check'm out, I'm gonna catch up over the next few days.

That said, some of his story is up in Charlie Mike Comix. I read a sneak preview of the first one before it was released. Powerful, powerful stuff. He has links to others over on his blog, check them out too.

This is real-world stuff. It's important. It's where real people bleed and die. Not the pap and horseshit that the general drama-maggot's and lefties and "newspaper hacks" seem to think is important.


I've been talking to people and learning stories. I can't post 'em all up - way too revealing - however I can boil down a couple of them. Should get them into shape over the next week or so.

It still surprises me sometimes, just how fucked up and stupid people can be. It's no wonder that I'm generally anti-fuckin'-social and all.


The Prime Stupid aka Jacinda Adern is really screwing things up around here. While heading off to the UN and delivering a 5-minute "stirring speech", according to the local leftist rags. (Highly important.)

Guns, guns, guns - hand in the guns you non-violent gun-owners, so that the violent mofo's who want to keep their guns can pull 'em outta the ground in a few years and shoot someone. Jesus. Some lunatics shoot a bunch of people and all the sane ones who have zero intent on murder, who are extremely serious gun owners (full E-Cat licence and all) have to hand in their AK's and similar.

Good, all-around weapons, buh-bye - we'll pay you less'n they're worth, if you don't like it we'll take 'em anyway and put you in jail. You non-criminal scum.

The sad thing is: legit gun collectors are getting shafted too. If you have a WWI or WWII collector's item that qualifies as "illegal" here in NZ, you gotta hand it over. Of course, you can get it disabled (ugh) - which completely wrecks their value, because part of the true value of a real collector's piece is that it needs to be pristine and usable (double-ugh).

Poor bastards. Can't import, can't export, and if you could export - nobody would want'm 'cause they've been disabled, they're now stuffed. You might as well melt'm down for the steel, they're worth more as that than as a collection piece.


Yes, I've been busy. A lot. (Way too much damn work...PC crapped itself...stuff to fix around the house...ah well, fix'r'up and have another sip of Grand Marnier...)

Speaking of fixing stuff, I've been doing some general work around the house. Mostly bricklaying, old recycled bricks into some rough paths and steps. It's been decades since I've done it - the skills are still there, even if rusty as fuck.

Have a had a helluva cold-weather snap this week. Desert Road (in NZ) closed 'cause of snow. Early spring I guess, not that usual though.

So, a warm fire - a gutful of curry - and a glass of Grand Marnier for you-all. It's time to go read.