Saturday 25 June 2016

Safe Spaces For Modern Pussies, Crybullies, and Trust

Trigger warning! The psychotic screams of always it is worth watching Terrence Popp and Blake rip apart the psyche of the modern pussies:
I like their concept of crybullies. "I shall cry until mama spanks you for upsetting me - WAH!!" Truthful and absolutely fucking priceless.
Not just in college - looking at it, it appears to be leftists and minorities and teh wimminz general modus operandi as well. Go in front of the Judge and have a cry, until he spanks Teh Eevil Manz for upsetting teh poor widdle snowfwake me. Pathetic. Fucking pathetic.

All these fucking modern pussies crying away LOL. You could call 'em "Generation Crybaby" and be 1000% correct. Plus still barely scratching the surface of their hypocritical bullshit.

My comment on Terrence and Blake's video:
Generation Snowflake. Or as I call them: Generation Pussy.
Fights at school. Win a few, inconclusive a few, lost a few. All part of growing up - even as a nerd like I was. (Karate and Kung Fu and bowhunting and bodybuilding at age 13. Never thought about it until now. I was one weird-ass nerd.)
We men need our safe spaces. Thankfully, it's called "my home" - and I let very few in!
I was lucky enough not to get too damaged - and I guess smart enough to stay out of the real damage-zone as much as possible. Three-on-one is stupid, stay outta that mincer (fuck the movies bullshit). One-on-one, crush 'em if you can.

That said, safe spaces. We men need them.

Your home. That's the most overt of your safe spaces.

Your privacy. SJW's and lefties and pissed-off wimminz and the like love to violate that. (However, when you violate their safe spaces...whoooooo whatta shitstorm! Generation Crybaby kicks in with a resounding: "WAAHH!!")

Your mind. Your heart. Your soul. Your relationship. Your trust. (Sounds odd, doesn't it. Your trust as one of your safe spaces. Think about it for a while.)

Allow nobody inside ANY of these that you don't trust. And be very thoughtful about who you trust and how much and why and the circumstances around it. Your trust is your core place of safety.

Many a Man has been destroyed by trusting the wrong person or people. History is filled with examples.

Become invisible. Even when you're highly visible, it can be done - slowly, step by step, stealthily. The degree is your choice. People may not even realize once the process is complete. You can still appear visible - just another worker-drone - yet actually be invisible. Be one of the 80% of people that go unnoticed through life. Invisibility, isolation, is privacy, another safe space. Some people state that there is no isolation in the world today. It's quite possible, with some care and effort.

I've walked away from my last girlfriend. There was a recent time when extreme overwork was very detrimental to my energy levels (aka I ended up shattered and chronically tired for a while). Predator-like, she sensed an opportune moment and pushed way past the limits - in my weakened state I caved in. When I recuperated a bit, I realized what had happened, I walked away. YAWALT.

Let her scream and cry. Everything from her is manipulative & selfish. Hidden by the chameleon, until an opportune moment. Thinking that I would stay true to something said while shattered, out of a misplaced sense of "man up, I agreed, I will follow through" instilled into me from birth onwards by every manipulative female from my mama and the rest in this female-centric society that we live in.

Most cases: yes. However. Break the trust that you will act decently towards me at all times, break the boundaries of that safe space, break the relationship and everything that goes with it. No. You break the trust, I walk away. Fuck your expectations, tears, and other manipulative bullshit.

(Tinder is easy and minimum-effort. Within a week, balls-deep into a cute 24yo blue-eyed blonde with natural DD tits. She has multiple orgasms. I'm already pleasantly sub-rosa laughing in her face, because she's already tried some low-level manipulative shit on me. Arms-length occasional fuck-buddy is it, gal. Three other girls in the 30+ age bracket have already flaked.

I hesitate to put this out here. It sounds self-aggrandizing and arrogant as fuck. I'm no fucking Adonis. I'm 50 years old, very short beard that I trim to almost nothing each week, still with a full head of hair that's going mouse-grey. I fully admit that I did it because at the time I needed the self-esteem boost and the energy and confidence that comes with that. Probably just a fluke - so what the fuck, enjoy it while it lasts. I'm certainly no PUA, fucking HB9+'s every week. With extreme beauty and youth comes extreme entitlement and flakiness, a lot of bullshit that I have neither energy nor patience for.

Even from prostitutes and whores, going by past experience - haven't bothered with those any time recently. They can be the most nasty and uppity bunch of cunts you will ever fuck, bar none. The *only* thing that keeps them in line is this: "Always be pleasant and compliant and sweet, and I will hire you again. Be a cunt once, your cunt is toast." If the experience is bad, even if you ain't finished: pull out, give her her payment, walk her to the door, shut it firmly behind her. She's gone for good.

It can be an education, the things you learn when overhearing someone dispatch a prostitute from a whorehouse. The whore with a heart of gold doesn't exist. She's just as money-grubbing and filthy-tempered as the rest, she simply hides the worst parts better because being shitty to clients is bad for business. And the honesty of up-front payment is at least refreshing.)

Hold your safe spaces in an iron grip. Always be fully-aware that some of them you may be forced to let go of (your home is not worth your life or sanity). Be prepared to let go of many things if needed.

Stepping out for a bit again - still have to recuperate, a holiday would not go amiss. Enjoy your lives, my brothers.

Thursday 23 June 2016

Dirty Addiction

The Men over at /r/MGTOW have come up with what I think is an interesting question/statement - and a very interesting answer. This poster laments that he will probably never comprehend female "logic":
And commentor batfish55 comes up with this gem (entire comment posted):
I think too much. I have a few ideas. This post relates to one of them. I've done the best I can, but I haven't quite finished articulating this idea yet...
Yes, women have happy-nerves in their gines, and yes, they get pleasurable sensations in them when they're being treated right, but I don't think that's the payoff for them in having sex. Read on.
A man's payoff in sex? Man, busting a nut feels great. Plus, I'm not gonna lie, there's a bit of an ego-trip when you seduce a woman for the first time. But, like most other things, it'd be wrong to assume that a woman's motivation will match a man's.
I think, and it's really not much of a stretch, that a woman's payoff from sex (and I'll get to the porn thing shortly) is that she gets to ride the emotional roller coaster; she likes the feelz she gets from it. The emotional feelz, not the orgasm feelz.
Is that a surprise? How many time has the manosphere talked about men being rational beings and women being emotional beings?
Think about it....
....a girl growing up has been told allll her life (well, maybe up until recently, anyway) that sex is wrong, bad, dirty, her pussy is gross, ditto masturbation. If you're among the set that believes that women stop growing up sometime during high school, well, what do kids do when their parents tell them not to do something? That very thing.
.....And now she's fucking you. She shouldn't be. This is just wrong. She just met you. But it's so hot. Does he love me? Do I love him? Oh, I shouldn't be doing this. I feelz so wrong, but it feelz sooo right.
....why would a presumably straight girl flirt with bisexuality and fuck her BFF in college? Because it's dirty, it's sexy, she shouldn't be doing it, because it feelz dirty/wrong/sexy.
....why would a wife fuck some dude on the side rather than her dutiful, faithful, beta hubby? Because she shouldn't be. Even tho that beta at home would do anything she wanted him to, it's hotter to nail her some dude she just met because it feelz wrong.
....this idea supports the "I hate it when men look at me and sexualize me" (and maybe she really does), but she's still running around with half of her tits hanging out because showing skin and getting the sexy looks and catcalls does make her feel
...why would women do porn? Shit, if you're already doing something you really * shouldn't be doing, isn't it so much more intense if 10's or 100's of thousands of guys you'll never meet are watching you do it? *Big feelz. Plus, maybe she'll have to opportunity to nail 3 dudes at once and be covered head to toe is sweat and spooge. Dirty.
....why would a chick take it in the butt? She doesn't have happy nerve endings up there. Why? Because taking it in the pooper is even more taboo (and more wrong-er) than taking it in the gines. Lemme tell ya, as a dude that's once had a doctor's finger in his ass, that ain't no fun, even though the gay guys tells us prostate massage feels great.
....why does the girl feel sexually satisfied if she doesn't orgasm....but the guy does? Because she feelz like she was sexy enough to get him off. I think this leads into why girls blow dudes more often than dudes blow chicks.
....why is 50 Shades so popular among the girls? That shit is a manual of 'how to dirty.'
That's it for my post.
And now, I will make a prediction. I don't post on TRP anymore. I have in the past, but every time I do, I get modded out, even if I have a good point. I'm guessing it's because I don't know any mods IRL and/or because I'm not a favorite poster. BUT, on more than one occasion, I've either made a post (that later got modded out), or commented on something....and then a few days later, someone that posts often re-writes my idea, and suddenly, that post is on TRP's front page. Do me a favor, and let me know if that happens with this idea. Or feel free to troll me and tell me if someone's posted this before; I feel certain I've never read someone else say this.
Down-and-dirty anal sex thrown out on the internet for all-and-sundry to see - she gets off on the thought of 10,000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000 men jacking off to it. "Here little boys, you can watch but you can't touch! Wooo, I'm so empowered!" Just like these two posts on Belle Starr a couple of years back...she gets the emotional high of being publicly degraded...

Then there's the Dubai Porta Potties and women's delicious and complete failure at life...

We Men may be addicted to sex, something difficult genetically and mentally to break (after 20+ years of training from an infant). Modern women are addicted to MORE...

Thursday 16 June 2016

Generation Pussy

We are raising a generation of limp-wristed professional-victim pussies.

Here's the NZ rag, in their efforts to drum up some controversy and make themselves seem to be relevant and similar horseshit:
Hold tight to your nuts, I'm about to resort to snark and common-fucking-sense with each of these four pictures.
Your irony is overwhelming, Mz Professional Media Circus Twat.
So you read absolutely everything that's not pleasant? And then read more of it? Completely voluntarily? Fucktard.
Oh, the drama! I mean, the draining! It's just too much! Ya limp-wristed pussy, part your ass-cheeks and take some more.
Femicunts, leftists, and wimminz - all professional victims - think that any comment is a threat and can lead to violence. Call the fucking Police, that's their job. If you *won't* call them (because they're ineffective? or because that'd shoot down your professional victim status?) then it's on your stupid cunt head.

All this fucking bullshit. A bunch of professional male-and-female twats, being fronted up by professional twat-mongers and SJW-pushers (aka the leftie media). We decline because we listen to these fucking morons with their fucking agenda and their fucking peanut brains.

Here's a clue (now go play in rush-hour traffic you fucktards):

Block the shitheads who fill your life with bullshit drama.

Get off the fucking FaceCrap and Twatter and InstaCunt.

Turn off the phone.

Turn off the computer.

Turn off the motherfucking idiot box TV.

Take a walk down the fucking beach and chill.

#stopthehate - ?!?!?!

Wednesday 15 June 2016


This is what I've never grasped about women, wimminz, feminazi's, et-fucking-cetera.

Equality! We want equality! EQUALITY!!!!

So they can feel all empowered and shit.

A question though:

You really, REALLY want to be doing 36 fucking hours of straight work?


You're barking fucking mad, the lot of you!

Get back in the kitchen and learn to be a decent housewife. It's a fuck-sight easier.


Saturday 11 June 2016

Why We Decline

Mostly it boils down to not understanding reality. Living in denial, Can't Understand Normal Thinking, etc (the joys of Leftism and Feminism and academia that focuses upon Liberal Arts and feelz instead of the hard facts of science and reality).

Davis Aurini has an interesting article on Technological Illiteracy and Wireless Power Transfer - about how his novel "As I Walk These Broken Roads" is really set in the present, not in the future. Because the population of the world lacks curiosity:
...sure, they might have skills that can be easily transferred to motorcycle repair, building maintenance, electrical grid setup, you name it - but they'd rather rely on exhaustive, brute force to accomplish tasks than spend five minutes thinking of a new solution.
This is so much people these days that it's not funny. Despite all the rah-rah "think outside of the box" buzzword crap spouted by businesses, they simply don't. If you think outside the box, you are either punished - or you get so sick of having to toe the line that you say fuck it and get the hell outta dodge. Or go do your own little startup on the side.

Business is ossified.

Aurini uses wireless charging technology as an example, about how the inverse-square law reduces the energy available the further away from the charging-source you are. So as an example, if you have a very large induction coil (bifilar, perhaps?) and say that 6 inches/0.5 ft from the coil you have 1kw available. Go to 12 inches/1 ft and the energy available isn't halved, it's 1/4 - ie you get 0.25kw or 250 watts of power. It gets worse from there.

Of course, this doesn't take into account that that is just *one* side of the coil - the same amount of energy goes out the other side. By definition, at least half the power you're throwing into this form of "wireless charging device" is thrown away. If you're lucky you get something like 80% efficiency for the charging side - only it's halved, 40% efficiency, when you realize that double the power is used in the fields and half the total power is automatically wasted. (Short of a cradle that sandwiches the thing between two phones or the like - then you'll get closer to your 80% overall efficiency.)

Wirelessly charge your car? Fuck no! Plug that piece of shit in.

This is the sin of our modern civilization: we don't understand reality. We don't take the time. We don't look. As Aurini states, we have lost - have punished out of ourselves - the curiosity which makes us spend 5 minutes thinking about another possible way to attempt to do something.

This is my small and very incomplete attempt to show what needs to happen now to advance our civilization to the next level. Even the one beyond that. Math and some science is involved. Will we do it? I think not, not for our current civilization! Not with our social obsessions with the Karcrapdians and Mz Jenner!

Perhaps the next civilization will get their shit together enough to reach the next stage - though sometimes I wonder if they will have enough basics left over from the opportunities which we are squandering at a high rate...the risk of total collapse of our species is very high in my opinion. We may end up as eternal Easter Islander's on a ball of semi-contaminated rock floating around the sun.

(Go right down to the end for the TL/DR if your eyes start glazing. I suppose that some of it is fairly heavy-going.)
The basic rise and development of civilization has generally involved the harnessing of energy. Human muscle was first, probably coupled with simple nature: water (near-frictionless transport) and wind (free though intermittent energy). Fire, like burning wood and charcoal. Using animal muscles to draw loads (near-frictionless transport with the wheel on decent, flat roads).

Multiplying the effects of muscles with levers, pulley's, the wheel. Multiplying the effects of fire with steam-engines, then internal combustion engines. Hydroelectric dams to harness the rain (powered by the sun). Tidal dams to harness the tides (powered by the gravitational energy of the sun, moon, and orbit of the earth). Windmills, ditto. Geothermal energy, drawing upon the natural fission processes that occur in the depths of the earth. Developing new sources of energy: fission, fusion.

One reasonably fit male laborer produces about 75 watts of power. That's right - the same amount as the old 75w incandescent lightbulbs you used to buy. A properly-harnessed-and-yoked horse or oxen produces about 746 watts of power (1 horsepower): 10x what a fit male can manage.

Here is a short list of how much energy you get from fire, depending upon the fuel (the oxygen in the air is basically free-to-use, though we toss the crap byproducts of burning into the air):

* TNT = 4.6 megawatts per kilogram (that's right, bugger-all ain't it)
* Wood = 16 megawatts per kilogram
* Protein = 17 megawatts per kilogram
* Coal = 24 megawatts per kilogram
* Ethanol = 26 megawatts per kilogram (this weak shit is supposed to replace gasoline?)
* Gasoline = 44 megawatts per kilogram (a middle finger to the ethanol fuel industry)
* LPG = 46 megawatts per kilogram
* Diesel = 48 megawatts per kilogram (which is why trucks use it)
* Hydrogen = 142 megawatts per kilogram (but it takes electricity to produce from water)

Sobering. Diesel, LPG and Gasoline are generally the easiest to find, we just dig them up from the ground - purify a little - and ship the stuff around to where we need it. Wood (and charcoal) is relatively clean, and we used to use a shitload of it - until we started running short, then we switched to coal and all the crap byproducts it has in the form of smog and sulphides and the like.

Hydrogen? That's good, right? The only by-product from burning it is water, like rain and the stuff you drink from the tap? Forget it. You still need to create the stuff, and that takes electricity - often gotten from coal-fired plants. You'll be burning at least 6kg of coal to get 1kg of hydrogen, depending upon how efficient your energy-conversion is. It's only useful as an interim chemical energy-store.

We are reaching our limits of density for easy chemical-energy sources and are badly in need of the next-generation of energy supply. Sure, we can dig more up - from deeper - as our technology improves, etc etc etc. We can continue to throw the burned byproducts into the air we breathe. At about 7 billion human beings on this planet, we're in the early process of drowning in a cesspool of shit that we're sitting in and filling slowly while we take a hundred-billion fucking duckface selfies a day and press the "like" button on FaceCrap as we go.

We need to step up to nuclear - probably fission first, then shifting up to fusion as soon as we figure out how. Which thought is where Leftism on the whole and the greenies and academia in particular start screaming and vomiting out stanzas of insane hatred. A purely emotional reaction, rather than looking at cold hard reality. The cold hard reality that is maths.

Reality: 1kg of U-235 (atomic mass of 235.044) is 4.255 moles or 2.562E+24 atoms. The U-235 fission-chain averages to 215 MeV (at 1.602E-13 watts/MeV) of energy release per fissioning atom¹. Start doing the multiplication:

2.562E+24 * 215 * 1.602E-13 = 8.826E+13 watts


88,260,150 megawatts per kilogram
88 terawatts per kilogram

Which if you can fission the lot of that in under a second gives you about a 19 kiloton atomic bomb. It's more useful being burned slowly though, and holds the equivalent energy of roughly 3,677 tons of coal. While having loads less crap left over and pumped into the atmosphere that we breathe. (Yes, radiation and actinide wastes and secondary radiation, etc. Yes, you can't fission every single individual atom. It's STILL less physical amounts of crap, only a few kilograms vs kilotons.)

Our next step up is fusion: 1kg of Hydrogen-1 fuses to 0.993kg of Helium-4, the remainder (0.7% or 7 grams) turning into energy via E = mc² and a big thank-you to Einstein for the easy math. When we multiply things out:

0.007 * 3E+8 ^ 2 = 6.474E+14 watts


647,400,000 megawatts per kilogram
647 terawatts per kilogram

Or a bit over 7x as much as good-old U-235 fission produces. There's also even less crap waste products from the process.

But we're still babies yet.

¹ Reference: Mulligan, Joseph F., Practical physics: The Production and Conservation of Energy, McGraw-Hill, 1980
The old Saturn-V that took America to the moon burned several metric shittons of chemicals to get into space, to the moon, to land, and then come all the way back again. Stage I: 770,000 liters of kerosine and 1,200,000 liters of liquid oxygen. That just got the basics of the thing (130 tons) into orbit (for comparison: that's about 10x 20' containers with 10 tons of cargo in each of them - we put hundreds to thousands of containers on a container-ship and there are hundreds of container-ships going around the world). [Edit: *hundreds of thousands* of container-ships going around the world. - BPS]

Kerosene has a hair more energy than gasoline: say 45 megawatts per kilogram or 37 megawatts per liter according to Wikipedia. Doing the math: 28,490,000 megawatts/28.49 terawatts. A bit under a third of a kilogram of uranium in terms of energy. Just to get ten containers into orbit, once.

You could plate everything you send into orbit with platinum, the energy-cost is going to massively outweigh the value of the item. Which most people don't grasp, so that's why peeps get shitty with NASA for thousand-dollar hammers and wrenches. That's nothing to the cost of actually getting it up into orbit, plus the damn things need to be able to withstand vacuum-welding and extreme heat/cold variations.

You want to get those 10 containers from the orbit of Earth to the Moon? On a regular supply-run basis, say for a moonbase? Chemical shit doesn't cut it. Even nuclear (fusion) barely manages it, and you need something better than Newton's laws of action-reaction too (unless you are willing to wait months to years per container - or use something like Project Orion/Daedalus).

Too bad for solar power from orbit, being beamed to the earth. Getting each station up there is prohibitively expensive for fuck-all return in comparison. Star travel? Like in the movies, or in what is considered SF books? HAH!

We can get bigger, though.
The greenies go on and on about "sustainable" and "renewable" energy. They're actually on to something, though not in the way you'd think. These things are all minuscule driblets of energy from the biggest fusion-reactor we have around: the sun.

The sun sends energy our way all the time, powering plants and the atmosphere and seas and rain and damn-near every speck of life on the surface of this planet. This is the equivalent of 1.362 kw per square meter up in orbit, less at the surface. The armchair academics get all gooey-eyed and dribble on about shoving huge solar arrays into orbit and microwaving power down to earth - see above for the energy requirements per plant.

However, there is one interesting thing: the entire planet is a huge-ass solar array that is 6,371 km across - bigger, when you look at the ionosphere. Reach out there to tap that, as pie in the sky as it sounds, and you get yourself a ginormous amount of energy. Using the old pi-arr-squared formula:

3.1415 * 6371000 ^ 2 = 127,512,357,201,500 square meters
* 500 watts per square meter (very inefficient) = 63,756,178,600,750,000 watts


63,756 terawatts of energy every second, 24/7/365

That's what they call a Type I civilization.
Yeah, I've exposed my inner geek with this lot. I won't blame you in the slightest if you've skimmed all that to this point. Or not even gotten to this point.

The TL/DR boils down to: this shit, none of it, ain't gonna happen - while as a species we're listening to the stupidest parts of our society. Leftists and those who run on emotion, those who think the world runs on elves and unicorns, those who happily act as parasites upon the system as a whole. Not while our justice system looks at mentally-subnormal murderers and whine and wring their hands about "he/she didn't really understand what he/she was doing" - instead of just locking the murdering piece of shit away from the more productive members of society.

Nope. This is why we decline.

The sooner that reality hits people upside the head, the better. We are in a race against stupidity, and I'm pretty damn sure that we've already lost. One thing is shit-sure: there's no way that 7 billion people are going to be living on the energy-production of slowly-growing wood.