Monday 31 March 2014

Patriarchy Now?

Women hate hate hate being oppressed, they hate being judged,etc - it's the evils of Patriarchy, etc.

Or is it?

When you have feral women getting out of control - shitting, pissing, puking, and passing out in public spaces - screaming abuse at a guy because he asked her out - punching people and starting fights for their own entertainment - a thinking person has to ask himself what the hell is going on. Because now we are seeing the benefits of not having The Evil Patriarchy™ in action.

So what purpose did the Patriarchy actually serve? Ignoring the shrieking bullshit from the feminist harpies chanting "it was male oppression" blah fucking blah: because if that was true then it wouldn't have lasted for ten thousand years. It would have been overthrown many thousand of years ago - if it had ever gotten started at all.

So what actual purpose did Patriarchy serve for ten thousand years?

Let's have a look-see:

Girl: Ooooh he's so hot!

Mother: He'll get you preggers then leave you with the baby. Take a look at that boy instead, he's very responsible and will make you a good husband.

Father: He touches you girl, I'll stick his balls in a vice. No shitbag's gonna mess with my baby girl. Son, you turn out like him, I'll kick your fuckin' ass outta the house.

Son: Yes dad!

Ahah! So now we know why patriarchy was created: to rein in the impulsive. Of both sexes. To make young people act in certain ways (responsibly) for their own and society's benefit - like keeping a 2yo from sticking a fork into 240 volts and killing themselves. Cry and scream all you want kid, it's for your own good. Cry and scream enough and all you'll get is a belt around the arse. One way or another you'll learn, hopefully without killing yourself.

Then we got soft and started listening to the tantrums of the children. Shit oh dear, no wonder girls have gone feral. No wonder boys have become little maggots and emo pussies. Neither are being taught that sticking the fork into the socket is A Bad Idea™.

Though these days boys are getting the idea that getting a girl preggers is real stupid. Having your income garnished for the next 15 years is most definitely A Bad Idea™. Same for marriage and frivorce.

So The Evil Patriarchy™ is coming back to ad-hoc teaching boys what it is to be men and How To Not Fuck It Up™. Pity that nothing is happening to teach the girls the same - in fact, society is teaching them to become more feral.

Currently it's easier for feral women to whine rather than to suck it up and do things the right way - which is ultimately easier for them than the current. Whine enough and someone will stick a lolly (dick) in her mouth to shut her up. Whining is easy, especially when they've never been thumped around the ear and told to stick a fucking sock in it.

Brutal honesty time, being a loyal and loving stay-at-home mom is shitloads easier than being a single mommy who is living hand-to-mouth off government largesse. Especially when the wheels come off and the government largesse is suddenly gone.

Why might the wheels come off? Because single guys have learned that marriage is a crock - that they can live way cheaper than with a girl, especially than one with kids - and so they don't work themselves to the bone. Then the taxes they pay drop and there's suddenly less for the government largesse to the feral girls.

Ironic that the feral girls are actually destroying their government largesse. The faster it happens the better, by my thinking.

Then maybe they will learn that Patriarchy is a lot less shitty than they thought.

Edit: Further thought: Patriarchy, or guardianship?

Sunday 30 March 2014

Disturbing and Cynical

As you live life, you see more disturbing trends developing in society. Two of these stand out for myself:

• the prevalence of feral women

• the prevalence of pathetic men

Feral Women: these are the specimens who go hog-wild. You see them walk into the bar all snooty and too cool for school, you see them stagger out four hours later. They're no longer too cool for school. Instead they're slobbering on a guy they're attracted to. Or blowing three men in a bar, before heading to another bar. Or having a piss or shit on the side of the road. Or passed out, possibly in a pool of her own puke.

Pathetic Men: these are not men. They look at the above and are filled with sympathy (!) for the plight of these feral women. Yes, sympathy - instead of being disgusted and revolted. Most men have no standards now, doing anything for the slightest sniff of pussy. Because of this slack attitude we have an even greater problem with feral women. Sadly these pathetic men are letting themselves be used by these feral women, fuelling their own frustration.

So there's the disturbing trends developing. In fact they've been developing for years, decades even. I first ran across a girl having a shit on a public path over twenty years ago. This was during the middle of the day and beside a busy road.


Now, we have a cynical trend developing more overtly:

• using feral women to draw in pathetic men for profit

It's just another manifestation of the old "sex sells" paradigm. Understand, this is by no means new. Free entry into bars for girls, a cover charge for men. Promoters bringing groups of girls to bars. This has been going on for decades, it fills a bar with girls and the men are forced to pay to simply hang around the girls. Good luck on getting laid, have a beer to console yourself.

It works especially well on girls, who love-love-love being treated as if they were special. Too foolish and self-centered to realise that they're being taken advantage of by the cynical for a profit. This preferential treatment makes them more feral in natural consequence. Ironically this growing feralness is an indicator that these women are utterly unfit to be considered even remotely special: in fact they are dirt.

Now the marketers are becoming even more overtly cynical about this process: they actually put on trips specially for beautiful girls to fly to Vegas. The girls have to stick with the group, but hey, they get to partaaay all the way around Vegas - get fed, drinks, dance, at *the* places to be in Vegas. What more could a self-entitled slut want?

Of course, when a couple hundred girls go into a place as a group a man is likely to be thinking: "Hey less chance of a glut of guys! I'm in!" Ironically his chances of getting laid are less than if he'd gone to a typical sausage-fest bar: the girls leave the group, they're suddenly on the hook for food and a place to sleep and transportation back home. Oops, tough luck chuck. You'd better be a millionaire.

This isn't going to be the end of such cynicism: it will get worse. Girls will become more entitled. Men will become more pathetic - until eventually they become profoundly more cynical and opt-out.

Will the girls suddenly start wondering where the men are?

Thursday 27 March 2014

Fuck Your Political Correctness

In conjunction with: Fuck Your Equality

Yep, you can shove your PC bullshit up your ass. Choke on it, you female PC police. You are maggots who are of zero worth in the real world.

Keep it up, piss off the Real Men™ in this world. When we become tired of your bullshit and walk away, you can figure out which of you skilled specimens would like to:

• dig oil, refine it to petrol, and transport it to distribution centres
• dig ore, refine it, turn it into cars, and move them to showrooms
• milk cows, pasteurise the milk, and transport it to distribution centres
• pick coffee beans, roast and grind them, and transport them to distribution centres

All so you can drive downtown to where your local barista can provide your delicately-manicured hands with lattes while your delicately-painted lips can drop delicately-worded turds of thought with the other delicately-displayed "girl-friends" who will happily stab you in the back. As you will happily stab them in the back.

Hat-tip to my mate who was given shit for being a tradesman by two specimens of these turds. His crime: saying hello. Perhaps he should have made sure that the $50k chiller is broken, so their Friday-night happy-hour beer-and-cocktails are warm.

May their cunts rot out with the diseases they pick up on the Cock Carousel, as their minds have rotted-out with the filth that is entitlement and feminism.

Fuck Your Equality

Just decided to throw this one out there: Fuck Your Equality.

Fuck your diversity too.

It's very sad when a large business goes all preciously PC to the point where you can't even get your work done easily. You have to be so damn careful that you don't come out with an inappropriate fuck. It's always certain types of women who are offended when that happens - soooo uptight about everything.

The education sector is the worst, you'd swear that they were born with a remote-controlled electric cattle-prod up their ass.

It's the men who're amused when this comes out around the tightass career chicks. You've just smashed an elbow into something sharp and come out with a heartfelt "Fucking Jesus!" Laughable when the girl's mouth tightens up disapprovingly - like an asshole that's just had a slice of lemon inserted into it.

I could go on with a rant about equal/preferential hiring and how it forces a company to hire certain numbers of women/underprivileged. Even when they're totally incompetent, we all know they're incompetent, etc. - but frankly it's been done to death already. So what the hell.

Fuck your equality.

I will take the equality of being paid well for the effort that I put in developing my talents, business, etc. That is my kind of equality. Where everyone has an equal chance to do well according to themselves and their ambitions and desires.

I'm not handing squat to you on a plate just because someone is forced to hire you, you lazy piece of worthless shit.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Socially Adept

Looks like someone I know has started to give not two shits about women. In fact he put the boot into a useless cunt on Facebook - called her socially adept for trying to start a fight via a mutual friend's Facebook page. I read it, the stuff she said was the usual shaming attempt for a comment he made. I fully endorse his comment actually - you'd think he's been reading this blog.

Then she tried calling him a sexless loser - more feminist shaming attempts. He didn't bother responding on his mate's FB, just took a screensnap and slapped it up on his own timeline.

It'll get taken down by FB, you can bet on it. Even he admits that. Amusing to see though.

A Woman's Dreams

Thought 1: Men are the ones who can make a woman's dreams come true. Whether it's through good genes or providing for her. Time has proven that they are spectacularly bad at it by themselves.

Thought 2: This makes the right man by far the most valuable thing to a woman. Despite feminist attempts at conditioning, women still desire men. Thus the whole making themselves pretty/hot BS that still goes on in the mating market.

Thought 3: Women seem currently incapable of assessing a man's worth directly. Thus the tendency to chase men who have caught the eye of other women.

Tentative Conclusion: When a woman plays too cool for school she's only hurting herself. At best it can work as a filter, at worst she's shooting herself in the foot. A creeping Beta will filter himself out while an Alpha man with any options at all will laugh in her face and go elsewhere. Either shows the limits of this filter.

Keep this in mind. Take zero shit from her. She's nothing more than a notch until she proves herself as being worth more.

Monday 24 March 2014

Infantilisation of Humanity

Humanity appears to be getting dumber and more infantile. Case in point on the front page of the Business Herald is this gem:

Carter Holt nailed for fix

A little explanation for non-New Zealanders, Carter Holt is a wood-products business that's listed on our stock market. Supposedly they have been done for getting in collusion with two other suppliers and doing some price-fixing.

So they were nailed (wince) for doing this. Seems that journalism now assumes we all have an average 70 IQ and will find this kind of headline amusing, funny, or cute. It is painful the infantilisation and dumbing down going on in society.

Perhaps Idiocracy is more accurate than we are comfortable with admitting.

Sunday 23 March 2014

Not Just Baby Boomers Are Entitled

Earlier today, my brother and I have this conversation. Basically our mother is not doing well and has never done well. Reconstructed as much from memory as I can.

Him: She's just not normal. Anybody who flies off the handle and starts ranting like that is fucking mental.

Me: While I hate to diss mum, she's been like that her whole life. We know where she got it from too.

Him: Grandma wasn't that bad.

Me: No she wasn't. Thing was though, mum's shown a history her whole life of crappy decisions. First was our half-sister, then was that criminal fuck our dad, she's damn lucky she got this chance and married X.

Him: Yeah he's not bad. A bit distant though.

Me: At least she had the money coming in reliably and didn't have to work dawn til dusk seven days to keep us going. Anyway she didn't get smacked down when she was young.

We started talking about other things. It's still the truth though: if our mother had done that ranting crap at home she'd have had a backhander in a hurry from our grandfather. Even so given the time-period that she grew up in (during WWII) she had a tremendous latitude from her family:

• gave birth to a bastard child that was put up for adoption

• married a criminal

• finally got married to a halfway decent provider (lesser-alpha type)

• was never disowned by her family

• never had the shit beaten out of her by either husband

• ended up having a third chance and lucked out, so she now has a roof over her head in her old age

So yeah, it wasn't just after WWII baby boomer kids who developed that shitty attitude. Women have been allowed to develop it all through time.

Saturday 22 March 2014

Women Can Shoot Themselves Down

Yeah, they can do it all right. A good number of women seem to be quite socially inept - it seems to be the types who were hotter in their younger days. I suppose that you can't blame them, when somebody laughs with you and kisses your ass all the time - you don't have any need to actually become properly social when every man will automatically give you the pussy-pass for dumb shit.

It's kind of sad when one of these types attempts to pick you up. Awkward to say the least. You try to give them a little help and they're stumbling, don't really know what to say. Eventually I decided to simply be pleasant and otherwise ignore her. There isn't much else you can do when she's coming across as only interested in you as a walking wallet.

Amusingly enough, once I'd decided "nah" and my body-language switched to "not really interested" mode she seemed to relax. She actually managed to communicate then - though I got a feeling of wistfulness from her. An odd sensation.

I wonder how the current early-twenties girls are going to act once they hit the wall. They already make me wince when they open their mouths, a mix of foulness and attitude. We'll see how things go - we live in interesting times indeed.

Friday 21 March 2014

China's Bubble

Cannot remember where I ran across this documentary. Most interesting part is at 56:50 - "Some say that the rules of economics no longer apply."

Last time I heard that kind of sentiment was towards the end of the DotCom bubble.

Watch for a big splat, followed by a war of some kind. Perhaps with more whinging that "if we women ruled the world wars wouldn't be allowed".

Those poor bastards of Chinese - so many spare men, they're fucked. The Party will be needing a war just to eliminate the excess before they turn into troublemakers.

Sick Joke of the Day

One good thing about TGI Friday is when there are no women. It becomes a man-space and all sorts of fun ensue, like this - the sick joke of the day.

Q: What's the difference between a chicken and a woman?
A: You don't have to cut a woman's head off for her to go running around uselessly.

Q: What's the difference between a chicken and a woman?
A: You don't cut a woman's head off when her eggs run out.

For Men's pleasure. Girls, deal with it - this is a man space.

One Thousand Years of Punishment

One thousand years of punishment? Really?

Some people are so mentally disturbed that it's a wonder nobody has thrown them into an asylum and lost the key.

Here is some "philosopher" that I think is mentally-sick - she thinks it is perfectly okay to punish criminals in various ways for thousands of years: Rebecca Roache

And here is a mainstream news source with a "journalist" who I think has the same mentally-sick mindset - she thinks that this is something that is notable, worthwhile and newsworthy: Rhiannon Williams

I'm not sure which disturbs me more: that a philosopher immediately thought of using this type of technology for punishment rather than enhanced learning, that the mainstream media decided it was a good idea to put it up on their website as being newsworthy, or that both seemingly think that returning 1000 years of distilled essence of hatred back into the community is A Good Thing™. All three thoughts seem to me to show tremendously lacking social acuity and awareness and concern.

The fact that the philosopher involved writes (blogs) on Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford must be an especial blow to the prestige of that revered academy.

Please note that the philosopher Rebecca Roache's post did not claim that she was in charge of a team of scholars examining this scenario (as claimed in the Telegraph UK's article by Rhiannon Williams). She said merely that it was a dialogue that should be opened for discussion and debate.

I am glad to see that the article has been somewhat addressed by a man on the same blog: Luke J Davies. I can understand his mild-seeming response: as an anonymous blogger I can say things that would instantly ruin his career, and in more scathing tones should I choose. At least SOMEONE in that institution took note though.

Thursday 20 March 2014

Drawn back

In case you haven't heard, there's been some stink in the Manosphere about the aggregator Viva La Manosphere and the person Tucker Max.

Viva La Manosphere has apparently done something verboten: ripping off a long-time Manosphere writer's work on juicing and putting it up on their own website. Almost word-for-word, with just enough variations so that Google doesn't flag them as a duplicate. Deeply unethical, look for them to take a hit fairly soon once the long-timers decide what they are going to do about it.

Tucker Max - there's been a bit of a stink here. It might have been a miscommunication though. We will see. (I've edited this paragraph, giving him the benefit of a doubt.)

Another, slightly less-important item (in comparison to this shit-storm): a Manosphere writer has turned out to be different from how he portrayed himself. I won't go into details: j'accuse sans peur et sans reproché. I will not mention who he is, there are many others who have started the ostracising already.

So, all these things drag me back. More poison, more gravel to shovel. Things are gonna be intermittent and half-assed. Deal with it.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Just Shovel The Fuckin' Gravel

It's ironic that the title of this post is much the same as one of the posts from the blog No Ma'am. I think that it resonates because it is a simple statement of truth. You got work to do. Just shovel the fuckin' gravel.

The men who frequent the websites in the Manosphere know what's wrong. There's a quarter-million sites out here in the wilderness, detailing it in nauseatingly repetitive detail. Millions of men with stories that vary only by tiny amounts.

If it sounds like I'm shutting this website down - far from it! I'm simply a little burned-out, the last couple of months have been a major spurt of writing for me. A break is needed, some time to chillax, get myself into other projects and interests. Especially now that the 3.5 year protracted divorce is about finished.

A recap of society though: things are a mess. There's no easy solution, especially when parasites of both sexes have a vested interest in keeping things going as they are. So far as I can tell there are eight things required to fix it. Good luck getting any of them permanently enacted though - so in the meantime, improve yourself.

• mandatory paternity tests (nobody unknowingly bringing up someone else's bastard spawn)

• mandatory slut-shaming (especially re the paternity tests above)

• automatic father custody, period (assuming he wants it, see paternity tests)

• husband automatically owns all assets after the marriage, in perpetuity

• marriage is permanent (barring legit divorce)

• no frivorce (and especially no alimony - fuck her she can work or starve)

• lower the age of consent and go back to the shaming of spinsters of 15+ years age

• remove all incentives for single mothers (and even legit widows, that's what insurance is for)

This'd make both parties think twice about marriage and fucking around. This'd make parents take a vested interest in vetting prospective sons-in-law again. This'd be a shitload better than all the crap layered on crap that's going on at the moment.

Four things for women:

• woman up, you're supposed to be a pleasant addition to life not a hinderance

• be feminine

• be fuckin' joyful of what you've got

• be somebody worth marrying (ie not a slut)

Three things for men:

• demand that she be virgin on marriage

• man up and be somebody worth marrying

• expect (in fact, demand) to marry someone much younger than yourself - and take no shit from her, you are the one with experience and in control

Don't be afraid to fuck some slut or whore or take a mistress. Don't take shit from her either. If wifey won't put out, then she's owed zero fidelity. Tough shit for the current crop of sluts, treat them like the whores they are and take no lip from them: they don't deserve to breed (having children is a privilege not a right).

Yes, this is a dark and trying time. Yes, we'll muddle through it somehow - despite the bullshit. We're men. We're tough. We'll buckle down to it and shovel the fuckin' gravel, avoiding the parasites and enjoying ourselves as we do so. Remember that you can pretty-much ignore everything coming from a woman's mouth: it's usually whining and demands, signifying nothing.

One day the job'll be fuckin' over and we can rest, well-content, knowing we've done our fuckin' best to keep the world going through a storm of shit.

I'm out, chillaxing on the beach for a bit. Will come back and start shovelling the gravel again once I've caught my breath.


Philosophy and Reality

Okay, this might come as a huge surprise - given the overall tenor of this blog's ramblings - that I do sometimes think of things other than the general shittiness and crappiness of women, feminism, and the shit-sandwich society we men are forced to endure at this time. You shouldn't be surprised: everyone needs a holiday and reading/thinking endless repetitions of same-same crap turns the mind to rotten oatmeal.

So I have a tendency to think and learn about other stuff too: family, friends, working out, personal diet, another language, the processes required to put up an at-a-glance monitoring display system on the wall at work, gardening, planned improvements to my home and grounds, learning to make stone-age tools, bowhunting, guns, basic survival kits, investing both locally and taking into account the macro-level of the world and trends, history and archaeology, a workshop in my basement, Japanese Katana sword construction techniques, and a shitload more.

A busy life us Manosphere guys have. As an MGTOW there is plenty to do - including passively resisting those damn girls who constantly attempt to insinuate themselves into my life. Playing dumb-and-clueless is my favorite tactic these days - less confrontational. They do not have the right to learn my thinking, though if respectful and pleasant they can earn it.

At any rate, in my wanderings I recently ran across this: A Proof that the Supernatural Exists

First warning: this is philosophy. It's not like a scientifically-measured proof - because once it's measured and tabulated scientifically then it becomes natural, not supernatural.

Second surprise: while the author states that someone with a natural verbal 150+ IQ could potentially understand it without reading several basics on philosophy (4 books are given) I found it surprisingly comprehensible. Note that I will resist to the death any suggestion that I magically have a 150+ IQ - it is more likely that he has expanded upon it to the point where it reaches my level of logical/reasoning comprehension.

Third thoughtfulness: I believe that it is worth reading over, if only to expand your mind. It looks as though I will have to read the books mentioned, if only to get the best out of this proof. In a greater level it will be worth learning something new thoughts-wise. Getting mentally stale or in a rut is a bad thing.

Fourth learning: in addition to learning something new, the comments on the above post are priceless. Where else can you watch with fascination the strange thinking systems of the academically-inclined who ask questions, request clarifications - or who cannot emotionally accept the reasoning nor logically refute it, and so descend into shaming/condescending/belittling attacks upon the writer in an attempt to make him lose his temper.

Note that deliberately goading someone into losing their temper is a favorite go-to tactic of women and leftists. Their strange reasoning is that if they succeed, then they have shown that they are superior to you, you are demonstrably lesser and by extension of you being demonstrably lesser your accomplishments/ideas/statements/etc have been annulled/refuted/overthrown. All are null and void and can be ignored from this point onwards.

Grief that's long-winded. You get the guts of it though.

At any rate, this is why it's a good idea to not flip your shit at people. It draws you out of your frame and into theirs, making you weak. Like with the ABC 20/20 interview that was never aired: there wasn't enough raving frothing lunacy no matter how much they goaded the guys. No controversy, no raving nutjobs to belittle, no show to air. Just reasoned and reasoning and reasonable/logical people with a well-thought-out stance on the subject. An emotional/sensationalist flop from their point of view, no smear-campaign possible.

Fifth lesson/take: there will always be something new for humanity/science to learn and explore. I don't know about you, I am personally very glad to know/realise this.

Oh, if you decide to join the discussion in the comments: please be respectful. We do not want to drop too far into the tactics of the lefties and women if we can help it. It's personally and spiritually degrading. (Yeah I'm not perfect - sosumi.)

Monday 17 March 2014

This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

This is what a feminist looks like:

Yep, that shrill-voiced, twisted-faced feminist from University of Toronto. Let us deconstruct this woman who doesn't need a man:

• makeup smoothing the skin

• rouge on the cheekbones

• red lipstick

• eyebrows strategically thinned and shaped

• cute red hair dye and cut

• attractive clothing

• overall cute face

• probably has fashionably manicured hands and nails (can't see for sure in this picture)

Tell me something: why is all that shit slathered onto this bitch's face? And slapped on that body? After all she don't need no man! She should be going au natural, floppy tits sagging behind a sloppy shirt, not wearing the trappings and symbols of losers attempting to attract those oppressive men. Right now it's all up for all to see and laugh at.

Ah, here's the explanation:

• mouth opened to insert playa's cock

Have a good laugh at the delusional poison of the mind exhibited by feminists.

Racism and Slavery

In response to a fucking retard fellow-nigger who hasn't grown up yet:

Dear fucktard: "Where were you when my ancestors were being dragged over here in chains?"

My white parents were buying your black parents from your black grandparents. Did that datum slip your tiny attention-span? Your ancestors were probably sold for a barrel of whiskey by their daddy or the chieftain because that was worth more than their pitiful selves were.

Of course, prior to that my white great-grandparents were being enslaved by Islam. Some of my white ancestor cousins might have been some of the three thousand blonde virgins ordered up by one of the Caliph's for their harem. That group was shipped from Spain - possibly by the Venetians or Jews (who were big in the trans-Mediterranean slave-trade at the time).

In your mind slavery is only about us BLACKS - you never learned about the million Christians who got enslaved by the Muslims did you. You don't bother learning this shit because they weren't BLACK. Three thousand blond virgins, never happened in your mind. Well, nobody looks good in this shit, do they.

It's time you put a sock in it. I'm a fellow-nigger and even I'm getting tired of the continual racist card being played. Every time you open your mouth, all I hear is "I'm a victim" just like the feminist wimminz bullshit. If you want money go suck on the government's cock and tell your pitiful story to the lefty SWPL bleeding hearts for a pat on the head and a dollar.

Fucking "poor little me" beggar. Have some self-pride in your personal accomplishments instead of self-pity because your ancestors were sold by their in-laws or taken in battle and on-sold. You want to hate somebody, hate them. The fucking past of 100 years gone is past. You ain't a motherfucking slave - other than in your pathetic little leftist victimist mind. You ain't a man while you have that mentality.

Sunday 16 March 2014

Career Goals

The career choice of women: to become a parasite.

Did that slap of reality hurt?

Here's another slap of reality: I didn't say that first. It was said by Betty Friedan back in 1963. She was a kept woman, had all her physical needs met, had all her familial and emotional needs met...buuuut...she wasn't really satisfied...

So she decided it was because she was a parasite, that all other women were also parasites, that it was disgusting that they all should be parasites - and she ripped the living shit out of them left-right-centre. End result: women don't need a man, women are far more capable than men, you go girl, careerism, frivolous divorce going up, man bashing, man hate - all that good stuff we're slogging through right now.

What she didn't realise was that her problem wasn't a physical or emotional one, it was a spiritual one. By then though, spiritualism was OUT. Therefore it was a physical/emotional problem. It was something that could not be fixed by her husband, therefore it must be his fault. By extension, all men's fault.

When she accused women of being parasites, she struck at their most vulnerable spot: their fragile emotions. (I mean that sincerely, not in a snarky or shitty way. The most vulnerable spot in a woman is her emotions. Those emotions are the most valuable part of her, given her strong prior role with bringing up and empathising with her children. Ironically they are the most reviled and despised nowadays - especially because there is nothing reining them in when they go too out of whack.)

Here's a third slap of reality: good and strong women were not (and are not) parasites. Back in the day they were symbiotic with men. The two sexes had an exceptional relationship, at least in a general manner. Yes there were shitty husbands and wives - generally on the whole, though, their symbiotic relationship was good.

She provided good food, kept the living space to a decent standard, and ensured that their children had a worthwhile upbringing in a loving and safe place. He went out and did the soul-grinding same-old-same-old drudgery of working 12-18 hours a day. From that soul-destroying drudgery he came back with money or goods to support them, being rewarded with the joy of being cared for and sex once the children had gone to bed. Also self-pride in providing well.

It was a symbiotic relationship. She helped and produced and raised his offspring, he had the desire to provide and protect and shelter. These are the foundations of the relationship that built all civilizations. Once the children were grown and out the door, the continued relationship involved growing socially and spiritually. Both sides understood their sides of the symbiosis and took pride in them.

Parents looked out for their children, reined in the girl's impulses for the wrong types of men, because they loved their children and wanted what was best for them and their grandchildren. So ironically it was women, especially mothers and grandmothers, who were the staunchest enforcers and supporters of the "evils" of patriarchy.

Fourth slap of reality: now that the above foundations have been thoroughly torn up and burned, women are indeed parasites - ironically. Ungrateful ones at that. They are no longer symbiotes, providing worth in return for help from their husband. Instead they are greedy harpy's who have learned that they can mistreat their host, abandon him, and still parasitise off him while chasing around and having fun. Kids are optional, just another possession to have, often "never at all".

Fifth and final slap of reality: unfortunately for women as a whole, the Man as host is beginning to realise that women on the whole are parasites. Thus he treats all women as parasites: pump and dump, not doing anything for her, ignoring her completely, etc. This affects even the potentially "good" women - because Men no longer trust that any are good. Parasites hide very well, the "better" breed is highly likely to simply be a better-camouflaged breed.

I confess to a small sadness when I realised this and as I write this. The smallest vestige of nostalgia in me, yearning towards a mythical Golden Age between Men and Women. A yearning for a family that isn't fucked up and worthless. A yearning for a society which members have a staunch pride in themselves and their community.

Now there's only men and women, all basically broken and dysfunctional. The women continue to attempt their parasite behaviour in the guise of a symbiote - the man realising that there's nothing really there for him, so deciding to use the parasite for the only purpose that it is good for: slaking his sexual needs. Women's commonly-remarked-on revolting behaviour and mental warpedness precludes anything more for the sane and aware man.

There is no repair in sight when the woman refuses to admit that she's simply a filthy bloodsucking leech: and in fact glorifies in it (Eat, Pray, Fuck - until he gets his Green Card and is outta there).

Life's So Hard

Here is the time that a stay-at-home mother works:

• 1 hour a day for cooking

• 1 hour a day for cleaning

That's it on the whole. Only 2 hours a day of work. Such a hardship.

"But wait! It takes longer to do the washing than 1 hour!" Wrong, you just stick it into the washing machine - put in the soap - select the cycle - then walk away. Once or twice in a week. Then you take it out and throw it into the dryer and choose the cycle and walk away - if you're too lazy or the weather is wrong for hanging it out in the sun. It might take an hour to iron, yet realistically most women don't bother for most of that.

"It takes longer than an hour to vacuum!" Don't bother lying. I have a 4-bedroom home and it takes me half an hour once or twice a week. More if I get out the mop and wash the polished wooden floors in the kitchen and laundry. It might take a half-hour to wipe down the windows and windowsills and dust in one room, then it's fine for a week at least.

"But the kids make a mess in the place!" If they're spilling food everywhere and tracking mud through then you're not disciplining them right - spank their fuckin' ass so that they learn proper habits and manners. If they're throwing their toys and clothing everywhere then stop picking up after them, spank their ass, and make them put it away themselves.

"I need to watch the baby!" So? You mean that you have to keep an eye on them every second of the day? Bullshit, reality is that you call up a friend and the two of you get together and chat while playing peekaboo with the kidlets as they're crawling around on the floor or in the grass. It hardly takes 1% of your attention and brainpower. (If it does then you have to be subnormal - stop playing with the crayons and picking your nose.)

A simple 2 hours a day of work, what utter hardship. I spend more time doing stuff in the garden and back yard on the weekend, sweating to clean up overgrown plants and mow and paint and plan and build the cute little gazebo and paths that you want. Two hours a day? Hah.

The crowning glory though: feminism taught you women that you need careers to be fulfilled.

Now you do the same 9+ hour workday that we men always had to do. Now you suffer in 1 hour commutes that we men always had to do. Now you do that, so that you can "have it all" like us men. Then you marry those of us who "measure up to your standards" (make more money than you), bitch that we're not doing "our share" of the housework, and get in a huff when you can't be a stay-at-home mommy any more.

Because there are too many of you doing career work that was once men's work, so wages are lower than they should be. Competition's a bitch.

I have a small slice of schadenfreude, spiced with your whining tears, every day. It warms what you say is my small soul.

Small? My soul is large, greater than your own. I would happily have worked myself to death for a decent, loving wife who would stay at home - do simple things around the house - give me a grateful kiss for the life of ease that I'd be giving her - be happy to raise our children - and shag me rotten, filled with lust and love and gratitude for the life of ease and protection that she and her children have.

Too late. Its broken. Your whining about your hardship has taught men the sucking and ungrateful void that is your nature, that is your soul.

The genie is out of the bottle, the damage is done, your perfidious nature is on display for all to see. We men do look, pointing things out to each other, laying our hands upon the gears and levers and readouts. "See? Here. And here. And here. You get it, mate? Good - be warned. They're all like that. Don't expect different from any of them."

We watch detached, as you play your little social games of one-upmanship and cutting remarks. We take our notes. We make our judgements. We dig through your inconsistencies. We find the truths hidden by the lies.

We see that the Empress has no clothes, and we know why, and we know the reason behind the why.

Wasted Inheritance

A while back I watched a video by Captain Capitalism (called "I paid into the system") where he said that the Baby Boomer generation wasted their own money and the inheritance from their parents. That they had nothing left for retirement because they pissed it away having a good time, voting themselves subsidies and aid, doing socialist program's, etcetc. It was a good rant with many good points.

While I agree with him, I've been wondering why they did this dipshit stuff. What influenced them to do this. What was the root cause that made them ultimately become the irresponsible Free Love generation, flower-power children, drop out and all, et-fucking-cetera.

Aaron states that the WW2 generation went through a ton of shit war-wise (50% GDP went to the war effort), had austerity out their assholes, through the depression, and still came out with a ton of stuff. They were fuckin' rich for their times. The Baby Boomers and us? Not so fuckin' much these days. We literally can't move up in the workforce because the Baby Boomers can't retire, because they have no money, etc. This has been simmering at the back of my mind for a time, a curiosity as to what caused it.

The "conventional wisdom" (different sources) is that each generation rebels against the prior generation's values. They go to opposites, extremes, etc - in an effort to be different from their parents. To rebel. I have to call bullshit on this. This cannot be a generational thing for a simple reason: when life is tough you don't collectively rebel and drop everything and go do something completely stupid. Even when it's easy you don't do it either.

In the old days families were very focused on building up wealth for themselves and their offspring. Dynasties amongst the middle and upper classes were a serious thing to develop. While families got soft after a few generations and lost or wasted their wealth, while a few people without any sense pissed things away - certainly an entire generation didn't up and do it spontaneously! There had to be something specific, or several specific social changes, that caused it.

Surprisingly I might have found an answer in my reading of The Garbage Generation. While it's going to sound like yet more female-bashing: it looks like it might have been caused by feminism. Here's how.

I'm a third of the way through and the author shows that the rise of feminism has it's roots in the upper-middle classes. A life of ease, the basics of Maslow's Heirarchy satisfied, time for leisure - and wifey starts feeling unfulfilled in her coddled lifestyle. There must be something more to life. She yearns to go and find more meaning - to Find Herself™ (sound familiar much).

Good old Betty Friedan in 1963 had a whinge about living in her pampered lifestyle, complaining about a "problem with no name", because she was filled with a sense of ennui, a lack of meaning in her existence. Being a devout materialist she couldn't see that it was a blessing rather than a curse, causing her to hate her pampered lifestyle. She even sneered at other women for their "parasitical lifestyle", which she herself also had.

So she taught women that they could have it all - sex, career, family - that it was okay to divorce the hubby and then live off him like a parasite. Amusing. There we have it, the seeds of the pissing away of wealth. Dissatisfied women reading about other fabulous women who had it all - quietly and ironically still at the expense of the ex-husband. So they went to go find themselves also, again at the expense of the ex-husband.

Upset that it didn't really work out as they'd been told, they kept pissing away money in a frivolous search for material meaning instead of in a search for spiritual meaning: ironically instead of moving up the Heirarchy of Needs they actually moved down and dragged other women down with them. More ironic is the way that they hate men for giving them the freedom to do this.

Is this all of it? Not by miles. It was most likely the very beginnings though. Leftist socialist crap became the normal thought, it's for the children (actually for women's social safety-net), I deserve X Y Z because I'm a woman, entitlement and victim mentality - pfft.

Dissatisfaction, one crazy woman at a time. Pissing her money away in a search for physical fulfilment when it's a spiritual fulfilment that she should be looking for. Sucking ex-hubby's wallet dry because two separate definitely cannot live as cheaply as two together. Especially when more is needed for the children (actually her drinking and cocaine addictions, plus keeping the bad boys she is fucking to try and feel something inside her other than a great sucking nothing).

Yeah, pissed it away all right. From this irresponsibility there is only bad examples, many damaged children who will repeat the process, and a lingering bitterness for the next few generations.

Enjoy the multi-trillion dollar decline.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Go Out and Live

These days as I look around, I see the people who go to the clubs and bars. No surprise, being that I was a former dancer. It's where dancers go to find some space, show off the talents, etc.

Too many people though: they forget that there's more.

So a lot of men are doing things intelligent like going to bars - getting stinking drunk - and their "experience" of life involves experiencing the hangover and vomiting for the next two days. Leaving them working for 5 days so that they can be piss-blind-drunk for two days. The girls they pick up and fuck in said bars are very much the same types.

What a depressing existence.

That said, I see little point to marrying any woman. Are they going to raise children? Unlikely: they're either dead-focused on their careers or are as above, getting blind-drunk every weekend and taking whatever random cock they can in every oriface. Generally both. Thank you Belle Starr for your inspiration of how to do this properly.

If they are going to try and raise children, are these women really capable of doing this? In both instances the odds are very high that they aren't.

What fulfilling lives they lead.

So us men are left looking at these peculiar, warped, messed-up excuses for women and honestly wondering if it is worth telling women that they're not worth "manning up" for, let alone supporting them and having children with them. I'm not gonna get into the whole fatties, implanted hardware, tattoos, psycho, shitty marriages, frivorce threat, cash and prizes, etc thing. It's been done to death repeatedly already.

There just isn't anything worth making an effort for. Even if it looks good on the outside, the inside is almost guaranteed to be rotten.

You might as well pay a prostitute, at least they won't earbash you and will leave when done. Either way, you pay for the sex: whether dates or directly. Ironically it's probably the most honest interaction with a woman that you are going to have these days. The looks are going to be decent and the sex guaranteed, a minimum of hassle, etc. Win.

So we do our own shit. Play video games in the 'rents basement, go build up a notch-count, get good at something geeky/nerdy. It's really something to occupy the time from day-to-day. Go surf /b on 4chan, watch porn, watch TV, get drunk, a new high score in the latest Grand Theft Auto, take drugs, surf the Manosphere, whatever. Anything to fill the empty moments of what seems like a futile and pointless existence.

Is there a wonder that young male suicide rates are 4x that of girls.

I do suggest something else, though. Go learn something. Could be the dumbest, weirdest, silliest thing. Could be a language. Make something. Try to put together your own business. Go walking or hiking. Go explore your country. Go overseas.

Go experience life.

Do it for yourself, not to attract girls or the like. While I do like Roosh's take on doing these things, I think that they should be done for their own sake. Get out there and experience different things in life. It makes life worth the living. It gives you stories to tell. It makes you interesting - if you want to bother letting anyone know these things.

We've already figured out how pathetically shallow most people are.

You don't have to fly overseas to do something different. Hell, in America you can do a month-long road-trip and see a shitload of different things. Sleep in the car, piss in the desert, watch the sun rise over a lake or river or sea or mountains. If you happen to have a girl with you, fuck like rabbits at the start and end of each day. Celebrate being alive, doing something, experiencing something.

Same in Europe, Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand. There are thousands of things just in your own country to see. Many things within a weekend trip. Unless you live on an island in lalaland or are in a prison-state, you can go do something different somewhere.

One time in America, I was in the middle of a howling thunderstorm and pelting rain, lightning cracking across the sky, while changing the damn tyre on a pickup truck. Saturated to the skin, I had to be somewhere else. I witnessed a couple of guys pull guns at a car accident in Austin. I've watched the stars at night in the New Mexico desert when there literally wasn't another person for fifty miles, and watched the sun rise next morning with a bloody red sky heralding a storm to come. I've sat on a runway while the airport fixed an elevator damaged by lightning, with more lightning splitting the night sky.

Ive walked through 45-Celsius heat. I've seen mesa's. I've smelled the desert at different times of the day and night. I've walked through Redwood forests. I've bathed in natural hot springs. I've swum in oceans and lakes and rivers many, many times. I've walked through the Black Forest in Germany. I've been in a mountain fortress in Czechlovakia. I could have spent my birthday at Stonehenge if I hadn't had to fly out that day. I've been through many, many museums and art galleries.

Get hot, cold, wet, windblown, sunburned, insect-bitten, tired, whatever. Do it for yourself. Be alive.

Wilful Ignorance and Taking Advantage


Yeah, right.


IF they can get away with it.

To make it easier to get away with it, a woman might lie to you. These are the overt users, liars, etc. The sluts, the bad women, the whores, etc.

Then there are the so-called "good" women: the ones who have no overt intention to steal from you or take advantage. They aren't doing it consciously.

Instead they lie to themselves, unconsciously.

So you aren't being overtly taken advantage of. Instead, you go out on say a half-dozen dates before she "realises" that you aren't the one for her. Dates that you have paid for.

Don't try to tell me that's not using someone. Conscious or not.

Solution? Who knows for sure. When you let her pay though: at least you know for certain that she's interested in you, in being around you, not so interested in using you and your money.

Then you can decide whether to move on from there.

Women's Dialectic

Okay, I decided that it was worth putting up this method that is popularly known as Hegel's Dialectic - with a kind of example. It's always good to review and refresh the stuff in my head as well.

Technically it goes in steps like this: thesis + antithesis = synthesis. Then you repeat, using the synthesis as the new thesis: thesis + antithesis = synthesis 2. And so on: thesis + antithesis = synthesis 3.

Now this don't mean a whole lot to the average Joe like me, so I had to try and translate it to make it more common sense. Academia, dry and obscure bastards at times. After some thought it came out like this: truth + lie = compromise. Compromise is the worst bit, because you then get caught up where they say that the compromise is really the "new truth" and repeat it. Ad nauseum.

So you go: truth + lie = half-truth. Half-truth + lie = quarter-truth. Quarter-truth + lie = eighth-truth. Eighth-truth + lie = sixteenth-truth. Etc.

Eventually you get to compromise-n/nth-truth and everything looks like it's been passed through a carnival's funhouse mirrors, sprung through a kaleidoscope, and you're wondering how the fuck you got into this situation.

Like when you look back at yourself before marriage and wonder how you changed step-by-step from a relatively strong guy into a spineless man who goes "yes dear" all the time. It's actually quite the wincer when you realise that it's happened to you.

I had to grow extra arms to show how much I failed. I suppose that there's the consolation-prize of at least having had the opportunity to try and the balls to make a decent go of it. Even if it was ultimately futile and stupid.

Any rate, a real-world example of this. One that even feminists and women can understand (because they're in the process of doing it right now):

1 in 4 women are raped on college campuses

To (currently): 1 in 3 women are sexually assaulted on college campuses (note that it's sexual assault, not rape - this is designed to broaden the boundaries of what is rape yet again)

It will become: 1 in 2 women are assaulted on college campuses (all assaults, not just sexual assaults and rape - c whut they did thar)

Eventually it will become: all women are harassed on college campuses (where this is the equivalency of rape - harassment and assault and sexual assault and rape are all conflated, added together)

BUT! It will be translated to (in the common mind) as: ALL MEN ARE RAPISTS!

I wouldn't be surprised if they started banning men from college completely. It's too dangerous for these women to have men around. Higher learning will not be a bastion of progress - it will transform overwhelmingly, step by step, into a religion of feminist studies which suck the money out of women's and their parents pockets.

Men will be expected to marry these brainwashed women and pay off the remaining charges incurred by these women in their willing brainwashing. This even though these men are all rapists and cannot be allowed to be amongst these girls in college, they are still expected to man-up and marry those whores. Much of this is already happening.

The best part is that even the beginning statistic of 1 in 4 is already an outright and long-disproven lie. Even though disproven it's still a meme. Everybody accepts it, it's a given truth in the public mind.

At any rate, there you have your example of twisting reality to the point where it's nothing at all like the original truth: "some rapes occur on college campuses". Plus projecting it a few steps further into more frightening trends for the future.

You really think it won't happen? You still think there's no poison out there? You still think that we're not fucked?

Belle Starr Rising

It gets yet better - from the bastion of slut-enablement culture itself, Cosmopolitan:

(Yeah I spelled slut wrong - I corrected it, then it struck me as funny to leave it like that. I'm easily amused.)

Yes, she rises yet more, being put up on a pedestal with spotlights as a paragon of the sluttitude that all women should rise and aspire to.

Even better: she updates the hoary old statistic that 1-in-4 women get sexually assaulted on campus. It is now - wait for it! - 1-in-3 women get sexually assaulted on campus.

Soon it will be updated yet again to 1-in-2 women...and then finally, ALL WOMEN GET ASSAULTED ON CAMPUS! Yes, all men are rapists. You heard the ludicrous prediction here.

I will have to put up a little post showing an example of how women use Hegelian Dialectic to twist reality the way that they want it. It's quite amusing, once you've gotten the idea in your head and don't let yourself get distracted by their irrelevancies.

I think that this situation might have put me past the event-horizon of silliness that I can tolerate. And past the point of which I will take any woman seriously. It's not going to be a position of "everything she says is cute" - rather, everything she says is ludicrously silly. Simply and utterly not worth listening to. A child prating on about irrelevancies. Pathetic.

Feminism has well-and-truly jumped the shark. They openly bathe in the poison now, and Real Men™ are supposed to like it.

Real Divorce Rate

I was talking with a lawyer that I know last night down the local pub. No I didn't try to pick her up, I learned long ago that certain types of women are a higher class of predator - this is one of those types. I LJBFd her over a year ago.

Any rate, she told me that the actual divorce rate is higher than reported. From memory it's like 45% here in NZ - well that ain't the real rate. According to her its more like 80-90%.

I suppose that she would know, being in the biz. Her bread and butter and all, she does a lot apparently. Truth or lies? I'd be interested if anyone else knows any lawyers who are willing to spill that kind of statistic.

Either way I just got a lot more paranoid.

Got another post in the works, will have to change it slightly.

Thursday 13 March 2014

Belle Starr Redux

It just gets better.

Hi dad! Welcome home! I'm a pornstar!

Reminds me of the scene in Pump Up The Volume, playing the song in the jeep:
Hi dad! Happy birthday! I'm in jail! In jail!
I like it here! It's nice! I like it here!
In addition to that, her story changes like the weather. One moment she was cut off, another moment it's because she didn't want to impose a severe hardship on her parents. Probably for a worthless degree in Liberal Arts, too.

Truly precious.

Also: her parents won't cut her off! They won't demonise her! No disowning for you girl, you will always be our precious little pornstar princess!

Awwwwwwww ain't that cuuuute!

Parents, you can now expect your daughters to become pornstars - plus they'll expect you to fully support them in their chosen career as a hole to be publically violated for the entertainment of the masses. Their entitled mentality will demand it. If you won't support them - why! - you are an awful parent!

This story, above any, makes me long for the social backlash which will demand women be locked away for both their own good and the good of the husband and parents reputation. Welcome to the poison, it gets darker and more distilled every day.

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Delusion and Denial and Stripped Gears of the Mind

Every now and then I run across a gem.

Spot the mental disconnects and stripped gears in this attention-whore's mind.

Excuse me while I down a few more drops of poison. All the better to flavor the coming schadenfreude.

Names and Google

You may notice if my name changes suddenly. This is a direct consequence of Google deciding that nobody is entitled to anonymity and probably privacy, so I had to chuck my name in. This'll be so the NSA and suckass courts can get my real name if they decide that I'm a "big bad terrorist" or have pissed off some femcunt who decides to make a whining complaint that I hurt her feeeeeelings.

Bunch of chickenshit politically-correct cunt-kissing pussy-on-a-pedestal maggots.

So to unlock my account and do stuff with this blog (say to download a copy of it and put up the page of books) I was forced to put in my name. Even to get into my fucking gmail account, which contains such politically-dangerous stuff as: exercise regimes, food regimes, the above-said books, survival stuff (how to do home-canning and dry meat), business-learning-related emails, et-fucking-cetera.

Enjoy the bowing and scraping to your new overlords. I've often wondered about Google - their Rose Colored Glasses view of the world. Their fucktardism with Google Glass was another indication, blogged about earlier. This one is getting close to Jumping the Shark™.

It's very easy to have a happy-dappy image of the world when you're at the uppermost level of the freedom-and-technology stack. Living a year in the ghetto or growing up in gang-central would cure that shit. Also in oppressive countries with proven records of human rights violations. This is a very poorly-thought-out requirement on their part, begging for some KGB/Red Army/whatever request for the real names of all *these* accounts to be slapped on them. On pain of being expelled from the country with penalties and sanctions.

At any rate, don't be surprised if this blog stops being updated without warning. Trying to oust any dissent will simply drive it underground.

Welcome to the poison that people have to contend against.

List of Books

You can see in the menu that there's now a page with a list of books. They are websites that I've turned into epub's for posterity - so that if shut down they are not lost. Some also that I've found free on the web and am spreading.

Currently reading The Garbage Generation. Once done that will go up on the page also. It has interesting commentary about how the decline of Western civilisation is a reversion to primitivism and barbarism and an analysis of what is driving it, with annotations and references to studies.

Monday 10 March 2014

On Communication and Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs

From the commentary of one of Rollo's posts over at The Rational Male, GeishaKate brings up an interesting observation/comment:
Not really, Jeremy. The thought of being in a relationship with someone you don’t want to talk to doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If you aren’t excited to share things with them, learn their perspective, hear their thoughts, you’re just together for the arrangement of the relationship, not the actual person. If people are happy with that kind of structure, fine, but others are not satisfied with that. They’ve already transcended the basic Maslovian needs or have even adapted to proceed without them.
I'm tempted to state that she's implying women are higher on the scale of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs. At any rate, my response was somewhat out of left-field from what I think she was expecting:
@GeishaKate – you have just described the typical hookup-culture/fuck-buddy/harem arrangement that has been de-facto created within today’s sexual marketplace. When young people are content with being in an arrangement where they aren’t excited with sharing things, learning perspectives, etc. They’re just together for sex, no more, and can go find another “partner” for that as and when desired.
The disconnect is when a woman then tries to act as though that arrangement were something more serious. Thus the “meaningful communication” problem that we are commenting about. There is no real interest in communicating with what happens to be a human-shaped vibrator, whether male or female. Certainly not at an early age.
This is partly why in the old days sex was in marriage only. It was taken very seriously. Much communication happened before that step occurred. I won’t go on ad-nauseum about the decline of marriage etc – that horse has been thoroughly beaten to death already. Various anecdotes and the like can be taken from all and sundry here and many other places in the Manosphere.
So yes, proper communication between the sexes is important from the perspective of marriage and the long-term raising of strong sons and worthwhile daughters. When there is no intent for true long-term (lifetime) commitment then there is no desire for true communication from either sides of the sexual equation.
From this situation the irritation from the male side of the equation erupts when the female side attempts to effectively change the arrangement – and the male doesn’t think that she’s worth the effort of doing so. Or the male does not trust the fidelity of the female. Nobody can be bothered entering a contract that is made in bad faith by one party because it is incentivised to be broken (millions of examples).
It therefore appears that the decline of marriage and the rise of hookup culture go hand-in-hand. Also the decline in real communication between the sexes. When there is no intent from an early age to seriously do the “til death do us part” thing, for either sex, attempting to switch tracks after 30 years of life is a dismal failure.
You mention Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs. From the male perspective there is no security these days in the Security of the Family (second level). Most males come from broken homes, where “daddy” is one of several men who share mommy’s bed as and when desired.
On the third level there is no Love/Belonging with Family and Sexual Intimacy. Again there is no safety: that Love/Belonging can be removed at a whim. Legally. The earliest example of this being when mother beats down on dad and/or they get divorced. Things shared and involved in the sexual intimacy are used as ammunition to get her way within or to end the relationship.
So men fall back to the most basic level and develop themselves from there:
His Physiological needs for sex get met.
His Safety is developed for the self only and especially involves protection from the female and often from former family members.
His Love/Belonging is restricted to friends, some select family members, and does not involve other females or the building of your own family.
His Esteem and Self-Actualisation levels are developed by and for themselves, no woman required or desired for that.
Result: massive social dysfunction, as we see around ourselves now. Women left in the icy cold situation of having to fend completely for themselves, no man to provide for any parts of her Heirarchy of Needs.
It is of no moment to the man who has developed himself when she suddenly decides that she wants to do certain things in her life, that she is now “ready” for them. That she wants to do them with him. Or that she finds his developed self to be absolutely awesome, attractive, wonderful, etc.
He has developed thoroughly without her. Remember the wild Bonsai from another discussion.
I’ll stop it here, this is getting tremendously long. @Stingray – this seems continuation of prior. Might be of use/interest to you.
I think that this is plenty enough as a starting-framework for you readers to do your own thought and research to reach your own conclusions. Enjoy!

Saturday 8 March 2014

Scorched Earth Option

It's a saying that after marriage, a woman changes. There is so much truth to that saying that it's not funny.

There's also a saying that after marriage, it's time to change the man. Many women are so stupid that they attempt this before marriage - take it as a sign of what after marriage will be like.

It is a definite truth that women will NOT leave you in peace. Once they've gotten their hooks into you then she will attempt to make you dance on her strings.

Now, if you've gotten married to a woman like this you may feel as though you have no options. She certainly thinks so, which is why the abuse ramps up after marriage.

Trust me you do have an option: the Scorched Earth option.

While it's painful as fuck, it is infinitely better than letting her walk away with everything in the cash and prizes stakes. Be clear: anyone who pushes things into the territory of divorce is not worthy of the most basic of considerations. It is almost better to destroy everything and then walk away clean and clear.

From personal experience they become way more amicable and pleasant about things when you make it plain that destruction of everything is in the cards. She can suck her head in, act like an adult, and get a little something - vs there being nothing left at all for either of you. Even she knows that you can do vastly better at beginning again from scratch than she can.

Pre-nups are not a viable defense: they are only a warning if she screams her head off when you broach the subject. Your only viable defense is not owning things and having minimal income. Best is if you can control wealth via trusts and the like, without actually owning.

Update: from my post about the real divorce rate, it sounds like there are a lot more people using the scorched earth option than I thought. That's gotta worry Princess when she hits the time-to-settle-down-and-can't-find-a-Beta stage of her life: men are wising up a lot.

Friday 7 March 2014

Disrespect Is Rife

Our society is saturated with both covert and overt disrespect of the male. It includes things like:

• slyly cutting remarks

• condescending attitudes

• gossip and backstabbing

• open sneering

• off-the-cuff dismissal

• depictions of males as useless dribbling idiots vs females being hyper-competent

In fact, one of the best depictions of this latter has been an advertisement that I've seen on youtube: a man collapsing exhausted from work, vs a woman happy and smiling while juggling a baby and a work-related phone-call and obviously hyper-competent. It was advertising deodorant. Sex sells for men, confidence and competence sells for women.

Men take note, fake that confidence 'till you make it.

At any rate we are steeped in this daily, from every quarter. Every man has to inoculate himself, resist the social conditioning, as best he can. We are truly alone in this: most women have no clue what they're doing, plus after a lifetime they're conditioned to be less-than-pleasant towards men anyway. If you're lucky you might find another man of similar thoughts to bounce ideas of and to be a gang-mate.

Welcome to the poison, don't let it get you down. You're not as helpless as you might think.

Don't Give A Fuck

As I do my gym session, they play videos. The usual bullshit which glorifies women as being the prize, even for gangsta idiots on the make. At least two thirds of the videos are done by women celebrating the sluttitude of their lives and how all the young wannabe women wish they could be them. Generally I'm usually appalled by the bullshit antics of these role-model cows. Sometimes it's amusing. More often these days it's boring and pathetic.

Tonight we had the latest feminist's wet-dream experiment in social control: some fat bitch doing the don't give a fuck be a slut thing. In fact part of the video was a note written to herself saying "don't give a fuck". On the whole I was rolling my eyes in amusement at the thing: a screwed-up mouth and freely-flipping-off-others fingers was supposedly her don't give a fuck attitude.

Men, expect this garbage to be flung your way. A backhander might be appropriate to cure this behaviour. As always, don't be afraid to walk away from people exhibiting it. You don't have time for this crap.

At any rate, the message was clear and completely fucking wrong. This retard, like all other feminists, mistakes antagonism and copping a bad attitude for not giving a fuck.

When you "don't give a fuck" you don't really care too much what people think of you on the whole. If they have a problem because of who and what you are, that's their problem. It's not going to affect your life in any particular or material manner. You're not going to change yourself just because someone says you should, for their own purposes.

Note the "for their own purposes" there. You should always strive to improve yourself, for your own purpose and gratification. Not anyone else's.

This is fairly much the mindset of the peter-pan boys and the MGTOW. You're interested in what you're doing, what others think of it is pretty-much a non-event. Especially it is not relevant whether they happen to approve or disapprove - most especially if the other person is a woman. It's just not relevant to your purposes and intent in life.

There it is, simple as day. Not giving a fuck isn't antagonism and copping a bad attitude. It's simply doing your own thing for your own enjoyment, never mind others opinions. There's no need to be a shitbag about it - just be relaxed, chill, and pleasant while you refuse to let someone mold you into the form of their opinions of what you should be.

I can imagine some dripshit moron somewhere down the track going: "You mean that a man should commit a rape if he wants to?" Or something similar. With an attitude the size of Africa, a White Knight complex the size of the moon, and less sense than a grain of sand. You can tell that I've had far more than the normal dealings with these retards. I guess that I'd better head the fucktard off at the pass.

No, ya fucking moron. If you want to get jammed in a ten-foot cell for twenty years while Bubba assfucks you on a thrice-daily basis then go for it. Otherwise use ya fucking brains and don't do stuff so stupid as to get you into that situation.

Thursday 6 March 2014

Save me from White-Knighting aspergy idiots

A month or so ago I slapped up a comment over on Return of Kings, to the effect that I particularly like women who text or call back promptly. The reason: she's showing a high level of interest. (So far as I'm concerned instead of jumping through hoops to "gain a woman's interest" you should be using Game as a filter to find the ones who actually are interested - and dealing only with them. Leave the lukewarm ho hum types as leftovers for someone else.)

Today some fucktard white-knighting anonymous cunt (actual sex unknown) up and wrote:
ever think that they were like, doing something else?
Oooookay. It's time to put some righteous smackdown on this moron. My response to this walking socially-retarded turd:
Ever think that maybe we men are like, fully cognizant and capable of recognising that girls do have to do things in life. Like work, sleep, eat, bathe, shit, etc. And that we make some *sensible* allowances for this type of thing, rather than being like that fucktard chick who goes "why haven't you responded to me :'( *sniffsniffcry*" after 14 texts in 5 minutes after midnight.
For commonsense example: "promptly" might be a couple hours when she checks her phone at lunchtime or after work or gym or the like.
Save me from white-knighting aspergy idiots like yourself who think that nobody else can *think* or *make allowances*.
This is the modern moronic and pussified excuse for a member of society. Says it fucking all don't it.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Listening to Women

Women have this stupid disconnect in their head. When they start feeling overwhelmed (it doesn't take much to overwhelm them, only a woman can truly turn a molehill into a mountain) they get this urge to spout the drivel and drek which is their lot in life to all and sundry.

Actually listening to that shit is the fastest way to become castrated that I can think of. Being forcefed drivel by a whining woman is a fast-track to your balls shrinking and climbing back into your body, your testosterone drying up, and the catalyst for manboobs.

However: there is no better indication that you are in her friendzone. It is a great heads-up which, even better, can be used as an excuse for breaking off all contact. If she's stupid enough to hunt you down, assuming that you want to answer her vapid and inane questions of why you're ignoring her, you can simply and honestly say:

"The pathetic things that you consider to be major obstacles in your pathetic life are so nauseatingly minor that I can no longer stand to hear you whine about them."

Then hang up or walk away.

It's all about your pathetic feelings about your pathetic life. It's all about you, you pathetic sack of shit who can't get anything together.

Yeah. We know it's not about the motherfucking nail.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Chivalry Isn't Dead

Not at all.

Like Esau traded his birthright for a mess of pottage, women as a whole traded chivalry in for their careers.

Some men haven't gotten the memo yet.