Wednesday 26 March 2014

A Woman's Dreams

Thought 1: Men are the ones who can make a woman's dreams come true. Whether it's through good genes or providing for her. Time has proven that they are spectacularly bad at it by themselves.

Thought 2: This makes the right man by far the most valuable thing to a woman. Despite feminist attempts at conditioning, women still desire men. Thus the whole making themselves pretty/hot BS that still goes on in the mating market.

Thought 3: Women seem currently incapable of assessing a man's worth directly. Thus the tendency to chase men who have caught the eye of other women.

Tentative Conclusion: When a woman plays too cool for school she's only hurting herself. At best it can work as a filter, at worst she's shooting herself in the foot. A creeping Beta will filter himself out while an Alpha man with any options at all will laugh in her face and go elsewhere. Either shows the limits of this filter.

Keep this in mind. Take zero shit from her. She's nothing more than a notch until she proves herself as being worth more.

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