Thursday 27 March 2014

Fuck Your Political Correctness

In conjunction with: Fuck Your Equality

Yep, you can shove your PC bullshit up your ass. Choke on it, you female PC police. You are maggots who are of zero worth in the real world.

Keep it up, piss off the Real Men™ in this world. When we become tired of your bullshit and walk away, you can figure out which of you skilled specimens would like to:

• dig oil, refine it to petrol, and transport it to distribution centres
• dig ore, refine it, turn it into cars, and move them to showrooms
• milk cows, pasteurise the milk, and transport it to distribution centres
• pick coffee beans, roast and grind them, and transport them to distribution centres

All so you can drive downtown to where your local barista can provide your delicately-manicured hands with lattes while your delicately-painted lips can drop delicately-worded turds of thought with the other delicately-displayed "girl-friends" who will happily stab you in the back. As you will happily stab them in the back.

Hat-tip to my mate who was given shit for being a tradesman by two specimens of these turds. His crime: saying hello. Perhaps he should have made sure that the $50k chiller is broken, so their Friday-night happy-hour beer-and-cocktails are warm.

May their cunts rot out with the diseases they pick up on the Cock Carousel, as their minds have rotted-out with the filth that is entitlement and feminism.

1 comment:

  1. In the Eastern Bloc, an application of their politically correct thinking to science was called Lysenkoism. A BS collectivist theory which was expected to replace Darwinism as too much focused on competition for the tastes of ruling "elites". Makes one wonder what the feminism-approved alternative might look like...