Saturday 22 March 2014

Women Can Shoot Themselves Down

Yeah, they can do it all right. A good number of women seem to be quite socially inept - it seems to be the types who were hotter in their younger days. I suppose that you can't blame them, when somebody laughs with you and kisses your ass all the time - you don't have any need to actually become properly social when every man will automatically give you the pussy-pass for dumb shit.

It's kind of sad when one of these types attempts to pick you up. Awkward to say the least. You try to give them a little help and they're stumbling, don't really know what to say. Eventually I decided to simply be pleasant and otherwise ignore her. There isn't much else you can do when she's coming across as only interested in you as a walking wallet.

Amusingly enough, once I'd decided "nah" and my body-language switched to "not really interested" mode she seemed to relax. She actually managed to communicate then - though I got a feeling of wistfulness from her. An odd sensation.

I wonder how the current early-twenties girls are going to act once they hit the wall. They already make me wince when they open their mouths, a mix of foulness and attitude. We'll see how things go - we live in interesting times indeed.

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