Friday 21 March 2014

One Thousand Years of Punishment

One thousand years of punishment? Really?

Some people are so mentally disturbed that it's a wonder nobody has thrown them into an asylum and lost the key.

Here is some "philosopher" that I think is mentally-sick - she thinks it is perfectly okay to punish criminals in various ways for thousands of years: Rebecca Roache

And here is a mainstream news source with a "journalist" who I think has the same mentally-sick mindset - she thinks that this is something that is notable, worthwhile and newsworthy: Rhiannon Williams

I'm not sure which disturbs me more: that a philosopher immediately thought of using this type of technology for punishment rather than enhanced learning, that the mainstream media decided it was a good idea to put it up on their website as being newsworthy, or that both seemingly think that returning 1000 years of distilled essence of hatred back into the community is A Good Thing™. All three thoughts seem to me to show tremendously lacking social acuity and awareness and concern.

The fact that the philosopher involved writes (blogs) on Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford must be an especial blow to the prestige of that revered academy.

Please note that the philosopher Rebecca Roache's post did not claim that she was in charge of a team of scholars examining this scenario (as claimed in the Telegraph UK's article by Rhiannon Williams). She said merely that it was a dialogue that should be opened for discussion and debate.

I am glad to see that the article has been somewhat addressed by a man on the same blog: Luke J Davies. I can understand his mild-seeming response: as an anonymous blogger I can say things that would instantly ruin his career, and in more scathing tones should I choose. At least SOMEONE in that institution took note though.

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