Saturday 15 March 2014

Wilful Ignorance and Taking Advantage


Yeah, right.


IF they can get away with it.

To make it easier to get away with it, a woman might lie to you. These are the overt users, liars, etc. The sluts, the bad women, the whores, etc.

Then there are the so-called "good" women: the ones who have no overt intention to steal from you or take advantage. They aren't doing it consciously.

Instead they lie to themselves, unconsciously.

So you aren't being overtly taken advantage of. Instead, you go out on say a half-dozen dates before she "realises" that you aren't the one for her. Dates that you have paid for.

Don't try to tell me that's not using someone. Conscious or not.

Solution? Who knows for sure. When you let her pay though: at least you know for certain that she's interested in you, in being around you, not so interested in using you and your money.

Then you can decide whether to move on from there.

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