Tuesday 4 March 2014

No Good Men

An unending drone. "There are no good men left." "Where are all the real men." "There are no successful men around for me."

As if their successes mean that a man who is successful should automatically give his sweat, blood, and diesel to her.

Let us dissect this massive shit test. Yes, shit test. Settle down and think about it.

When a woman drops this steaming turd on you, what is your immediate gut reaction? To reassure her that she is wrong, there are still good men out there, etc etc ad nauseum.

Bad move - you've walked into her frame and are now paying her attention, giving her validation and reassurance, all that good crap. You are defending yourself, and your fellow-men, from being shit on by someone who has just said that all the men (especially the unattached ones) of her acquaintance are crap that is not worthy of her time and attention and special wonderfulness.

She has said to your face that you are crap. A massive covert signal of disrespect. And there you are like a good whiny little bitch, supplicating to her and kissing her ass: "Oh no! There are many good men out there!" You are acting like she is the Princess, up on a pedestal, the prize to be sought. She is right and you've just proved it by trying to kiss her ass: you are crap that is not worthy of being called a man.

A better response: "Tough fucking shit." Congrats, you've just nuked that cunt from orbit. Now walk away and ignore her.

Other appropriate go-to's: "Fuck off and whine elsewhere." "Not my fucking problem." "That's your fucking problem." "Eat a dick."

If you want to gently slit the hamster's throat: "Put like that, I can understand why you can't find a man." When she gets pissy about it, look surprised and say: "Apologies, I must have misunderstood you. I thought you said that you were having trouble finding a quality man. Surprising, you seem like a great catch."

Put a little salve on the wound and the hamster won't even know that it's dead. You might even get to fuck her if that's what you want.


  1. "There are no good men left."
    "Good enough for you, right?" *smirk*

    "Where are all the real men."
    "Perhaps at the same place where all the real women went to." *smirk*

    1. Heheheh! Yeah, stick the knife in and twist it hard.

      "Where can I find a good man?"
      "Where can I find a good woman?"