Thursday 13 March 2014

Belle Starr Redux

It just gets better.

Hi dad! Welcome home! I'm a pornstar!

Reminds me of the scene in Pump Up The Volume, playing the song in the jeep:
Hi dad! Happy birthday! I'm in jail! In jail!
I like it here! It's nice! I like it here!
In addition to that, her story changes like the weather. One moment she was cut off, another moment it's because she didn't want to impose a severe hardship on her parents. Probably for a worthless degree in Liberal Arts, too.

Truly precious.

Also: her parents won't cut her off! They won't demonise her! No disowning for you girl, you will always be our precious little pornstar princess!

Awwwwwwww ain't that cuuuute!

Parents, you can now expect your daughters to become pornstars - plus they'll expect you to fully support them in their chosen career as a hole to be publically violated for the entertainment of the masses. Their entitled mentality will demand it. If you won't support them - why! - you are an awful parent!

This story, above any, makes me long for the social backlash which will demand women be locked away for both their own good and the good of the husband and parents reputation. Welcome to the poison, it gets darker and more distilled every day.

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