Saturday 15 March 2014

Go Out and Live

These days as I look around, I see the people who go to the clubs and bars. No surprise, being that I was a former dancer. It's where dancers go to find some space, show off the talents, etc.

Too many people though: they forget that there's more.

So a lot of men are doing things intelligent like going to bars - getting stinking drunk - and their "experience" of life involves experiencing the hangover and vomiting for the next two days. Leaving them working for 5 days so that they can be piss-blind-drunk for two days. The girls they pick up and fuck in said bars are very much the same types.

What a depressing existence.

That said, I see little point to marrying any woman. Are they going to raise children? Unlikely: they're either dead-focused on their careers or are as above, getting blind-drunk every weekend and taking whatever random cock they can in every oriface. Generally both. Thank you Belle Starr for your inspiration of how to do this properly.

If they are going to try and raise children, are these women really capable of doing this? In both instances the odds are very high that they aren't.

What fulfilling lives they lead.

So us men are left looking at these peculiar, warped, messed-up excuses for women and honestly wondering if it is worth telling women that they're not worth "manning up" for, let alone supporting them and having children with them. I'm not gonna get into the whole fatties, implanted hardware, tattoos, psycho, shitty marriages, frivorce threat, cash and prizes, etc thing. It's been done to death repeatedly already.

There just isn't anything worth making an effort for. Even if it looks good on the outside, the inside is almost guaranteed to be rotten.

You might as well pay a prostitute, at least they won't earbash you and will leave when done. Either way, you pay for the sex: whether dates or directly. Ironically it's probably the most honest interaction with a woman that you are going to have these days. The looks are going to be decent and the sex guaranteed, a minimum of hassle, etc. Win.

So we do our own shit. Play video games in the 'rents basement, go build up a notch-count, get good at something geeky/nerdy. It's really something to occupy the time from day-to-day. Go surf /b on 4chan, watch porn, watch TV, get drunk, a new high score in the latest Grand Theft Auto, take drugs, surf the Manosphere, whatever. Anything to fill the empty moments of what seems like a futile and pointless existence.

Is there a wonder that young male suicide rates are 4x that of girls.

I do suggest something else, though. Go learn something. Could be the dumbest, weirdest, silliest thing. Could be a language. Make something. Try to put together your own business. Go walking or hiking. Go explore your country. Go overseas.

Go experience life.

Do it for yourself, not to attract girls or the like. While I do like Roosh's take on doing these things, I think that they should be done for their own sake. Get out there and experience different things in life. It makes life worth the living. It gives you stories to tell. It makes you interesting - if you want to bother letting anyone know these things.

We've already figured out how pathetically shallow most people are.

You don't have to fly overseas to do something different. Hell, in America you can do a month-long road-trip and see a shitload of different things. Sleep in the car, piss in the desert, watch the sun rise over a lake or river or sea or mountains. If you happen to have a girl with you, fuck like rabbits at the start and end of each day. Celebrate being alive, doing something, experiencing something.

Same in Europe, Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand. There are thousands of things just in your own country to see. Many things within a weekend trip. Unless you live on an island in lalaland or are in a prison-state, you can go do something different somewhere.

One time in America, I was in the middle of a howling thunderstorm and pelting rain, lightning cracking across the sky, while changing the damn tyre on a pickup truck. Saturated to the skin, I had to be somewhere else. I witnessed a couple of guys pull guns at a car accident in Austin. I've watched the stars at night in the New Mexico desert when there literally wasn't another person for fifty miles, and watched the sun rise next morning with a bloody red sky heralding a storm to come. I've sat on a runway while the airport fixed an elevator damaged by lightning, with more lightning splitting the night sky.

Ive walked through 45-Celsius heat. I've seen mesa's. I've smelled the desert at different times of the day and night. I've walked through Redwood forests. I've bathed in natural hot springs. I've swum in oceans and lakes and rivers many, many times. I've walked through the Black Forest in Germany. I've been in a mountain fortress in Czechlovakia. I could have spent my birthday at Stonehenge if I hadn't had to fly out that day. I've been through many, many museums and art galleries.

Get hot, cold, wet, windblown, sunburned, insect-bitten, tired, whatever. Do it for yourself. Be alive.

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