Wednesday 12 March 2014

Names and Google

You may notice if my name changes suddenly. This is a direct consequence of Google deciding that nobody is entitled to anonymity and probably privacy, so I had to chuck my name in. This'll be so the NSA and suckass courts can get my real name if they decide that I'm a "big bad terrorist" or have pissed off some femcunt who decides to make a whining complaint that I hurt her feeeeeelings.

Bunch of chickenshit politically-correct cunt-kissing pussy-on-a-pedestal maggots.

So to unlock my account and do stuff with this blog (say to download a copy of it and put up the page of books) I was forced to put in my name. Even to get into my fucking gmail account, which contains such politically-dangerous stuff as: exercise regimes, food regimes, the above-said books, survival stuff (how to do home-canning and dry meat), business-learning-related emails, et-fucking-cetera.

Enjoy the bowing and scraping to your new overlords. I've often wondered about Google - their Rose Colored Glasses view of the world. Their fucktardism with Google Glass was another indication, blogged about earlier. This one is getting close to Jumping the Shark™.

It's very easy to have a happy-dappy image of the world when you're at the uppermost level of the freedom-and-technology stack. Living a year in the ghetto or growing up in gang-central would cure that shit. Also in oppressive countries with proven records of human rights violations. This is a very poorly-thought-out requirement on their part, begging for some KGB/Red Army/whatever request for the real names of all *these* accounts to be slapped on them. On pain of being expelled from the country with penalties and sanctions.

At any rate, don't be surprised if this blog stops being updated without warning. Trying to oust any dissent will simply drive it underground.

Welcome to the poison that people have to contend against.

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