Thursday 6 March 2014

Save me from White-Knighting aspergy idiots

A month or so ago I slapped up a comment over on Return of Kings, to the effect that I particularly like women who text or call back promptly. The reason: she's showing a high level of interest. (So far as I'm concerned instead of jumping through hoops to "gain a woman's interest" you should be using Game as a filter to find the ones who actually are interested - and dealing only with them. Leave the lukewarm ho hum types as leftovers for someone else.)

Today some fucktard white-knighting anonymous cunt (actual sex unknown) up and wrote:
ever think that they were like, doing something else?
Oooookay. It's time to put some righteous smackdown on this moron. My response to this walking socially-retarded turd:
Ever think that maybe we men are like, fully cognizant and capable of recognising that girls do have to do things in life. Like work, sleep, eat, bathe, shit, etc. And that we make some *sensible* allowances for this type of thing, rather than being like that fucktard chick who goes "why haven't you responded to me :'( *sniffsniffcry*" after 14 texts in 5 minutes after midnight.
For commonsense example: "promptly" might be a couple hours when she checks her phone at lunchtime or after work or gym or the like.
Save me from white-knighting aspergy idiots like yourself who think that nobody else can *think* or *make allowances*.
This is the modern moronic and pussified excuse for a member of society. Says it fucking all don't it.


  1. Sounds like an excuse that Mr White Knight hears a lot...

    1. Possibly, and I thought of saying that and similar things. I restrained myself. The reason being that I was coming perilously close to saying things like "I bet you aren't getting any" - just a hair away from following the default shaming-path of the mangina/fembot.

      Not a good thing to walk down that path, at least in my opinion. I strive to be better than that, though I'm certainly not perfect. I probably shouldn't have used that "like" in my response to the nong - it's condescending.