Monday 31 March 2014

Patriarchy Now?

Women hate hate hate being oppressed, they hate being judged,etc - it's the evils of Patriarchy, etc.

Or is it?

When you have feral women getting out of control - shitting, pissing, puking, and passing out in public spaces - screaming abuse at a guy because he asked her out - punching people and starting fights for their own entertainment - a thinking person has to ask himself what the hell is going on. Because now we are seeing the benefits of not having The Evil Patriarchy™ in action.

So what purpose did the Patriarchy actually serve? Ignoring the shrieking bullshit from the feminist harpies chanting "it was male oppression" blah fucking blah: because if that was true then it wouldn't have lasted for ten thousand years. It would have been overthrown many thousand of years ago - if it had ever gotten started at all.

So what actual purpose did Patriarchy serve for ten thousand years?

Let's have a look-see:

Girl: Ooooh he's so hot!

Mother: He'll get you preggers then leave you with the baby. Take a look at that boy instead, he's very responsible and will make you a good husband.

Father: He touches you girl, I'll stick his balls in a vice. No shitbag's gonna mess with my baby girl. Son, you turn out like him, I'll kick your fuckin' ass outta the house.

Son: Yes dad!

Ahah! So now we know why patriarchy was created: to rein in the impulsive. Of both sexes. To make young people act in certain ways (responsibly) for their own and society's benefit - like keeping a 2yo from sticking a fork into 240 volts and killing themselves. Cry and scream all you want kid, it's for your own good. Cry and scream enough and all you'll get is a belt around the arse. One way or another you'll learn, hopefully without killing yourself.

Then we got soft and started listening to the tantrums of the children. Shit oh dear, no wonder girls have gone feral. No wonder boys have become little maggots and emo pussies. Neither are being taught that sticking the fork into the socket is A Bad Idea™.

Though these days boys are getting the idea that getting a girl preggers is real stupid. Having your income garnished for the next 15 years is most definitely A Bad Idea™. Same for marriage and frivorce.

So The Evil Patriarchy™ is coming back to ad-hoc teaching boys what it is to be men and How To Not Fuck It Up™. Pity that nothing is happening to teach the girls the same - in fact, society is teaching them to become more feral.

Currently it's easier for feral women to whine rather than to suck it up and do things the right way - which is ultimately easier for them than the current. Whine enough and someone will stick a lolly (dick) in her mouth to shut her up. Whining is easy, especially when they've never been thumped around the ear and told to stick a fucking sock in it.

Brutal honesty time, being a loyal and loving stay-at-home mom is shitloads easier than being a single mommy who is living hand-to-mouth off government largesse. Especially when the wheels come off and the government largesse is suddenly gone.

Why might the wheels come off? Because single guys have learned that marriage is a crock - that they can live way cheaper than with a girl, especially than one with kids - and so they don't work themselves to the bone. Then the taxes they pay drop and there's suddenly less for the government largesse to the feral girls.

Ironic that the feral girls are actually destroying their government largesse. The faster it happens the better, by my thinking.

Then maybe they will learn that Patriarchy is a lot less shitty than they thought.

Edit: Further thought: Patriarchy, or guardianship?

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