Sunday 30 March 2014

Disturbing and Cynical

As you live life, you see more disturbing trends developing in society. Two of these stand out for myself:

• the prevalence of feral women

• the prevalence of pathetic men

Feral Women: these are the specimens who go hog-wild. You see them walk into the bar all snooty and too cool for school, you see them stagger out four hours later. They're no longer too cool for school. Instead they're slobbering on a guy they're attracted to. Or blowing three men in a bar, before heading to another bar. Or having a piss or shit on the side of the road. Or passed out, possibly in a pool of her own puke.

Pathetic Men: these are not men. They look at the above and are filled with sympathy (!) for the plight of these feral women. Yes, sympathy - instead of being disgusted and revolted. Most men have no standards now, doing anything for the slightest sniff of pussy. Because of this slack attitude we have an even greater problem with feral women. Sadly these pathetic men are letting themselves be used by these feral women, fuelling their own frustration.

So there's the disturbing trends developing. In fact they've been developing for years, decades even. I first ran across a girl having a shit on a public path over twenty years ago. This was during the middle of the day and beside a busy road.


Now, we have a cynical trend developing more overtly:

• using feral women to draw in pathetic men for profit

It's just another manifestation of the old "sex sells" paradigm. Understand, this is by no means new. Free entry into bars for girls, a cover charge for men. Promoters bringing groups of girls to bars. This has been going on for decades, it fills a bar with girls and the men are forced to pay to simply hang around the girls. Good luck on getting laid, have a beer to console yourself.

It works especially well on girls, who love-love-love being treated as if they were special. Too foolish and self-centered to realise that they're being taken advantage of by the cynical for a profit. This preferential treatment makes them more feral in natural consequence. Ironically this growing feralness is an indicator that these women are utterly unfit to be considered even remotely special: in fact they are dirt.

Now the marketers are becoming even more overtly cynical about this process: they actually put on trips specially for beautiful girls to fly to Vegas. The girls have to stick with the group, but hey, they get to partaaay all the way around Vegas - get fed, drinks, dance, at *the* places to be in Vegas. What more could a self-entitled slut want?

Of course, when a couple hundred girls go into a place as a group a man is likely to be thinking: "Hey less chance of a glut of guys! I'm in!" Ironically his chances of getting laid are less than if he'd gone to a typical sausage-fest bar: the girls leave the group, they're suddenly on the hook for food and a place to sleep and transportation back home. Oops, tough luck chuck. You'd better be a millionaire.

This isn't going to be the end of such cynicism: it will get worse. Girls will become more entitled. Men will become more pathetic - until eventually they become profoundly more cynical and opt-out.

Will the girls suddenly start wondering where the men are?

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