Monday 3 March 2014

Making An Awesome Life

Some guys simply don't get the idea behind having an awesome life™. They think that the point of being Alpha is solely to attract women.

This point of view is extremely short-sighted and naive.

The point of Alphaness is to have an amazing life without being controlled by women. Vapid types come and go, whatever happens YOUR life is awesome. If someone shows or not is irrelevant, if she's worth having around longer-term is irrelevant, the quantity or lack thereof of women is irrelevant.

Not being controlled by your dick is relevant. Not being a slave or fool is what's relevant (Rollo Thomassi did a post). Not making vagina the center of your world is what's relevant.

Ultimately, a woman should learn - have it driven deeply into her gut - that a vagina is not the most important thing in your world.

Similarly, men need that knowledge driven deep into their guts. Women come and go, yet they do not by themselves make your life awesome. When we as a group understand and embrace this - and it will only require 5-10% of men to realise - a fundamental shift will start to happen in society. Once this happens (if it does) then women will start to bend to conform as best they can.

It may be too late. Men no longer trust women as a group. The laws are far too much in favor of women (despite this man screwing over a rich woman with those very laws). It's amusing to read the whinging complaints - they sound much like the complaints of men who have been screwed over by the family courts.

Black knighting wins - I salute you for your strike against the mindset and laws which drip poisonously through society today. Every little counterstrike will help in turning the tide.

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