Monday 3 March 2014

Women and Careers

When are you women going to realise: a career does not hand out a husband.

You women state that you do not owe men anything. Nothing at all. Often with a snotty attitude.

Conversely, we men do not owe women anything. Not sex, not attention, and sure as fuck not commitment or use of our money/sweat.

Because we knocked you up with our bastard spawn? Piss off. If you want our help with them (especially money-wise because otherwise you "can't cope") then we have the majority say in the process. If we want nothing to do with them or you, tough fucking shit. Especially if you entrapped us. PS don't try to tell us it was a mistake: we know that the 40% whoopsie rate does not equate with the proven <1% failure rate for the Pill.

Fuck the government- and law-enforced bullshit too. When they go splat because of no revenue you can suck my dick for a few dollars for a meal. You established the prostitute arrangement, we will continue it.

However we are generally taught to be polite (women are not) so we don't make a huge issue of it. We just break up with you and find another, or even heading off elsewhere to do our own thing - though of course, if you give us an earful, we'll respond in kind.

Eventually our patience and tolerance will become so low that the response will be a punch in the teeth. I wonder if your looks can handle that.

Whyyyy caaaant I fiiiiind a maaaaaan!


  1. 40% in the first statistic is not about 100 times all-natural PiV vs. 100 times PiV on the Pill. Natural fertility is a variable too. Besides, some women on the pill have lessened libido (adding external estrogen analogue suppresses T production, to some extent), some choose having more sex without the pregnancy scare. What percentage of knocked up women declared being on the Pill while it happened? Not every "whoopsie" was on the Pill. It's difficult to find stats dealing with "apples vs apples" instead of "apples vs oranges". That would require two groups having as much similar habits (and physiology) as possible, just not about taking the Pill - a condition called "ceteris paribus". Different age groups have different habits regarding intercourse and anti-conception. The same goes for varying cultures, religious attitudes and differences in availability and financial burden of the Pill. In other words, quite a mess if someone were to examine the issue professionally.

    1. ...two groups of the same size...

    2. The 40% is not a measure between PiV of off vs on the Pill. It's from a medical study of all pregnancies across all demographics where that percentage was the amount of self-reported unexpected/unwanted pregnancies. Being on or off the pill was not mentioned, nor was the use of prophylactics. With the term "self-reported": it appears to my eye that they were not as unexpected/unwanted as stated to the researchers. I will presume that the medical study was not biased for any particular reason.

      I cannot claim to know of the availability of the Pill in America: I do know that it is subsidised in New Zealand and costs something like $6-9 for a three-month supply. That surprised my ex-wife (American). Condoms are reasonably cheap also - unless you're living in poverty.

      So a 1% * 3% failure rate (defect rate in bad condoms) is a fairly minuscule chance. Thus my considering it an unbelievably disproportionate whoopsie rate. Yes, sexual habits will play a part - they should not be that high though.

      These people seemingly don't care about getting pregnant (are irresponsible), are overwhelmed by the moment (also irresponsible if not teenager mommies with raging hormones), or do want these babies. At least that is my reasoning/conclusion and possibly-biased application of Occam's Razor.

      I will strenuously resist any assertations that 40% of all babies are born to ragingly horny teenage mommies or older women in the 40+ age bracket who don't think that they can have kiddies any more - yet it somehow magically happens. ;)