Wednesday 5 March 2014

Listening to Women

Women have this stupid disconnect in their head. When they start feeling overwhelmed (it doesn't take much to overwhelm them, only a woman can truly turn a molehill into a mountain) they get this urge to spout the drivel and drek which is their lot in life to all and sundry.

Actually listening to that shit is the fastest way to become castrated that I can think of. Being forcefed drivel by a whining woman is a fast-track to your balls shrinking and climbing back into your body, your testosterone drying up, and the catalyst for manboobs.

However: there is no better indication that you are in her friendzone. It is a great heads-up which, even better, can be used as an excuse for breaking off all contact. If she's stupid enough to hunt you down, assuming that you want to answer her vapid and inane questions of why you're ignoring her, you can simply and honestly say:

"The pathetic things that you consider to be major obstacles in your pathetic life are so nauseatingly minor that I can no longer stand to hear you whine about them."

Then hang up or walk away.

It's all about your pathetic feelings about your pathetic life. It's all about you, you pathetic sack of shit who can't get anything together.

Yeah. We know it's not about the motherfucking nail.

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