Friday 7 March 2014

Don't Give A Fuck

As I do my gym session, they play videos. The usual bullshit which glorifies women as being the prize, even for gangsta idiots on the make. At least two thirds of the videos are done by women celebrating the sluttitude of their lives and how all the young wannabe women wish they could be them. Generally I'm usually appalled by the bullshit antics of these role-model cows. Sometimes it's amusing. More often these days it's boring and pathetic.

Tonight we had the latest feminist's wet-dream experiment in social control: some fat bitch doing the don't give a fuck be a slut thing. In fact part of the video was a note written to herself saying "don't give a fuck". On the whole I was rolling my eyes in amusement at the thing: a screwed-up mouth and freely-flipping-off-others fingers was supposedly her don't give a fuck attitude.

Men, expect this garbage to be flung your way. A backhander might be appropriate to cure this behaviour. As always, don't be afraid to walk away from people exhibiting it. You don't have time for this crap.

At any rate, the message was clear and completely fucking wrong. This retard, like all other feminists, mistakes antagonism and copping a bad attitude for not giving a fuck.

When you "don't give a fuck" you don't really care too much what people think of you on the whole. If they have a problem because of who and what you are, that's their problem. It's not going to affect your life in any particular or material manner. You're not going to change yourself just because someone says you should, for their own purposes.

Note the "for their own purposes" there. You should always strive to improve yourself, for your own purpose and gratification. Not anyone else's.

This is fairly much the mindset of the peter-pan boys and the MGTOW. You're interested in what you're doing, what others think of it is pretty-much a non-event. Especially it is not relevant whether they happen to approve or disapprove - most especially if the other person is a woman. It's just not relevant to your purposes and intent in life.

There it is, simple as day. Not giving a fuck isn't antagonism and copping a bad attitude. It's simply doing your own thing for your own enjoyment, never mind others opinions. There's no need to be a shitbag about it - just be relaxed, chill, and pleasant while you refuse to let someone mold you into the form of their opinions of what you should be.

I can imagine some dripshit moron somewhere down the track going: "You mean that a man should commit a rape if he wants to?" Or something similar. With an attitude the size of Africa, a White Knight complex the size of the moon, and less sense than a grain of sand. You can tell that I've had far more than the normal dealings with these retards. I guess that I'd better head the fucktard off at the pass.

No, ya fucking moron. If you want to get jammed in a ten-foot cell for twenty years while Bubba assfucks you on a thrice-daily basis then go for it. Otherwise use ya fucking brains and don't do stuff so stupid as to get you into that situation.

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