Sunday 16 March 2014

Career Goals

The career choice of women: to become a parasite.

Did that slap of reality hurt?

Here's another slap of reality: I didn't say that first. It was said by Betty Friedan back in 1963. She was a kept woman, had all her physical needs met, had all her familial and emotional needs met...buuuut...she wasn't really satisfied...

So she decided it was because she was a parasite, that all other women were also parasites, that it was disgusting that they all should be parasites - and she ripped the living shit out of them left-right-centre. End result: women don't need a man, women are far more capable than men, you go girl, careerism, frivolous divorce going up, man bashing, man hate - all that good stuff we're slogging through right now.

What she didn't realise was that her problem wasn't a physical or emotional one, it was a spiritual one. By then though, spiritualism was OUT. Therefore it was a physical/emotional problem. It was something that could not be fixed by her husband, therefore it must be his fault. By extension, all men's fault.

When she accused women of being parasites, she struck at their most vulnerable spot: their fragile emotions. (I mean that sincerely, not in a snarky or shitty way. The most vulnerable spot in a woman is her emotions. Those emotions are the most valuable part of her, given her strong prior role with bringing up and empathising with her children. Ironically they are the most reviled and despised nowadays - especially because there is nothing reining them in when they go too out of whack.)

Here's a third slap of reality: good and strong women were not (and are not) parasites. Back in the day they were symbiotic with men. The two sexes had an exceptional relationship, at least in a general manner. Yes there were shitty husbands and wives - generally on the whole, though, their symbiotic relationship was good.

She provided good food, kept the living space to a decent standard, and ensured that their children had a worthwhile upbringing in a loving and safe place. He went out and did the soul-grinding same-old-same-old drudgery of working 12-18 hours a day. From that soul-destroying drudgery he came back with money or goods to support them, being rewarded with the joy of being cared for and sex once the children had gone to bed. Also self-pride in providing well.

It was a symbiotic relationship. She helped and produced and raised his offspring, he had the desire to provide and protect and shelter. These are the foundations of the relationship that built all civilizations. Once the children were grown and out the door, the continued relationship involved growing socially and spiritually. Both sides understood their sides of the symbiosis and took pride in them.

Parents looked out for their children, reined in the girl's impulses for the wrong types of men, because they loved their children and wanted what was best for them and their grandchildren. So ironically it was women, especially mothers and grandmothers, who were the staunchest enforcers and supporters of the "evils" of patriarchy.

Fourth slap of reality: now that the above foundations have been thoroughly torn up and burned, women are indeed parasites - ironically. Ungrateful ones at that. They are no longer symbiotes, providing worth in return for help from their husband. Instead they are greedy harpy's who have learned that they can mistreat their host, abandon him, and still parasitise off him while chasing around and having fun. Kids are optional, just another possession to have, often "never at all".

Fifth and final slap of reality: unfortunately for women as a whole, the Man as host is beginning to realise that women on the whole are parasites. Thus he treats all women as parasites: pump and dump, not doing anything for her, ignoring her completely, etc. This affects even the potentially "good" women - because Men no longer trust that any are good. Parasites hide very well, the "better" breed is highly likely to simply be a better-camouflaged breed.

I confess to a small sadness when I realised this and as I write this. The smallest vestige of nostalgia in me, yearning towards a mythical Golden Age between Men and Women. A yearning for a family that isn't fucked up and worthless. A yearning for a society which members have a staunch pride in themselves and their community.

Now there's only men and women, all basically broken and dysfunctional. The women continue to attempt their parasite behaviour in the guise of a symbiote - the man realising that there's nothing really there for him, so deciding to use the parasite for the only purpose that it is good for: slaking his sexual needs. Women's commonly-remarked-on revolting behaviour and mental warpedness precludes anything more for the sane and aware man.

There is no repair in sight when the woman refuses to admit that she's simply a filthy bloodsucking leech: and in fact glorifies in it (Eat, Pray, Fuck - until he gets his Green Card and is outta there).

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