Sunday 2 March 2014

Old Movies and Social Mores

It's interesting at times to look at the old social mores revealed by watching old movies. When I feel a hankering for an old movie I download it and watch on my tv - about the only use the thing gets these days.

Like anything out of Hollywood these things are full of complete horseshit. Take one that I watched recently: Highlander. A Japanese sword with the blade folded 200 times hah! In addition to the massive historical BS Japanese swords were only folded 10-20 times and 16 was the average. Fold it any more and it just becomes a blob of homogenised metal with no individual layers.

Apart from the woman-centric-ness of the movie (ie the usual stupid female heroine who is gladly saved by the man) there is one part which really jumps out to me. Brenda talking with the doctor who supposedly delivered "Nash" (the immortal hero):

Doctor: "We didn't get many of these. Unwed mothers. Nowadays that's no big deal. Back then in Syracuse - it's a stoning offence!" Brenda has a little superior giggle/laugh at that. Feminine imperative running full force.

Interesting that back then, the business of unmarried mothers was socially accepted - even if not to the extent that it is celebrated these days.

Kurgan for the money-shot though: " sense of humor."

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