Monday 17 March 2014

Racism and Slavery

In response to a fucking retard fellow-nigger who hasn't grown up yet:

Dear fucktard: "Where were you when my ancestors were being dragged over here in chains?"

My white parents were buying your black parents from your black grandparents. Did that datum slip your tiny attention-span? Your ancestors were probably sold for a barrel of whiskey by their daddy or the chieftain because that was worth more than their pitiful selves were.

Of course, prior to that my white great-grandparents were being enslaved by Islam. Some of my white ancestor cousins might have been some of the three thousand blonde virgins ordered up by one of the Caliph's for their harem. That group was shipped from Spain - possibly by the Venetians or Jews (who were big in the trans-Mediterranean slave-trade at the time).

In your mind slavery is only about us BLACKS - you never learned about the million Christians who got enslaved by the Muslims did you. You don't bother learning this shit because they weren't BLACK. Three thousand blond virgins, never happened in your mind. Well, nobody looks good in this shit, do they.

It's time you put a sock in it. I'm a fellow-nigger and even I'm getting tired of the continual racist card being played. Every time you open your mouth, all I hear is "I'm a victim" just like the feminist wimminz bullshit. If you want money go suck on the government's cock and tell your pitiful story to the lefty SWPL bleeding hearts for a pat on the head and a dollar.

Fucking "poor little me" beggar. Have some self-pride in your personal accomplishments instead of self-pity because your ancestors were sold by their in-laws or taken in battle and on-sold. You want to hate somebody, hate them. The fucking past of 100 years gone is past. You ain't a motherfucking slave - other than in your pathetic little leftist victimist mind. You ain't a man while you have that mentality.

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