Sunday 23 March 2014

Not Just Baby Boomers Are Entitled

Earlier today, my brother and I have this conversation. Basically our mother is not doing well and has never done well. Reconstructed as much from memory as I can.

Him: She's just not normal. Anybody who flies off the handle and starts ranting like that is fucking mental.

Me: While I hate to diss mum, she's been like that her whole life. We know where she got it from too.

Him: Grandma wasn't that bad.

Me: No she wasn't. Thing was though, mum's shown a history her whole life of crappy decisions. First was our half-sister, then was that criminal fuck our dad, she's damn lucky she got this chance and married X.

Him: Yeah he's not bad. A bit distant though.

Me: At least she had the money coming in reliably and didn't have to work dawn til dusk seven days to keep us going. Anyway she didn't get smacked down when she was young.

We started talking about other things. It's still the truth though: if our mother had done that ranting crap at home she'd have had a backhander in a hurry from our grandfather. Even so given the time-period that she grew up in (during WWII) she had a tremendous latitude from her family:

• gave birth to a bastard child that was put up for adoption

• married a criminal

• finally got married to a halfway decent provider (lesser-alpha type)

• was never disowned by her family

• never had the shit beaten out of her by either husband

• ended up having a third chance and lucked out, so she now has a roof over her head in her old age

So yeah, it wasn't just after WWII baby boomer kids who developed that shitty attitude. Women have been allowed to develop it all through time.

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