Monday 17 March 2014

This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

This is what a feminist looks like:

Yep, that shrill-voiced, twisted-faced feminist from University of Toronto. Let us deconstruct this woman who doesn't need a man:

• makeup smoothing the skin

• rouge on the cheekbones

• red lipstick

• eyebrows strategically thinned and shaped

• cute red hair dye and cut

• attractive clothing

• overall cute face

• probably has fashionably manicured hands and nails (can't see for sure in this picture)

Tell me something: why is all that shit slathered onto this bitch's face? And slapped on that body? After all she don't need no man! She should be going au natural, floppy tits sagging behind a sloppy shirt, not wearing the trappings and symbols of losers attempting to attract those oppressive men. Right now it's all up for all to see and laugh at.

Ah, here's the explanation:

• mouth opened to insert playa's cock

Have a good laugh at the delusional poison of the mind exhibited by feminists.

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