Friday 29 August 2014

Turn On The Cynicism

Just now got this (identifying-stuff redacted to conceal the perpetrator):
Now, while I have no problems with someone trying to make a buck on the internet (hell, Captain Capitalism and Rational Male do it with some good books, so do others). Coming across as a shyster instantly gets my back up and makes me put on my Crap-Colored Glasses™.

Word to the wise. If you want to make money via the Manosphere: go for it. Just don't come across as a shyster.

"Super excited" HAH! Marketing garbagespeak, designed to try and get you interested - so they can sell you something.

A Woman Pissed On

Following on from: Shivving A Woman, we have a prize illustration of a woman who tries to dismiss something that you've said (by bringing up irrelevancies - perfect illustration of the feminist/leftist tactic!):

Notice the instant retreat into shaming and dismissive language instead of addressing what I revealed (oh no! I revealed the female shenanigans! How dast I). This is because she has no real answer to the ripping away of her smokescreen and illusions and is trying to cover up what was revealed. Therefore: instant feminist/leftist mentality on display coupled with a lofty disdain for the subject of her ire.

Calling her out on it. It will be dismissed yet again, of course. Or ignored with the feminine superior lofty disdain that it deserves. How dast I!

Nothing is as strong as the hamster of a woman who has been caught out and publicly shamed and pissed on.

At any rate, I'm bored with this worthless cunt. This is why they're not generally worth talking to at all - you cannot really pin these pieces of shit down, all you end up doing is arguing in circles. The best that you can hope for is to point out their bullshit so that other men can learn to also dig under the surface, see through the smoke, and ignore the lies to find the truth at the core.

The sad thing is that she will probably breed. She even claims to have a boyfriend - if true, I wonder if he knows that she hangs around with PUAs on the interwebs.

Thursday 28 August 2014

Substance Above Style

From the post about Style Above Substance, I bring you: Substance Above Style.

So, in the prior post I stated how everything to a woman - everything! - is about style, appearances, flash, glitz, and glamor.

This is what you would expect, in a time of excess. When we have excess labor, excess riches, all designed to give us excess *time* - women then feel free to pursue the shallow. Both in themselves and in others. They have no need to develop that substance, and it is waaaay easier to develop the style.

I find it wryly amusing that these women have become selfish little pigs. Because of this I look forward to the coming decline and fall of the Western empire. Not that I expect to survive it. Hell no!

Because I know damn well that these pampered little pigs will suddenly find themselves in the shit. They will start squealing, as they have always done, in an effort to get men to pull them out of their shithole that they've dug themselves into.

I take a great deal of pleasure in the thought that only really worthless men will attempt it. The really worthwhile men will look at these pigs, say "you can't put lipstick on a pig", and then stick only with the ones who don't need to be pulled out of the mire. The ones who actually have substance to them.

But then, we're already getting this. You can hear it in the squealing refrains of:

* why can't I find a maaaan
* where are all the good guys

Just wait. It will get louder, and worse. When you women look up out of the hole you've dug, you'll see the real Men gathered around the top. The ones with real substance.

Smirking down at you. Having a sip of some Grand Marnier. Pulling one or two of you out of the hole - for a while. Having some fun with you. Then pushing you back in.

After all, you love being in the harem pigpen.

Blame And Responsibility

BLAMING someone else for your problems (or the problems of a group) is weakness. It's throwing out excuses.

This is why women and pansy-assed weak men always blame others for something. They haven't the strength to own the situation. They're just weak as shit, incapable, using pathetic excuses to cover up their own inadequacies and shift all responsibility on to someone else.

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your own situations is strength. And I'm not talking about shouldering the blame for someone else either: fuck that noise. You weren't put on this planet to be someone else's punching bag or slave.

Shivving A Woman

It's great to wander over to the Chateau just to look at the mental acrobatics that women who comment there can come out with in their attempts to shame men into submission. It's hilarious to watch and honestly very good practise to stick the knife into her, pointing out her illogical bullshit.

Case in point: a stupid cunt name of Amy.

Yes women, keep trying to twist stuff around to your point of view and blame the man. No, you cannot have it both ways. Why? Because I'm'a stick the knife in your cunty twisting lying low-life back, 'cause I get fun outta sticking it to you.

Mmm mmm mmmmmm! This sure is good soap!


The boys over at the Chateau are going gangbusters lately: The Difference Between Promiscuous Men And Promiscuous Women

Here is a delicious picture of a promiscuous woman, unashamedly stolen from the Chateau - don't the two comments make you smile?

"Please bring references and last 3 pay statements."

"I'm sure they are looking for mature men. an immature man is probablt what made them a single mother."

For my money though, the best comment about this goes to Laguna Beach Fogey:

Now just think about that statement for a minute. Heartiste states that the girl has the "thousand cock stare", LBF talks about "moisture".

Looking at her - those eyes are cold and hard, distant, calculating. The eyes of a whore looking at a mark. That smile is a close-lipped rictus. Her skin does have some kind of oily, greasy sheen to it. Overall she looks jaded and well-used.

This is the look of a slut who has hit the wall, desperately looking to cash out of the game. The fact that she's on the "" dating site is a serious warning flag: she has gone through all the men of her acquaintance and they aren't stupid enough to put a ring on it.

We can imagine where this slut got her starter-experience (h/t Researchers Map The Sexual Network of an Entire High School):

Probably the girl who had 5 guys in the bottom-left or 6 guys in the upper-right. Though the upper-right also has another possibility, with the girl who had 4 guys and 1 girl. The "ring" at the top-left has quite a few girls who have had 3-4 guys.

This network map is within a 6 month period of high school, btw. Father's, never send your daughter's to high school.

Wednesday 27 August 2014


Sometime back here on Socially Acceptable Excuses, I recounted an excuse by a worthless piece of shit who went radio-silence and then came back a few months ago with: "I had some personal issues which are now sorted..." blah excuse puke. An obvious crock of shit from a whore whose fling/one-night-stand had dumped her shitty ass.

Now, she knows the type of person I am. She has an idea of what I do for a living. She knows how busy I am. And she has a rough idea of how much I make.

Being the soul of sweetness and light that I am, I ripped her asshole gapingly wide for being an inconsiderate lame-ass excuse of a person and suggested that she learn to treat her men more decently in future. The final two words: "piss off". In the whole thing (three sentences) there were no capitals, no punctuation, no emphasis, not a fucking thing.

My overall desire was to get her gone. I didn't care if I came across as some pathetic whining sack-of-shit weakling who was copping a butthurt attitude. Literally I do not want this useless cunt clogging up my inbox.



Well, sometimes it can backfire on you. Sometimes it seems to come across as "Alpha Asshole" game, I suppose. Its weird, you literally don't want them bugging you ever again, yet they refuse to take it as a complete and permanent dismissal.

So. Time passes and I get this useless cunt's message in my inbox: "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn"

What. The. Fuck.

You completely missed my disgust at being treated with far less consideration and professionalism than you would treat one of your customers.

They say that men are terrible at communication.

We're getting fatter

Chateau Heartiste drops a beautiful turd straight into the feminist narrative: Your Grandmother Was Thinner Than Your Wife.

To summarize the average size of women by generation (yes, 20 years is *not* a generation these days - according to feminist ranters who screech that the sexual prime of a woman is in her late 30's and early-to-mid 40's, and that mandatory-IVF is the "natural" means of procreation):

1920: 31-20-32

1940: 33-21-33

1960: 34-24-35

1980: 35-24-37

2000: No actual stats (though Heartiste's comment of "nuke the Jabba from orbit" is indicative)

So I looked at WebMD for this gem (article was published 2010):
Today, the average American woman is 5’4″, has a waist size of 34-35 inches and weighs between 140-150 lbs, with a dress size of 12-14. 
Fifty years ago, the average woman was 5’3-4″ with a waist size of approximately 24-25″, she weighed about 120 lbs and wore a size 8.
So to translate:

1960 with 34-24-35 measurements


2010 with xx-34-xx measurements

That's a staggering 10-inch waistline explosion in 50 years time. Actually, much less time - 30 years - because in 1980 the average waistline was still 24-inches. To "push" all the other statistics into line, if the woman was hourglass-shaped:

2010: 45-34-47

Except that with that much fat, you don't get an hourglass figure. You get something that looks like the old Venus statues:

Holyfuck'nshit: 48-34-52

And it only looks vaguely female because of the bra forcing it into shape. Never mind the drooping flabs and the stretchy-pants everywhere else.

Fatties (and feminists) screamed from their souls.

Real Men wept.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Booty FM

Girl sends me a text while I'm at work.

Guy didn't even look at the text: "Booty FM."

I laughed.


It was a tit-pic, by the way. Nice tits.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

You Just Don't Get It

Her: She likes you.

Me: No.

Her: She does, you know.

Me: No.

Her, irritated: I'm telling you that she does!

Me, sighing: You just don't get it, do you.

Her: What do you mean?

Me: Do I have to - no, I can't be arsed trying to mansplain it to you.

So many women just don't get it. And there's no point trying to mansplain it to them: it just pisses them off. Too much truth in it, when you hold a mirror up for them to look into.

Women these days just expect men to make all the moves and do all the work and everything regarding relationships. It's an expectation that they grew up with at the beginning of their lives and that they made good use of when they were younger, hotter, tighter. They even had a lot of fun playing with men's attentions, using them for their own profit and shits and giggles.

This is why women will readily use a man in the friendzone. Or go out on a couple of "dates" (involving dinner, etc) before they finally "realise" that this guy is "not for them". (Though they've had their fun plus a few free meals off him. It's not using someone if you're evaluating him - at least in her mind. We men know better.)

So: if she is supposedly interested, yet she won't make a move (or any real effort at all), she's not really interested. She's what I call half-assed interested. She might be somewhat flattered by the attention, she might be cajoled with a little bit of effort, yet on the whole her heart really isn't into it.

She just isn't that into you.

These types of women are really not worth the time and effort. Much like a PUA chasing a damaged woman, you're jumping through hoops to prove yourself to her. Generally to her and her friends amusement and pumping-up of her ego (narcissistic supply).

Best not to waste your time and effort. Better to deal with women who show that they are actually interested, who will suggest doing things, who actively attempt to communicate with and be around you.

Yes, this can severely reduce your relationships. What of it? You can quite easily decide to chase her if you want, simply keep in mind that this probably won't last long. So just date casually, with no expectations of permanence. Definitely do not believe any talk involving love, that's just the lust of the moment speaking.

Yes you girls can protest: "I really am interested in him!" Nah. Between words and actions, your (lack of) actions are the ones saying "not really that interested". We don't care that it's a bad habit you learned when younger - you haven't outgrown it.

Because if you really were interested: you'd make the move, without all the plausibly-deniable shit.

Tuesday 19 August 2014

We Are All Narcissists

It is a symptom of the age we are in: unless we are completely off the internet, then we are narcissists. Make no mistake, it generally doesn't matter what you do: unless your only purpose for being online is to send and receive emails, or learn something (ie from the Khan Academy), then you are going to be interacting with others on the internet.

Most interaction - Facebook, MySpace, MeetMe, dating sites, forums, blogging, even comments on news articles - these all provide feedback to the author. Narcissistic supply. He is being heard.

Just by answering you are creating a validating feedback loop. Whether a direct "like" or "you're right", or providing more information, you are validating the writer's effort. Hell, even trolling!

In a way it's saddening, that we've gone 100k+ years from cavemen grunting to the intellectual platform of the internet. Something that is actually used for putting likes and gushing comments on cat pictures and the vapid sayings of the rich and famous.

Or Gangnam Style dance videos.

Or this place...

Saturday 16 August 2014

Style Above Substance

Style above substance, which is all what women are about. You just have to look at them to realise that they are the living embodiment of this mindset.

Makeup caked on. Lipstick slathered on. Perfume sloshed on. Clothing that shapes and contours and flatters. High heels that lift, push out the ass and breasts, emphasising the sexual characteristics. Loud proclamations of her achievements, demonstrating her value. An attitude of "I'm too good for you," demonstrating her value.

Everything to display her value to everyone with a glance. All looks and style, flash and swagger. Or as some Americans might put it: "All hat, no cattle."

You hear it from men: "She might be crazy, but man, she's got style!" So, we men are also attracted to the style and looks - though in our defense, that style is designed to mimic the characteristics of women in their sexual prime. That's what men are biologically wired to find attractive.

This is why women fall for the swagger and style of the PUA. They find it attractive, never mind that there's nothing much behind it. I find it wryly amusing that Neil Strauss was nicknamed Style in The Game. Was that a bit of tongue-in-cheek irony by Mystery?

No wonder women have a starter marriage. No wonder they follow the eat-pray-fuck mindset.

It's all about Style.

Why Women Shame

Why Women Shame: This includes women, feminists of both sexes, Marxists, and leftists in general. They all seem to have the need to attempt to make people fall into line with their herd-approved thinking. I'm not certain, it's almost as if they are threatened by independent thought. At any rate they will often come out with blanket attacking statements like:

• you're shallow
• you have issues
• you're crazy
• you're wrong
• I don't like you

And many other ad hominem personal attacks of various types upon someone's character. You can tell simply from noting this type of attack upon the character of the person(s) being targeted. When I notice these types of things, I attempt to try and figure out what their motive behind these attacks might be (if I'm not blindsided by surprise). Invariably it is to shame someone into line with the attacker's thinking.

There are also often blanket pre-emptive defensive statements along the lines of:

• I'm not doing X, what would be the point?

This is a very disingenuous and dissimilating self-defense, very amusing once you catch it. As if simply saying "I'm not attacking him, what would be the point?" can actually smokescreen and hide the attack.

It actually might - IF you are not aware of this tactic. Simply noting that someone is attempting this form of smokescreen "I'm not doing X" when they actually are, is an instant red flag that they're trying to be sneaky and their words need to be analysed very carefully. You need to determine their ulterior motive.

As per my post about Making the Effort, whenever you see these types of statements and arguments: take them with a grain of salt. Try to find the reasoning behind them. When you can see the attack, when you can see through the smokescreen, is when you can start seeing in what way the attacker is attempting to trick/force you to think.

One of the best attacks that I ran into: "It is not appropriate to psychoanalyse someone in a debate." This turd was thrown at me by a female who was attempting to browbeat me into submission online - a typical troll attack that I eviscerated and analysed so that others could learn from it.

It is ALWAYS appropriate to psychoanalyse someone. That's how you figure out their motivations, where they're coming from, and can counter any bullshit snow job that they're attempting to pull on you. Snow jobs like the combination defensive-attack statement that it's not appropriate to psychoanalyse them.

Catch them out in their bullshit and they will hate-hate-hate you with a passion. They loathe being caught. Especially they loathe being caught out in their bullshit and getting called out on it. Nobody likes being manipulated - conversely it's embarrassing to be caught out manipulating someone.

As an aside, BPD/NPD types seem to be highly prone to flying off the handle when caught out. Which is a brilliant reaction - when someone is reduced to swearing and physically striking out, they have no rational answer to you. All that's left to them is falling back on irrational emotional browbeating and screaming and physical abuse and the like.

Which sadly, far too many men are "nice" and fall into that trap, instead of slapping their faces off when they try it. Be aware of the PC domestic abuse shit, that's a whole new layer of crap if you're married to the whack-job.
Which unfortunately is very common in these degenerate times. Note that their female friends will invariably support them, continuously, to the point of utter stupidity and ostracising you for daring to speak out. It is a brilliant exhibition of herdthink that you should always take careful note of. You (and they) are known by the close friends that you keep around and support verbally and physically.

At any rate. I think that my motivation with this post is to help you see through these attacks, to counter them, to attempt to learn the reason behind why the person is making the attack, to let you make your own decisions about what you think and believe. At least, that's what I'm saying my motivations are.

Remember though. You cannot trust my stated motivations. I could be lying for some reason, in order to throw you off the track, put up a smokescreen, do a snow job on you, and trick/force you into thinking how I want you to think.

Only you can decide.

Friday 15 August 2014

Summation of Modern Society

Here it is, one easy video:

I'd do a proper embed, except that Blogger is being a prick at the moment.

H/T to Chateau Heartiste for the vid, it makes a perfect complement for the prior post as well.

Thursday 14 August 2014

Making the Effort

A little while ago Vox Day stated that: Saving civilization is not "manning up" - and that he had little respect for the MGTOW movement on the whole. Amusing, given that I suppose that I identify as an MGTOW and have little respect for the PUA movement as a whole.
I tend to view them as being predominantly weak and damaged individuals of low socio-sexual rank who would probably sacrifice their oft-expressed principles in a minute if the right woman presents herself in the right way.

The PUA obsession with socio-sexual ranks - which is why Vox threw it out there. He invented the multi-tiered ranking of socio-sexual ranks: Alpha, Sigma, Beta, Gamma, Omega, ad-nauseum. Make any man who disagrees with this opinion a socio-sexual loser, both in his mind and in the minds of those who read his blog. A good attack upon potential opponents (anyone who *might* disagree with him) from the get-go.

Regarding sacrificing our oft-expressed principles - you didn't read the memo. It's right up here on the no-ma'am website (paragraph four):
And, practitioners of game also should know the rule of “it’s my way or the highway, Toots!” and that any man who doesn’t want to be ruined by woman has to learn to say no without bothering to explain, and say it often… no… No… NONO!!!
Vox, you are arguing from a footing of wrong/incorrect information. Please, get the background information right before you go making blanket statements. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, that it is accidental ignorance rather than deliberate ignorance or deliberate dissemination of misinformation - whether to feed some personal agenda or simply to get a lot off pissed-off men jumping over your website for the traffic-count and notoriety.

MGTOW are not PUA. MGTOW never said they were. MGTOW simply aren't jumping through hoops just for the opportunity to drop a fuck into some damaged girl's vagina.

Next, Vox throws out some more pre-emptive shaming tactic statements:
Here is why: a man who is genuinely doing his own thing doesn't make a big deal about it. If I'm not going to read a book, I just don't read it. I don't loudly proclaim to all and sundry the fact of my not-reading it. I don't know any man who makes a habit of announcing that today, again, he is going to refrain from having sex or engaging in romantic relationships with chickens, or indeed, poultry of any kind. The very act of the self-identification as a Man Not-Reading a Book or a Man Not Having Sex with Chickens is an indication that everything is not in psychological good order.

I have no clue why he dropped that into his talking about saving civilization. Again it is a blanket attack upon the MGTOW (interesting conflation of MGTOW with men not having sex with chickens - wtf twisted nuttiness is that about). He appears to be stating that MGTOW are being attention-whores online. Funny, you could state the same about any blogger - especially any blogger who has a large audience - including himself, an author.

For example, here are The Minimalists. Following Vox's argument, because they are saying what they're doing/thinking online, they are crazy. Taken to a logical next step: following Vox's argument, because he is saying what he's doing/thinking online, *he* is crazy.

Further, take note of the shaming tactic of flat-out stating that men who identify as MGTOW are psychologically damaged (aka insane). Another good leftist-style attacking statement, attempting to force a man who wants to disagree onto the back foot and prove that he's sane and not insane - the implication being that if he doesn't attempt to prove it, he is automatically insane and therefore his statements are automatically null-and-void. QED.

All readers should keep in mind and remember: this is *one*man's*opinion* of a general movement. One that he doesn't identify with. One that I have already established, he has not read the memo about (qv above).
As for those who claim I am somehow attempting to shame such men, what would be the point of that? It's a factual observation, nothing more. If a man is so delicate as to remove himself from the world due to the bad behavior of a woman or three, he's not likely to be of any use in the upcoming battle for the West.
Ah, another good pre-emptive strike! Yes Vox, you have just absolutely invalidated everything that I've said in this post, previously ever said on my blog, will ever say in the future on my blog, and will ever say in response to you or anyone else who disagrees with me! Good on you! Only I'm not buying it. Please, keep the ad-hominem attacks and pre-emptive shaming tactics to yourself. This is coming across more and more as leftist, feminist boilerplate and attempted groupthink/silencing of potential naysayers.

What would be the point of shaming such men? Yet you are doing it! What would be the point of mentioning MGTOW *at*all* given the overall shaming tone of your blog-post? Your only point in mentioning them in an article about civilization is to flat-out shame them. If someone buys-in to your shaming tactics, then they will become predisposed towards thinking as you do. That is the point of attempting to shame such men: they think like you do or they are shameful. Good attempt.
There is always a risk in doing anything worthwhile and sometimes the odds are stacked against you. That is the way things are; it is the way things have always been. The hero is the man who runs toward the sound of gunfire, not the man who runs away from it.
Certainly there is risk in doing something worthwhile. Certainly the odds are often stacked against you. Note that it's running towards the sound of gunfire, assessing the situation, and then dealing with it. Not running blindly into gunfire and getting killed like some kind of sheep. Vox seems to think that the situation has not been assessed by the MGTOW, that MGTOW are incapable of thinking for themselves.

I'm not even going to attempt to pull up statistics - I've done them to death in previous posts. As have others across the so-called Manosphere. Whether MGTOW or not - for various reasons. Nice sub-rosa "man-up" message attempt, by the way.

You have very obviously missed the point. MGTOW has nothing to do with saving or not saving civilization. Its about recognizing and not getting involved with damaged girls. If you don't get involved with damaged girls, you don't get your life (effort, time) screwed up and clawed away and wasted by some NPD/BPD type. This is most women this days: highly narcissistic.

At any rate, Vox's post has occupied a miniscule portion of my mind off and on for the last couple of days. The realization has slowly come to mind:

Sure, back 50-100 years ago it might have been worth putting in some effort to chase a woman. She would have appreciated it, she wouldn't have been completely batshit crazy 90+% of the time, etc. Children would have resulted with great ease and pleasure on both parties parts. Next generation assured, the growth of civilization assured.

These days? Nah. I save my interest for the (very) few women who show up and actively show me - very overtly! - that they are interested. And that they are not crazy. The rest of my time, energy, and money is focused entirely on myself, like any good old-fashioned selfish bastard of a man should do.

So, Vox states that men should still attempt to salvage civilization. I have a counter-argument.

Saving our current civilization is not really worth it on the whole.

* when a civilization is acknowledged to be throwing at least 50% of married men under the bus via divorce, destroying their lives, damaging the next generation psychologically, etc

* when a civilization has demonstrated zero interest in reducing the incidence and destructiveness of divorce

* when a civilization has demonstrated a preferential willingness to support single mommies over more-productive family life

That civilization needs to salvage its men. In proving that it cares for its men - it's children - the next generation - then it will *earn*the*right*to*be*preserved* as a civilization.

Otherwise, it needs to die. Just like a crack-whore welfare mother who steals from my pocket (via tax-theft and child-support) to feed her habit, fuck bad-boy men, and produce more dependent children into poverty conditions - while she parasitizes off my hard-earned money.

Remember that money is like everything else around you: it is a product of your blood, sweat, and time. The chair you sit in, the screen you read this on, the walls around you, the roof over your head, the clothing you wear, the food you eat. It is all human effort, amplified by the technology that we as a species (though mostly white men) have built up over millennia of toil, thought, and constant struggle and improvement.

Too bad Vox. IMO you greatly missed the mark on this one. Plus I think that you lost the respect of quite a few people, including me.

But then, in your eyes I'm nothing more than another MGTOW. I'm of such low socio-sexual rank that you feel free to simply despise me and automatically discount my and any other MGTOW's thoughts, experiences, and life as being of no worth.

I wonder when the kill-squads will be heading my way. My crime: hatethought.

Edit: An unworthy thought. I wonder how many of Vox's reading-demographic are women.

Sometimes you make mistakes

Yep. Just happened recently.

About the best you can do is acknowledge the mistake, try to learn from it, and not repeat it again.

When it comes to people, mistakes are harder to acknowledge and analyse. It's far easier ego-wise to always blame them for the problem. Push them away. Refuse to figure out what you did wrong and refuse to work on not repeating that mistake.

That said, it's also difficult to know what "normal" people are these days. Is it all the people who take antidepressant drugs? Is it the people who go out and get stinking drunk over the weekend? Is it the silent, invisible people that you never actually see because they're busy doing their thing?

So when you make a mistake, the question can also become: Was it my mistake, or are they really that fucked up?

In this case I cannot really tell.

Which makes it hard to not overanalyse and overthink things.

Chances are high, knowing what I know of this person, that they are actually the problem. After all, NPD and BPD people make it a pattern to always push their problems on to you. To blame you for the situation at all times, it's never their fault.

This one does show some signs of BPD.

I guess that I will find out with time. Abusers love to be able to drag you back and abuse you some more. If this one tries that: then I'll know that it isn't me who has a problem. My mistake will have been getting even peripherally-involved with someone who is a very-well-hidden nutjob.

At any rate: define normal. I know that I am nowhere near normal.

Definitely semi-ghost time.

Monday 11 August 2014

Catering to Childishness

Women want A.R.D.A.

Activities (as a couple)

Yeah I got this from R.E.D. 2 - a freaking movie. It's a "red pill" movie, in that there's plenty of blowing shit up - which us men like - yet there's a shitload of feminist BS in the mindset of the movie too. Oddly enough, that BS does reveal very plainly what women want: adventure, romance, danger, and activities as a couple.

From that respect it is quite red pill in the way it shows what women want. So perhaps it is actually useful. It shows some of the cracks in the social matrix that women have created with their socialist safety-net. It's also why a lot of women go for adventurous stuff when they do their version of the Eat, Pray, Fuck fairy-story.

Adventure - adrenalin-junkie shit that extroverts love-love-love.

Romance - the PUAs push those buttons nicely. Well-done guys.

Danger - so long as it's not too painful and too dangerous, then yeah, sure. This is why they do stuff like fucking crims (or guys with tats) and sticking with guys who beat the motherfucking crap out of them. And why so many of them do stupid shit like go to dangerous places in the world and end up killed or robbed or raped.

Activities - this's some of what the adventure stuff is about innit. Whitewater rafting, blackwater rafting, rappelling, camping, fishing, etc. You see a lot of that touted in online profiles, she loves doing these things. Of course part of that is an intrusion into male spaces as well.

So there's the A.R.D.A. - now look at it from another angle.

This is all stuff for children, not adults who are attempting to keep civilisation running. People trying to keep their family going, building something solid for the next generation. The dull, solid, dumbass "Beta" guys who she settles for at the end of things, once her real beauty is gone and nobody wants to bother providing her with the wild sex and wild adrenalin-junkie shit that she still actually craves.

Like a child craves and cries for its fuckin' sweeties.

Yeah, go ahead. Cater to those fuckin' children. Kiss her ass and waste your cash chasing that pussy, giving her all the adventure/romance/danger/activities that she wants. Until she financially rapes you via frivorce and moves on to the next sucker who will provide more of it or different of it.

According to The Feminine Matrix, it's really worth it. Slave.

This is part of why I'm not that enthused with the PUA mindset: it's catering to spoiled children, so you can dump a fuck into the emotionally and mentally immature.

At any rate, these days I hate it when a woman starts complaining and whining. It sets my teeth on edge and makes me want to say: "Shut the fuck up. Stop whining like a spoiled fucking brat and start acting like a responsible adult. One who's a worthwhile example to your children."


Shut it. Just fucking shut it.

I'm tired of your drama and horseshit.

You're acting like a three-year-old throwing a tantie because you can't have your fucking schweeeetiiiieeee.

Shut the fuck up. Grow the fuck up. Start acting like a mature person instead of a spoiled brat.

Before I turn you over my knee and spank your ass until it's black-and-blue and you can't fucking sit down for a month.

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Socially Acceptable Excuses

Online dating is basically boring unless you happen to be in the middle of a fairly major city - like Auckland or Wellington. That said, you can still usually find a couple people out there who might be worth the effort. So every six months to a year I turn on the Plenty of Fatties profile, chuck in a couple of latest happenings, spruce it up with a couple fresh photos, and go looking for girls of interest.

If I'm lucky I'll find fifteen-twenty. (Strangely enough, blurb to the effect of "if you're fat, alcoholic, into drugs, going to a psychiatrist, or a drama-queen - I have no interest in getting to know the fabulous inner you" keeps the more overt weirdos away.)

In general I'll get three responses to my simple message.

Usually I'll get one date. It might progress to a fuck, a few weeks of fun, then she reveals herself to be batshit crazy -
- and it ends.

Now, while I'm basically on a hiatus regarding women, I decided that you might be amused by some of the shit that you can collect over the years.

Me: Let's go to X at 5pm on Y for a drink.

Her: Sounds good see you then.

...half an hour passes...

Her: Hi I can't make it because my daughter in Uni is sick and gonna be coming home for a bit and yadda yadda (aka I changed my mind and am too chickenshit to say so here's my pathetically-lame yet socially-acceptable excuse)

Me (hours later): No problem, hope your daughter gets well (aka I'm on to your bullshit and here's the socially-acceptable polite response now fuck off you dumb cunt)

And you just saved yourself twenty bucks and an hour's time by not showing up. This is assuming that she bothers to give you the heads-up at all - though quite a few are actually polite that way. I think it comes from preselecting certain types of girl.

There are plenty of others:

• Mixed-up messages, which you call out by saying "your message is incoherent - not very feminine" and all of a sudden she can write exceptionally fluently

• Messaging and she suddenly goes radio-silence on you

• Sometimes she comes back after a few weeks radio-silence with a message of "I had some personal issues which I didn't want to bother you with, they're sorted so let's meet" and you know the only issue she had was her fling/one-night-stand dumped her shitty ass

Always look at women's words through Crap-Colored Glasses™ to see the meaning in them. It's very enlightening and saves you tons of heartache and stupidity. It's also fucking amusing at times.

Monday 4 August 2014

Be Selfish

Yes men, be selfish. Always.

Every now and then when I've been hanging around the useless sacks of shit too much, I start to realise that I've begun to slip-slide into the Beta and accommodating mindset once more. It's damn aggravating when I notice it. It's an indication that I'm too much around the fucktards, and shows quite starkly that the bloody shit-awful conditioning of fifty-odd years still has it's grip on me.

It's tempting to swear about my mother and grandmother lying to me all my life. And especially my ex-wife bitchifying my mindset.

These are actually the times when I have to grab myself by the scruff of the neck and give myself a shaking. Times to take responsibility for myself. Times to step away from the crap for a while and simply go semi-ghost.

Now the PUAs would say that it's a good thing, it gets teh wimminz curious about you once you get back into circulation. "Why'd you disappear? Why'd you go? What'd you do?" And you can come out with a mysterious and aloof smile and suavely change the subject.

Wrong mindset. Catering to the pussy once more.

It's like going to get some tattoos because modern slutty girls love-love-love guys with tattoos. Because that's a signal of the criminal class, gets her wet, blah blah blah blah. Again, wrong mindset. Catering to the pussy.


If you're going to get tats, do it for your own good reasons - something meaningful to you personally. So you can pick up some entitled slut who hasn't a clue why she gets superficially wet at the thought of a man with tats? Wrong reason.

Tongue piercing, to show that you will happily be a Beta who will mutilate and debase himself for her oral pleasure? Wrong reason.

Selfies of you doing adventure-type stuff, that you put up somewhere to impress her? Wrong reason.

We men, we do things far too much for the wrong reasons in life. We need to do them for the right reasons: for our own fun and profit, and fuck y'all don't bother asking why wherefore whatever or any-fucking-thing. Noneayabizniz.

For myself, getting away from the bullshit lets me concentrate on myself, my health, and what really matters in life. Myself. Nobody else.

Because no-fucking-way am I here to cater to your shitty and selfish desires and whims. I'm'a concentrate on my own. Your entitled cunt won't be around for the rest of my life, while my body'n'soul sure as hell will be.

The last time I walked away I had great improvements in my health and strength. I got to a new plateau: 500kg leg press with the full range of motion. (That means that at the bottom of the movement my legs were at a 90-degree angle. Think full-squat and you'll get the picture. Which is the next thing to improve.)

Time to concentrate selfishly on me once more. Fuck y'all, piss off and leave me alone, people. I'll come back when I'm good an' ready.

Sunday 3 August 2014

Three Virtues

A long time ago I wrote that women have three virtues: dignity, looks, and virginity. Virginity goes to the first bad-boy who entices her to spread her legs. Looks go with time and bodily abuse (heavy smoking and drinking). Dignity develops with time: a teenager doesn't have much, by the time she reaches her mid-twenties she should have developed that inner grace and depth and happiness which is the hallmark of a great woman.

A couple nights ago I ran across a worthless woman who doesn't realise that she's turning into toast. Age: 26. Virginity: long gone. Looks: starting to go (especially as she lets herself get chubby). Dignity: never developed.

So, the situation: a group of friends got together for an evening, some talk and food and dance. She casually mentions that a guy (we'll call him E) was going to be late. "He's always late." A little passive-aggressive dig about someone that she actually fancies quite a lot.

All of a sudden she ups and leaves, because she's "had enough".

I look at the others: "E isn't coming."

So, because the guy she fancies suddenly isn't coming, she has a snit and leaves. Never mind the other half-dozen "friends" there.

That right there - that shallow selfishness - is the hallmark of modern girls who just don't get it. To the point of utterly lacking any dignity and grace. Which they will never develop.

This PSA brought to you by BlackPoisonSoul. You are welcome.

Note: Men also have three virtues - consistency, sexiness, and utility. Women don't appreciate consistency (being inconsistent is a part of the "feminine mystique"), they love-love-love sexiness, and they tolerate utility only so far as it benefits them (which is why they have Beta orbiter-slaves). Only men appreciate consistency and utility properly, because those are the virtues which create civilisation.