Friday 29 August 2014

Turn On The Cynicism

Just now got this (identifying-stuff redacted to conceal the perpetrator):
Now, while I have no problems with someone trying to make a buck on the internet (hell, Captain Capitalism and Rational Male do it with some good books, so do others). Coming across as a shyster instantly gets my back up and makes me put on my Crap-Colored Glasses™.

Word to the wise. If you want to make money via the Manosphere: go for it. Just don't come across as a shyster.

"Super excited" HAH! Marketing garbagespeak, designed to try and get you interested - so they can sell you something.


  1. An online bootcamp to increase confidence. How does this work? Once a day you get an email ordering you to "Drop and give me 20!" ?

    1. You forgot the "you horrible excuse for a man" prelim.

  2. "Hey friend,"

    Does anyone outside of the National Bank of Ghana actually say that?