Tuesday 19 August 2014

We Are All Narcissists

It is a symptom of the age we are in: unless we are completely off the internet, then we are narcissists. Make no mistake, it generally doesn't matter what you do: unless your only purpose for being online is to send and receive emails, or learn something (ie from the Khan Academy), then you are going to be interacting with others on the internet.

Most interaction - Facebook, MySpace, MeetMe, dating sites, forums, blogging, even comments on news articles - these all provide feedback to the author. Narcissistic supply. He is being heard.

Just by answering you are creating a validating feedback loop. Whether a direct "like" or "you're right", or providing more information, you are validating the writer's effort. Hell, even trolling!

In a way it's saddening, that we've gone 100k+ years from cavemen grunting to the intellectual platform of the internet. Something that is actually used for putting likes and gushing comments on cat pictures and the vapid sayings of the rich and famous.

Or Gangnam Style dance videos.

Or this place...

1 comment:

  1. We are all narcissists ...to some degree. It's inevitable. It's like with alcohol and alcoholism. Pathology begins when one's self-control is slipping.