Wednesday 27 August 2014


Sometime back here on Socially Acceptable Excuses, I recounted an excuse by a worthless piece of shit who went radio-silence and then came back a few months ago with: "I had some personal issues which are now sorted..." blah excuse puke. An obvious crock of shit from a whore whose fling/one-night-stand had dumped her shitty ass.

Now, she knows the type of person I am. She has an idea of what I do for a living. She knows how busy I am. And she has a rough idea of how much I make.

Being the soul of sweetness and light that I am, I ripped her asshole gapingly wide for being an inconsiderate lame-ass excuse of a person and suggested that she learn to treat her men more decently in future. The final two words: "piss off". In the whole thing (three sentences) there were no capitals, no punctuation, no emphasis, not a fucking thing.

My overall desire was to get her gone. I didn't care if I came across as some pathetic whining sack-of-shit weakling who was copping a butthurt attitude. Literally I do not want this useless cunt clogging up my inbox.



Well, sometimes it can backfire on you. Sometimes it seems to come across as "Alpha Asshole" game, I suppose. Its weird, you literally don't want them bugging you ever again, yet they refuse to take it as a complete and permanent dismissal.

So. Time passes and I get this useless cunt's message in my inbox: "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn"

What. The. Fuck.

You completely missed my disgust at being treated with far less consideration and professionalism than you would treat one of your customers.

They say that men are terrible at communication.

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