Wednesday 20 August 2014

You Just Don't Get It

Her: She likes you.

Me: No.

Her: She does, you know.

Me: No.

Her, irritated: I'm telling you that she does!

Me, sighing: You just don't get it, do you.

Her: What do you mean?

Me: Do I have to - no, I can't be arsed trying to mansplain it to you.

So many women just don't get it. And there's no point trying to mansplain it to them: it just pisses them off. Too much truth in it, when you hold a mirror up for them to look into.

Women these days just expect men to make all the moves and do all the work and everything regarding relationships. It's an expectation that they grew up with at the beginning of their lives and that they made good use of when they were younger, hotter, tighter. They even had a lot of fun playing with men's attentions, using them for their own profit and shits and giggles.

This is why women will readily use a man in the friendzone. Or go out on a couple of "dates" (involving dinner, etc) before they finally "realise" that this guy is "not for them". (Though they've had their fun plus a few free meals off him. It's not using someone if you're evaluating him - at least in her mind. We men know better.)

So: if she is supposedly interested, yet she won't make a move (or any real effort at all), she's not really interested. She's what I call half-assed interested. She might be somewhat flattered by the attention, she might be cajoled with a little bit of effort, yet on the whole her heart really isn't into it.

She just isn't that into you.

These types of women are really not worth the time and effort. Much like a PUA chasing a damaged woman, you're jumping through hoops to prove yourself to her. Generally to her and her friends amusement and pumping-up of her ego (narcissistic supply).

Best not to waste your time and effort. Better to deal with women who show that they are actually interested, who will suggest doing things, who actively attempt to communicate with and be around you.

Yes, this can severely reduce your relationships. What of it? You can quite easily decide to chase her if you want, simply keep in mind that this probably won't last long. So just date casually, with no expectations of permanence. Definitely do not believe any talk involving love, that's just the lust of the moment speaking.

Yes you girls can protest: "I really am interested in him!" Nah. Between words and actions, your (lack of) actions are the ones saying "not really that interested". We don't care that it's a bad habit you learned when younger - you haven't outgrown it.

Because if you really were interested: you'd make the move, without all the plausibly-deniable shit.


  1. You might enjoy this "song", if you haven't seen it before:
    Flight Of The Conchords "Jenny"
    If an unfamiliar girl makes a move in "neutral" settings, just out of the blue, things might get as awkward as there, lol.

    1. Awkwardness to the limit.

      "How many parties do you go to? Andy hates it when I say that she's a guy..."