Friday 29 August 2014

A Woman Pissed On

Following on from: Shivving A Woman, we have a prize illustration of a woman who tries to dismiss something that you've said (by bringing up irrelevancies - perfect illustration of the feminist/leftist tactic!):

Notice the instant retreat into shaming and dismissive language instead of addressing what I revealed (oh no! I revealed the female shenanigans! How dast I). This is because she has no real answer to the ripping away of her smokescreen and illusions and is trying to cover up what was revealed. Therefore: instant feminist/leftist mentality on display coupled with a lofty disdain for the subject of her ire.

Calling her out on it. It will be dismissed yet again, of course. Or ignored with the feminine superior lofty disdain that it deserves. How dast I!

Nothing is as strong as the hamster of a woman who has been caught out and publicly shamed and pissed on.

At any rate, I'm bored with this worthless cunt. This is why they're not generally worth talking to at all - you cannot really pin these pieces of shit down, all you end up doing is arguing in circles. The best that you can hope for is to point out their bullshit so that other men can learn to also dig under the surface, see through the smoke, and ignore the lies to find the truth at the core.

The sad thing is that she will probably breed. She even claims to have a boyfriend - if true, I wonder if he knows that she hangs around with PUAs on the interwebs.

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