Sunday 30 June 2013


It's often amusing to watch the antics of women. Case in point: last night.

At a friends birthday party, a group of woo-girls (and a former woo-girl) suddenly decided that they wanted some group-photos. Ah, I love the smell of narcissism in the evening!

So they grab the former woo-girl's man, get some photos done against the plate-glass at the venue. The usual snuggly-kissy stuff, nothing different. Most girls don't seem to get it through their heads that something different can be done, they're all same-same.

Suddenly FWG calls out: "Gecko!"

All the sheep start plastering themselves against the plate-glass in various climbing positions and more photos were taken. They even went outside to do various pictures from the other side of the plate-glass. Faces of all types were displayed.

I'll admit it, I was actually impressed - even though laughing inside at these antics. Something inventive had happened!

Once the photo-op was over and everyone had dispersed, I asked FWG and her boyfriend if the others knew what a gecko was. Nope. So the three of us had a laugh at their expense.

See, "A Gecko" is a sex-act. You push your woman face-up to the wall and take her from behind, then in the middle of that - pull out suddenly and ram into her ass. The first time you do this (preferably she has zero warning and doesn't know what a gecko is) she squeals and tries to climb the wall like a gecko...

Enjoy their childish antics as best you can. It's the only thing that can get you through at times.

Thursday 27 June 2013

Fat Acceptance Shit Test

H/T to WhoIsM3, and commenter Bay Area Guy. Thank you for inspiring this.

Lets dive head first into this tubful of greasy lard (hah!):

Men aren't entitled to attention, love, or sex from a woman. It has to be earned.

So to get any of that we have to be: confident, witty, passionate, persistent, assertive, outgoing, capable of leading a conversation, making all the first moves, taking all the initiative, etc. We're expected to be capable of reading a woman's body-language. We're expected to tease her mind, tittilate her emotions, make her feel special, desirable, and loved. We're also expected to understand her moods and minor idiosyncrasies, engage her mind, tickle her humour, understand and forgive her foibles, understand girl-speak, give her everything, etc etc.

Then, if she feels in the right mood from all that buttering up, we get the chance to tickle her body and all, maybe give her Fifty Shades of Orgasms™.

In return, girls only need to be there and be presentable. That's all.

So where does being fat fit into the "being presentable" part of what girls need to be?

I mean, fucking seriously?

Okay, we know what the "fat acceptance" shit is about. It's part of the females cold-war amongst themselves to weed out their competitors. It's part of their internal competition for worthy mates.

So we men need to look at it appropriately and rationally.

Do you seriously think that a slim girl is going to fuck a guy who she knows has had a fat girlfriend? Especially a string of fat girlfriends? He is known as someone who has no standards and who dumpster-dives. This makes her feel like shit, going with someone who fucks the lower-end of girls, like she is being dragged down into the lower stratum of women looks-wise.


This is nothing more than another society-wide shit-test, to weed out the unfit men and push them down to the shitty end of the spectrum female-wise. Getting pissy about the apparent hypocrisy of women cheering on "fat girl acceptance" yet not accepting fat men is not the appropriate answer to pass this shit-test.

Lofty disdain and amusement at all those involved is.

It shows that you "get it". Let the fat girls and you-go-girls pull each other back into the crab-bucket, you are above this shit. THAT is attractive.

This poisonous revealing of the inner workings of the female mind and society is happily brought to your attention by Black Poison Soul. You are most welcome.

Monday 24 June 2013

Faking Orgasms

From PostSecret, the above.

Understand, when a woman doesn't orgasm when fucking you, it's not your fault.

A girl's orgasm is mostly in her mind: if she can orgasm with some random drunk stranger that she picked up in a bar, she can orgasm for you.

She just chooses not to.

Two things to do:

1/ be offended and find another girl (because it is offensive to be lied to sexually, so intimately)

2/ stop worrying about her orgasms and use her as the cum-bucket that she is, focusing on enjoying YOUR orgasm instead, while at the same time looking for her replacement

Welcome to the poison that is modern relationships.

Saturday 22 June 2013


Some things simply leave me speechless when I read them. They have a concept so pure and true that you don't feel that you can add to them in any manner.

For me, the first time this occurred was when I read "Atlas Shrugged", by Ayn Rand. Despite the somewhat monotonous repetition in some parts, it was an irresistible read. When finished, I looked around the world and at my own life, reshuffling and recategorising the experiences into a new pattern that made far more sense than it used to.

Similarly, reading "The Philosophy of Men Going Their Own Way" by No, Ma'am, is another revelation. Clearly written and covering what my thinking has nibbled around the edges of, I can only look at it with admiration.

I'm going to create an ebook of it, available free of charge.

Thank you, man.

Thursday 20 June 2013

Russian Roulette and Diversifying

So, you want to get married.

Have you ever played Russian Roulette?

Have you ever played Russian Roulette with three bullets, instead of one?

Getting married these days is a game of Russian Roulette with three bullets: a 50% chance of being "killed". Though "financially wounded" would be a better way of putting it. The degree varies depending upon what assets are available, whether you have children, etc etc. Be aware though: sometimes "killed" is the right word to use.

Some men get "financially wounded" to the point of being crippled for most of their prime working lives. Alimony/spousal support (a lie and con, considering that she's no longer your spouse) and child support (even if they're not your kids - and she can spend the money on booze and cocaine and trips overseas, you cannot control that).

So. Someone who treated you poorly (divorce) gets to suck away and waste the sweat and effort that should rightfully be yours, should rightfully be building up for your future, and the future of your children. Further, she gets default custody - and look around, there are plenty of men who have had their children lied to about them.

A massive con, eh. Keep her happy - or lose everything and be ruined for the next twenty years. Assuming that you can pay: if you can't, you go to jail. There's a whole new set of problems from Bubba to think about then.

But wait: let's say that you learn "game", and how to keep your woman in line in your marriage. Maybe that reduces the number of bullets in your gun. So now you have two, instead of three: a 33% chance of being "killed".

Still not very good odds, eh.

Or worse, perhaps you just aren't the type of personality to run "game" very well. Perhaps you never even heard of it - you're so naive that these things never even crossed your mind. Do you fancy playing Russian Roulette with four or five bullets?

Do you fancy remarrying afterwards - when the gun has another bullet for every divorce that she's been through?

Do you see much benefit for you in marriage? That's quite a risk, for a fairly mediocre or nasty return on investment (every drop of sweat and effort that you can produce for the duration - all past sweat and effort also). Not much sex in return for doing it either, since its known that sex drops off after marriage. This is for even more-than-ordinary guys - there's always someone better and more attractive out there.

You know, it might be better to just learn how to pick up women and fuck them. Even fucking a prostitute would be cheaper, plus a whole lot easier than chasing that damned fickle bitch sitting on the barstool beside you.

Thanks for the offer sweetheart. I'll pass. Maybe when the odds aren't so much against me, I will reconsider - for the RIGHT woman.

H/T to Ian Ironwood. While I agree with most things that I've read of his, I do not agree with this one (a first). Even so, I enjoyed the perspective. It is good to stretch the mind, think differently, examine the possibilities.

Anyone who goes into marriage needs to walk into it with his eyes wide open, wearing crap-coloured glasses, fully aware that his odds are very low of things being successful. Evaluate things on that basis and you just might be able to get through it with your hide generally intact.

Remember: succeed or fail, NOTHING is guaranteed forever in your life. It might be worth setting up something overseas, money-wise, to hedge your bets in case things go so badly that leaving the country is your best option. Consider it a form of diversifying your assets, as if you were investing in the stock market and housing and commodities: if one goes to shit, the others should go at least reasonably well, so that you don't lose everything.

Addendum: best wishes for you and your wife and family through these times, Ian. Reach out and make that difference.

Extra Addendum: would you buy a product which had a 50% failure rate?

Saturday 15 June 2013

A Litany Of Hatred

A litany of hatred, vomited forth from the women of my FaceBook acquaintance, over the past week. Refutations and sarcasms thoughtfully added by me.

Men, if a woman says she loves you, she does. There is no need to remind her every anniversary about it. Keep your money for something vital.

This is wrong on so many levels. Guy is a complete fucktard - never tolerate a woman's shit, it simply gives her the green light to shove more shit your way.

And women think it disgusting when a man fucks a younger girl. I wonder how many of these boyfriends are sucking the money out of their sugar-mommies. Oh wait, trophy wives are a thing that older men who are insecure do. Empowered cougars are different.

"Sorry that Daddy has to teach you to be a woman. Mommy was more of a useless gold digging cunt than we initially thought."

If that was a naked girl with perfect physical assets in every way, the shrill screaming from the wimminz would be heard by astronauts on the moon.

This is what men have to deal with every day. We get force-fed this SHIT and are expected to swallow it down without a murmur. However, while they can dish it out, these useless cunts are unable to take it in return. You mention ANYTHING about this and it'll be taken by ALL females as an attack upon them.

Just a bald-faced statement of their hypocritical natures. Base, isn't it - children who cannot tolerate anything that might upset them. Who scream shrilly: "I don't like you! You stinky-poos!"

Guys, you are welcome to the heads-up.

Update: more hate.

Like that sick cunt feminist who said that men should die, the cunt who posted this thinks men deserve to die. The more I see of the world, the more black poison comes spewing out of it's soul. Especially this woman's soul.

Excuse me while I go puke.

Thursday 6 June 2013

Women Ruin Things For Men

Exhibit A.

Here we have one selfish, pathetic sack of shit solo mother who just HAD to attend a Father/Son bonding day. To the point where she complained so shrilly that the entire event was shut down, ruining it for all.

Wonder where her baby-daddy is. I have a hundred bucks that says she didn't actually marry the guy, or it was an "oopsie I got pregnant" situation. I have another hundred that says she gets child support from the father - if known.

Never back down from these entitled cunts. Never.

The Crassest Question A Woman Can Ask

The crassest question a woman can ask a man: "What do you do for a living?"

Why is this crass?

Okay, we know that a woman is always looking for a guy with money. The more the better, it's one of the female safety-nets: to marry a guy with money so that she doesn't have to work and can pump-out and bring up kidlets. We get it, and there's even justification for it in the overall view of things (society and evolutionary).

Every guy knows, on a subconscious level at least, that a woman asking that question is asking: "How much money do you make?" This always comes up amongst the first questions a woman asks a guy upon meeting.

The clued-in guy knows that there is a sub-sub-textual question as well: "Are you worth talking to and getting to know?"

To clarify the chain of questions here. Question: "What do you do for a living?" Sub-question: "How much money do you make?" Sub-sub-question: "Are you worth talking to and getting to know?"

That's like a man saying to her: "Do you swallow?"

Very crass.

So, last night I go to dance dressed well. Normally it's ordinary stuff, jeans and t-shirt, sports jacket. Tonight it's different. Black pants, black shirt, black jacket (a full suit basically) all of them slim-fit. I look damn sharp and I know it. Several girls remarked on it too, including the bartender girl at after-dance drinks. She made the special effort to say hello from the other end of the bar. The bouncer made a special hello to me.

It doesn't matter because as a professional businessman, good dancer, and sharp dresser in a suit, I completely outrank everyone at dance and in the bar. I am King in this context and I'm making it plain to all and sundry. That arrogant confidence is there and completely justified.

After the class and the social drink, on the way back to the car. I've made a little space for some casual conversation with this 30-year-old dancer girl. Some pleasant nothings, then she turns and says to me: "I know that I've asked this a couple of times, but where do you work?"

I was so surprised that I flat-out told her: "I work at X, on million-dollar computer equipment." That's my cover-story, because I don't like people knowing that I'm a businessman. As it was I'd given out more than I normally would.

If I'd had my wits about me I'd have given her shit in a charming manner for forgetting what I do and having to ask me a third time. After teasing her for five minutes I'd have finally given her what she was wanting to know. Lost opportunity, too bad.

Now, not only is what she said crass, it's fucking insulting. As if all of a sudden I'm worth trying to get to know better, where before I was not - and very overt about it too. So let us see here.

Socially awkward in that moment. You have failed.

I am already aware of my value: tremendously higher than yours. You have failed.

Obviously only properly interested in me the moment I look to have money. You have failed.

Couldn't even figure out how to have a further meaningful conversation with me. You have failed.

If you had not been so crassly overt, I was about to ask you a few things and gauge your level of interest. However, you already answered that - plus made it very plain to me how you think of me, in a covert and insulting and graceless manner. On top of that, unmistakably showing how far beneath me you actually are - both in your mind as well as reality.

For the "superior sex" when it comes to communicating, you sure blew it big time. Any hand that you could possibly have had with respect to me is gone, blasted, completely nuked through your own mindfuck moment.

Hamster eviscerated, cleaned, and hung up to dry. How nice to have your greedy motivations so eloquently displayed.

Addendum: an extra thought. Underpinning this question(s) is an entitlement mentality that makes it perfectly okay to ask this question, and the woman to expect an answer. As if the woman is entitled to that knowledge solely so that she can evaluate your potential as a worthy man to have around.

Yeh. So. Do you swallow?

Sunday 2 June 2013

Worthless Degrees

A while ago I gave a book to a female friend of mine, a fellow-ISTJ. For the purposes of this post, I will call her Sam.

The reason I gave it to her was because she'd told me that she was thinking of getting more education. That, plus moving to another town for work. Personally, I thought that it was probably because of the completely bitchy cunts in the local Ceroc dance group.

Let us be blunt: Sam was one of the better-looking girls in the dance club, plus being the most pleasant one there by far, and was a natural dancer. Quiet, almost shy, she was a delight to make laugh or giggle. Prime ISTJ type, slow to open up, very warm inside.

The other girls, the cunty bitchy types, hated her with a passion. The amount of gossiping, sniping and backstabbing aimed at her was astounding. They made sure that it got to her ears, too. They stuffed my ears with it. (A small digression, I was also a target for that chorus of backstabbing. The number of things that I've supposedly done, wow, what a revelation. Mostly quite tame in comparison to reality, actually - their minds are small.)

The book that I shared with Sam? This one:

I gave a copy to someone else, and loaned Sam my copy. She took it with her when she left town - it doesn't look as though I'll be getting it back, in that manner she seems like the typical modern flaky females. Will order myself another copy later.

Why did I give her this? Because too many young people kill their lives by following a stupid path by getting a worthless degree. These are shit degrees which have no practical worth: how many people need a piece of paper to certify that they have a degree in English? They only have 20+ years of experience in speaking it - their entire lives, in fact.

Other useless shit like that.

Which feeds into the lies about career, children, family, marriage, and other shit that fucks up women of today. Gender Studies, Multicultural Studies, Degree in Tourism, all that fucking shit. I kid you not about the tourism: I guess that learning to speak pleasantly and be helpful and know what you're doing in a job is a lost art, it requires a kickstart. Hooray for English degrees, you know your ABCs and how to string a sentence together - now go do the filing and photocopying.

It's enough to make you cry at the utter waste of getting a degree to pursue such fulfilling work.

At any rate, Captain Capitalism has put the word out that this needs to be spread: Captain Capitalism: Worthless Degree Awareness MonthHe is right.

For you poor bastards who have already wasted your lives on this garbage, I feel for you. You'll hate me for pointing this out to you. Because the truth fucking hurts. You are welcome to hate as much as you want. It's worth it so long as one person doesn't get sucked into a lifetime of regret and pain for a bullshit degree that is worthless.

I hope that you have the personal guts to not perpetrate this lie - and instead pass on the truth.

You are welcome Sam. I hope that it helps your life somehow.

Don't worry readers, I'll be back to my normal mean-spirited angry sack-of-shit self tomorrow.

Marriage, Divorce, and Homosexuality

From The Atlantic, studies of gays and lesbian marriages, some knowledge of the interactions of men and women are teased out.

Some very interesting excerpts and explanations why, follow.
Beyond that, gay marriage can function as a controlled experiment, helping us see which aspects of marital difficulty are truly rooted in gender and which are not. A growing body of social science has begun to compare straight and same-sex couples in an attempt to get at the question of what is female, what is male. Some of the findings are surprising. For instance: we know that heterosexual wives are more likely than husbands to initiate divorce. Social scientists have struggled to explain the discrepancy, variously attributing it to the sexual revolution; to women’s financial independence; to men’s failure to keep modern wives happy. Intriguingly, in Norway and Sweden, where registered partnerships for same-sex couples have been in place for about two decades (full-fledged marriage was introduced several years ago), research has found that lesbians are twice as likely as gay men to split up. If women become dissatisfied even when married to other women, maybe the problem with marriage isn’t men. Maybe women are too particular. Maybe even women don’t know what women want. These are the kinds of things that we will be able to tease out.
Heterosexual wives are more likely to initiate divorce than heterosexual men. This is a very interesting admission - one that is discounted and minimised by women as a whole. It brings up a question that is uncomfortable for them to think about: that men might notice this trend. So it is minimised, covered up, concealed.

Here though, we have an interesting confirmation of this: "research has found that lesbians are twice as likely as gay men to split up". Because it involved lesbian - ie "abnormal" women - then "normal" women can dismiss this as an aberration.

We know better. This is a massive heads-up for men, one that only the completely stupid and naive will let go past without studying thoughtfully. When even women get sick of women - that implies volumes of what women are like as a whole. Yes, all women are like that.
Not all is broken within modern marriage, of course. On the contrary: the institution is far more flexible and forgiving than it used to be. In the wake of women’s large-scale entry into the workplace, men are less likely than they once were to be saddled with being a family’s sole breadwinner, and can carve out a life that includes the close companionship of their children.
Not all is broken? So, at least some things are broken? Perhaps the most important part of marriage: that it used to be a solid bonding between men and women: is now destroyed by no-fault divorce, and the rise of the frivorce. Women are never happy. Not even with each other.

What is most interesting is the call to the Peter-Pan syndrome that women loathe: "men are less likely than they once were to be saddled with being a family's sole breadwinner". A call to the minimalist lifestyle, where women can do mans work instead, while the man plays around and does...whatever he feels that fulfils him. Bringing up children or playing video games, as we choose.

Freedom is around the corner, you slaves to women.
Rather, marriage has become a “marker of prestige,” as the sociologist Andrew Cherlin puts it—a capstone of a successful life, rather than its cornerstone.
What should have been a foundation of life: marriage, children, mutual support, growing into your old age together with loved ones as a comfort: has been debased and sold off. Marriage and family are now simply a marker in life, not the purpose of life. Career and money and experiences are now the purpose in life, rather than something to build that life.
Among “middle American” women (those with a high-school degree or some college), an astonishing 58 percent of first-time mothers are unmarried.
In the same vein, children are no longer the focus. Having a child is seen as a wonderful thing, so much so that almost two-thirds of women will have one without a optional accessory that you tick off, like the education and career and trips overseas and wonderfully romantic marriage and lovely home...and the best possible man that you can manage.

Divorcing your current one so that you can go looking for a better.

Why does this happen? Is it because women are never happy? Not even with each other?

Our society has become sick. Women have sold their souls for a mess of pottage.

Soon, if not already, they will start to choke on it.

Women Are Now Unapproachable

One of the amusing things that I note these days is the peculiar social dynamics of women. For the supposedly more social sex, they are not very.

They go out to their bars in their little cliques of two and three. They're looking for a man, and are open to finding them, etc.

They turn men away.

Delusional, isn't it.

Put up a shield so that only certain types of men can get through - the most persistent and uncaring types. Bitch when they are screwed over by the assholes like me who manage to get through that shield.

Or they bitch that they can't find a man, when they have actively pushed them all away.

Either way, dumb cunts.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a breakfast with a bunch of friends - overwhelmingly female ones, most of them middle-aged. When I went into the cafe we were having breakfast at, I was one of the later arrivals - generally unusual for me. At the centre of the room was a large table, with just about every woman in the room seated at it. No room for anyone else at that table.

Let us be clear. These are women who are looking for a man, yet are not leaving an opening - not leaving space - for this man they say that they want to meet with them in any easy manner. Not to talk with them, not to be around them, not to interact with them in any meaningful social manner.

It gets worse. When a man attempts to interact with them, they actively push him away. Often in the rudest possible manner - in groups as well as individuals. A barrier so strong that it takes the rudest, most insensitive types to push through.

This is in women who say that they're attempting to find a man.

There was a table with the Eat-Pray-Love girl, two guys, an empty chair. While the space was there, it was not for me. I sat at my own table.

Others came to join me. Older women, not particularly talkative. Another man, without his own girl there that day. The conversation was sporadic, as if these women didn't really know how to have a conversation - or if they were unsure that they wanted one at all. The guy was too much the nice-guy, too soft - no wonder he is shacked up with the professional victim girl.

Only the Eat-Pray-Love girl was conversational - with three other guys at her table (another guy took the empty chair, obvious pussy-hunters). She was the only girl doing this. She'd made the space for others to interact with her, and three guys took it - the fact that she is fairly good-looking was the major reason that three guys were talking with her. She's currently shacked up with one of the guys that she was talking with.

So wonderful, the way people work. So wonderful, the way that we self-sabotage.

So much inner stupidity and dumb shit in the world.

Do you laugh, or cry, or feel numb when you realise it?