Sunday 2 June 2013

Worthless Degrees

A while ago I gave a book to a female friend of mine, a fellow-ISTJ. For the purposes of this post, I will call her Sam.

The reason I gave it to her was because she'd told me that she was thinking of getting more education. That, plus moving to another town for work. Personally, I thought that it was probably because of the completely bitchy cunts in the local Ceroc dance group.

Let us be blunt: Sam was one of the better-looking girls in the dance club, plus being the most pleasant one there by far, and was a natural dancer. Quiet, almost shy, she was a delight to make laugh or giggle. Prime ISTJ type, slow to open up, very warm inside.

The other girls, the cunty bitchy types, hated her with a passion. The amount of gossiping, sniping and backstabbing aimed at her was astounding. They made sure that it got to her ears, too. They stuffed my ears with it. (A small digression, I was also a target for that chorus of backstabbing. The number of things that I've supposedly done, wow, what a revelation. Mostly quite tame in comparison to reality, actually - their minds are small.)

The book that I shared with Sam? This one:

I gave a copy to someone else, and loaned Sam my copy. She took it with her when she left town - it doesn't look as though I'll be getting it back, in that manner she seems like the typical modern flaky females. Will order myself another copy later.

Why did I give her this? Because too many young people kill their lives by following a stupid path by getting a worthless degree. These are shit degrees which have no practical worth: how many people need a piece of paper to certify that they have a degree in English? They only have 20+ years of experience in speaking it - their entire lives, in fact.

Other useless shit like that.

Which feeds into the lies about career, children, family, marriage, and other shit that fucks up women of today. Gender Studies, Multicultural Studies, Degree in Tourism, all that fucking shit. I kid you not about the tourism: I guess that learning to speak pleasantly and be helpful and know what you're doing in a job is a lost art, it requires a kickstart. Hooray for English degrees, you know your ABCs and how to string a sentence together - now go do the filing and photocopying.

It's enough to make you cry at the utter waste of getting a degree to pursue such fulfilling work.

At any rate, Captain Capitalism has put the word out that this needs to be spread: Captain Capitalism: Worthless Degree Awareness MonthHe is right.

For you poor bastards who have already wasted your lives on this garbage, I feel for you. You'll hate me for pointing this out to you. Because the truth fucking hurts. You are welcome to hate as much as you want. It's worth it so long as one person doesn't get sucked into a lifetime of regret and pain for a bullshit degree that is worthless.

I hope that you have the personal guts to not perpetrate this lie - and instead pass on the truth.

You are welcome Sam. I hope that it helps your life somehow.

Don't worry readers, I'll be back to my normal mean-spirited angry sack-of-shit self tomorrow.

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