Thursday 27 June 2013

Fat Acceptance Shit Test

H/T to WhoIsM3, and commenter Bay Area Guy. Thank you for inspiring this.

Lets dive head first into this tubful of greasy lard (hah!):

Men aren't entitled to attention, love, or sex from a woman. It has to be earned.

So to get any of that we have to be: confident, witty, passionate, persistent, assertive, outgoing, capable of leading a conversation, making all the first moves, taking all the initiative, etc. We're expected to be capable of reading a woman's body-language. We're expected to tease her mind, tittilate her emotions, make her feel special, desirable, and loved. We're also expected to understand her moods and minor idiosyncrasies, engage her mind, tickle her humour, understand and forgive her foibles, understand girl-speak, give her everything, etc etc.

Then, if she feels in the right mood from all that buttering up, we get the chance to tickle her body and all, maybe give her Fifty Shades of Orgasms™.

In return, girls only need to be there and be presentable. That's all.

So where does being fat fit into the "being presentable" part of what girls need to be?

I mean, fucking seriously?

Okay, we know what the "fat acceptance" shit is about. It's part of the females cold-war amongst themselves to weed out their competitors. It's part of their internal competition for worthy mates.

So we men need to look at it appropriately and rationally.

Do you seriously think that a slim girl is going to fuck a guy who she knows has had a fat girlfriend? Especially a string of fat girlfriends? He is known as someone who has no standards and who dumpster-dives. This makes her feel like shit, going with someone who fucks the lower-end of girls, like she is being dragged down into the lower stratum of women looks-wise.


This is nothing more than another society-wide shit-test, to weed out the unfit men and push them down to the shitty end of the spectrum female-wise. Getting pissy about the apparent hypocrisy of women cheering on "fat girl acceptance" yet not accepting fat men is not the appropriate answer to pass this shit-test.

Lofty disdain and amusement at all those involved is.

It shows that you "get it". Let the fat girls and you-go-girls pull each other back into the crab-bucket, you are above this shit. THAT is attractive.

This poisonous revealing of the inner workings of the female mind and society is happily brought to your attention by Black Poison Soul. You are most welcome.

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