Sunday 30 June 2013


It's often amusing to watch the antics of women. Case in point: last night.

At a friends birthday party, a group of woo-girls (and a former woo-girl) suddenly decided that they wanted some group-photos. Ah, I love the smell of narcissism in the evening!

So they grab the former woo-girl's man, get some photos done against the plate-glass at the venue. The usual snuggly-kissy stuff, nothing different. Most girls don't seem to get it through their heads that something different can be done, they're all same-same.

Suddenly FWG calls out: "Gecko!"

All the sheep start plastering themselves against the plate-glass in various climbing positions and more photos were taken. They even went outside to do various pictures from the other side of the plate-glass. Faces of all types were displayed.

I'll admit it, I was actually impressed - even though laughing inside at these antics. Something inventive had happened!

Once the photo-op was over and everyone had dispersed, I asked FWG and her boyfriend if the others knew what a gecko was. Nope. So the three of us had a laugh at their expense.

See, "A Gecko" is a sex-act. You push your woman face-up to the wall and take her from behind, then in the middle of that - pull out suddenly and ram into her ass. The first time you do this (preferably she has zero warning and doesn't know what a gecko is) she squeals and tries to climb the wall like a gecko...

Enjoy their childish antics as best you can. It's the only thing that can get you through at times.

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