Saturday 15 June 2013

A Litany Of Hatred

A litany of hatred, vomited forth from the women of my FaceBook acquaintance, over the past week. Refutations and sarcasms thoughtfully added by me.

Men, if a woman says she loves you, she does. There is no need to remind her every anniversary about it. Keep your money for something vital.

This is wrong on so many levels. Guy is a complete fucktard - never tolerate a woman's shit, it simply gives her the green light to shove more shit your way.

And women think it disgusting when a man fucks a younger girl. I wonder how many of these boyfriends are sucking the money out of their sugar-mommies. Oh wait, trophy wives are a thing that older men who are insecure do. Empowered cougars are different.

"Sorry that Daddy has to teach you to be a woman. Mommy was more of a useless gold digging cunt than we initially thought."

If that was a naked girl with perfect physical assets in every way, the shrill screaming from the wimminz would be heard by astronauts on the moon.

This is what men have to deal with every day. We get force-fed this SHIT and are expected to swallow it down without a murmur. However, while they can dish it out, these useless cunts are unable to take it in return. You mention ANYTHING about this and it'll be taken by ALL females as an attack upon them.

Just a bald-faced statement of their hypocritical natures. Base, isn't it - children who cannot tolerate anything that might upset them. Who scream shrilly: "I don't like you! You stinky-poos!"

Guys, you are welcome to the heads-up.

Update: more hate.

Like that sick cunt feminist who said that men should die, the cunt who posted this thinks men deserve to die. The more I see of the world, the more black poison comes spewing out of it's soul. Especially this woman's soul.

Excuse me while I go puke.

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