Sunday 2 June 2013

Women Are Now Unapproachable

One of the amusing things that I note these days is the peculiar social dynamics of women. For the supposedly more social sex, they are not very.

They go out to their bars in their little cliques of two and three. They're looking for a man, and are open to finding them, etc.

They turn men away.

Delusional, isn't it.

Put up a shield so that only certain types of men can get through - the most persistent and uncaring types. Bitch when they are screwed over by the assholes like me who manage to get through that shield.

Or they bitch that they can't find a man, when they have actively pushed them all away.

Either way, dumb cunts.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a breakfast with a bunch of friends - overwhelmingly female ones, most of them middle-aged. When I went into the cafe we were having breakfast at, I was one of the later arrivals - generally unusual for me. At the centre of the room was a large table, with just about every woman in the room seated at it. No room for anyone else at that table.

Let us be clear. These are women who are looking for a man, yet are not leaving an opening - not leaving space - for this man they say that they want to meet with them in any easy manner. Not to talk with them, not to be around them, not to interact with them in any meaningful social manner.

It gets worse. When a man attempts to interact with them, they actively push him away. Often in the rudest possible manner - in groups as well as individuals. A barrier so strong that it takes the rudest, most insensitive types to push through.

This is in women who say that they're attempting to find a man.

There was a table with the Eat-Pray-Love girl, two guys, an empty chair. While the space was there, it was not for me. I sat at my own table.

Others came to join me. Older women, not particularly talkative. Another man, without his own girl there that day. The conversation was sporadic, as if these women didn't really know how to have a conversation - or if they were unsure that they wanted one at all. The guy was too much the nice-guy, too soft - no wonder he is shacked up with the professional victim girl.

Only the Eat-Pray-Love girl was conversational - with three other guys at her table (another guy took the empty chair, obvious pussy-hunters). She was the only girl doing this. She'd made the space for others to interact with her, and three guys took it - the fact that she is fairly good-looking was the major reason that three guys were talking with her. She's currently shacked up with one of the guys that she was talking with.

So wonderful, the way people work. So wonderful, the way that we self-sabotage.

So much inner stupidity and dumb shit in the world.

Do you laugh, or cry, or feel numb when you realise it?

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