Thursday 30 May 2013

Whack-Job Girls

Whoo boy, do you meet some real whack-job girls in this world. Here is a prime sample that I ran across on the Internet, via Facebook - she was looking for her perfect man:

So, here is this drop-dead gorgeous girl. A literal dream, 31 years old. Reasonably accomplished. I would fuck her brains out every day of the week, ravishing her every way from Sunday.

Then I saw THAT picture posted up on her Facebook. From the talk between her and her friends on the picture, she did that to herself. Because love hurts. (To be fair, her friends seemed somewhat normal and sane in their concern for her. But then, they were stupid enough to be her friends. At any rate.)

My boner just died.

What do you do when you run across one of these crazy cunts?

You run like fucking hell.

I think that I just topped Captain Capitalism's crazy girlfriend story - the one who threatened to throw herself off a bridge because he didn't buy her an ice-cream.

Just remember, this is crap. You (and I) don't have time for this crap.