Tuesday 7 May 2013

Recognising Crazy

Warning signs that I watch out for:

• when it begins to feel weird or wacky - leave (a warning sign)

• when she asks you to buy her a drink - leave (she can spend her own money)

• she turns up on the doorstep after being "kicked out" of where she lives - leave (a user)

• she asks for a loan to keep things going due to whatever - leave (golddigger/leech)

• she starts talking about "love" and "marriage" very early in the relationship - leave (that's weird/wacky, indicates no boundaries, and prime sign of oncoming entrapment by BPD/NPD types)

• she is immature or treats you like a doormat - leave (you deserve mature and are not a doormat)

• she backstabs you - leave (this is exceptionally disrespectful to anyone, especially a great guy)

• beware of bait-and-switch - leave (if she changes her personality radically, another warning)

• beware of inappropriate anger/fits - leave (about as good a warning as you can ever get!)

• don't take behaviour from her that you wouldn't take from another guy - leave (another warning)

• she is accountable for her own actions - leave (another warning)

Giveaway indications:

• beware of the professional victim (within the first week or so) - not a good sign, someone identifying herself as a victim - high chance that she'll accuse you of victimising her too

• beware if she man-bashes everyone but you - leave (you'll eventually be a jerk too)

• beware if she is over-adulating early on in the relationship - leave (as quickly as she puts you up on a pedestal she will kick it out from under you)

• beware if she shows signs of insecurity about you going out for a bit - leave (she's using that as a means of control)

• beware of a lack of respect - leave (you are not a doormat and if she doesn't respect you as you are, she never will)

• beware of constant needling - leave (she's trying to provoke you into a reaction and then act the victim)

• she naturally gravitates towards two types of men: people-pleasing non-confrontational types and even bigger abusers than she is who will really victimise her - leave (either type she can turn towards making her the victim)

• watch for a pattern of provocative followed by abusive - a subtle, silent, humiliating abuse with the ultimate aim of tearing you down to the point where you strike back (so that she can become a victim and therefore in control of the situation when you're in handcuffs)

• her ultimate goal is to take you to the point where you become something you weren't originally - and she's then in total control

This Public Service Announcement on the recognition of Crazy has been brought to you by: Black Poison Soul.

Another website worth looking at, about crazy women and recovering from their abuses: Shrink 4 Men (from memory, much of the above may have come from that site).

And finally, this is what a psycho girlfriend sounds like: Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

"Why are the pretty ones always insane?" - Chief Wiggam, The Simpsons

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